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SVU's Chris Meloni Joins Superman Cast

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On to bigger and better things!

Former Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni is "thisclose" to signing on to the new Superman film Man of Steel.

He'll be playing a role of a general (not Zod, of course!) and will be shooting scenes with Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

This is a big step for Meloni. Even though he's been in movies before, this is his first role in a major studio blockbuster and could very possibly be one of the many reasons he left SVU.

It will be interesting to see if he succeeds on the big screen.

Good luck to you, Chris!

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Yes! Prequel Planned For Wet Hot American Summer!


HOLY SHIZ! This NEEDS to happen!

It's pretty much common knowledge that the 2001 cult classic, Wet Hot American Summer, is pretty much the best movie in existence, and we're thrilled to reveal that co-writer and director, David Wain, is planning a PREQUEL film with all the same actors - which includes Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Christopher Meloni, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks - even though they're all ten years older!

Wain explains:

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The List Is Down To Five Potentials For Christopher Meloni's SVU Replacement!

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As sad as we are to see him go…hot damn, have they found quite the list of replacements!

Now that it's official that Christopher Meloni will NOT be returning to police procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for another season, series creator Dick Wolf and NBC have reportedly narrowed down their search for a new detective to five names, which include

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Christopher Meloni Is Pussy Whipped By His Dog

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Christopher Meloni Is Pussy Whipped By A Dog

Take that gun show somewhere else, you're not fooling us!

Christopher Meloni may play the real tough on Law & Order: SVU, but when it comes to his rescue dog, Frida, he's a totally push-over

"When we got her, her name was Lady Sophia, and she is everything about that word [lady]. She is very prim and proper."

Now that her name is no longer Lady Sophia, Frida has shown a few other personality quirks.

"She is a very willful dog. She's constantly angling to get her way."

He's now learned that, with Frida, "telling her to get off the couch five times" meant that he was the one who would eventually have to get off the couch so that she could have it.

That's so cuuuuute!

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Chris Meloni's Leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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It's the end of an era. We don't think any version of the Law & Order will ever be as popular again, so enjoy this moment while it lasts, Dick Wolf.

This fall will mark the final season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit with Chris Meloni as its star. After a lot of negotiating, it was decided that the Emmy-nominated will not return for the show's 13th season. It's being speculated that Mariska Hargitay will be next in line to jump ship, opting to spend more time with her new child and family.

Sad face…but as they say, good things! Besides, maybe its time for Jennifer Love Hewitt to really show us what she is made of!

Yes? No? Don't care?

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Mariska Hargitay's SVU Partner Says She Was "Stressy" Before Adoption

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Anyone would be! Adding the responsibility of another life into your own is a BIG step!

Earlier this week, Mariska Hargitay revealed that she and her husband adopted a baby girl, which they named Amaya Josephine. Though we just found out this week, Chris Meloni, her Law and Order: SVU costar, has known for quite awhile! As he put it, "Uh, yeah [I knew she was adopting!] I'm her partner!" Ha!

Anyway, when asked how things are going for Mariska and her new bundle of joy, Chris sang his partner's praises, calling her "extraordinarily intelligent" and insisting that she has a lot of "love" to share with her new daughter. However, he added that though she possesses "endless patience," Mariska still was "a little stressy stressy" while she was planning her adoption.

If she was a little stressed then, she's going to be a WHOLE LOT stressed now with a newborn in the house. But we bet, if you ask her, it's all worth it!

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Phew! Chris Meloni NOT Leaving Law & Order: SVU!!!

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Thank goodness!

We were devastated to report a while back that the super SEKS Christopher Meloni was getting ready to leave his hit series, Law & Order: SVU.

Luckily, producers must have offered him a significant pay raise because he's now seriously backpeddling and asserting that his comments about leaving the series were conveniently misunderstood by the reporter!

He says:

"What I said was 'When your contract is done…that will be the end. Because when your contract is done, it's usually the end. But when [producers] come back to me, you know, we can always talk.' I couched it incorrectly. It wasn't [the reporter's] fault. I had one year [left] on my contract. Our show hasn't been picked up. Those are the facts of the matter."

Phew! We seriously doubt SVU is going anywhere - it's the best police procedural since the original Law & Order, and Benson and Stabler are the best together!!

And what would happen to Ice-T and our beloved Coco?! Girlfriend needs those guest-starring roles!

Thanks for staying committed, Chris! Crisis averted!!

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