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Montel Williams Cited At Airport For Carrying A Pipe

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montel williams the former talk show host was cited for having a pipe used for smoking weed on his person when going through security at an airport

Uh-oh! There's more to Montel than we thought!

Former talk show host Montel Williams was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia at an airport in Wisconsin yesterday.

Montel, who is also a known medical marijuana activist, had a pipe on his person as he attempt to pass through security check. The Milwaukee County sheriff's office says he paid the $484 citation and was released to continue his travel.

Eh, no harm, no foul. We know full well that he smokes weed to help with his multiple sclerosis, so its not really a big shock he was caught with it. No doubt, though, this will up his activist game to push for better laws concerning the use of medical marijuana.

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Suge Knight Arrested…Again.

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How many times has this been now??

Suge Knight was arrested Friday night and spent the night in jail after a warrant was isued for his arrest for failing to appear in court.

Knight was scheduled to appear in a hearing on Nov. 23 in relation to a charge of driving on a suspended license and running a stop sign back in September.

He was booked at the West Hollywood police station after a $40,000 bench warrant was issued. He was given a citation and was released after agreeing to show up for his next court hearing.

This is the second time THIS YEAR that he's arrested for missing a court date.

Can he really be that THAT forgetful???

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Busted! Beyowulf Caught Texting And Driving!

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Tisk, tisk, Beyowulf!

The rules apply to you, too, bb!

The diva was apparently busted by the fuzz for texting while she was behind the wheel in NYC!

A source reveals:

“Beyoncé was really embarrassed because she only recently got her driver’s license. She tried to charm that cop and told him she had no idea that texting while driving was against the law. He had no idea who she was. He just slapped her with the ticket, which was worth more than $100!”


Sorry, gurl, but the rules are the rules!

Be more safe next time, please! Especially in the city - there are crazy enough drivers there!


[Image via WENN.]

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Police Found Drugs On Bret Michaels' Tour Bus!

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Uh-oh! He should be laying off that stuff - especially since he's had so many health scares!

Police reportedly investigated two of Bret Michaels' tour bus last night, and discovered not only pot, but illegal drugs that are classified as Schedule II controlled substances!

Bret was apparently not on the bus with the illegal drugs, and no arrests were made.

Be careful, bb! It couldn't have been too much if no one was arrested, but we'd like to think that you'd be smarter than to get into that stuff after everything you've been through!

[Image via WENN.]

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Denied! Jesse's Ex Keeps Visitation Rights To Poor Sunny!



After attempting to dispute his ex-wife Janine Whatever's visitation rights for daughter Sunny in court this morning, douchebag Jesse James got a cold reality check when the judge essentially told him to shut the fuck up.

However, when Janine attempted to have her ex cited for contempt, it was also shot down!

So the judge is basically just like the rest of the world - sick of hearing about these pieces of trash!



[Image via WENN.]

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Heather Locklear Arrested After Hit And Run! Was She Drunk???


Heather Locklear, GET IT TOGETHER!

The Melrose Place actress was apparently ARRESTED on Saturday night around 4am after the mess drove her BMW onto a curb and over a No Parking sign in Westlake Village, CA!

Girlfriend then tried to flee the scene!

Authorities somehow linked her to everything, and upon arrival at her house saw that her vehicle's damage matched that of the accident! Locklear was charged with a misdemeanor, cited, and then released.

What the eff are she doing up driving around that late at night?? She's lucky it was a parking sign and not a person! GEESH!

We know that having your only bit of relevancy on the chopping block for cancellation must suck, but c'mon!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jesse James Uses Marital Problem To Get Out Of Traffic Citation!



Jesse James was reportedly pulled over a few days ago when a cop noticed he didn't have a front license plate on his car, and the cheating scumbag used his marital problems with Sandra Bullock to get out of a ticket!!

Sources claim that the officer had a FIFTEEN minute conversation with James that became waaaay personal, and the cop felt so bad he let him go with a warning!!

He must have seriously turned on the water works, because we don't know why ANYONE would feel sorry for him!

We'd say lucky break, but we think a citation is the least of his worries right now!!

[Image via WENN.]

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