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Nigella Lawson Cooking Up Oprah Interview To Salvage Her Reputation?? Maybe So!

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nigella lawson oprah interview rumors

Nigella Lawson is still in trouble with the law but that doesn't mean she can't start thinking about the future!

After her shocking cocaine admission and other courtroom shenanigans, she's definitely on damage control! Or at least should be!

So, what does a celeb with an image problem do? They BOOK OPRAH TO FIX IT!

Which we think is a fab idea, even for just the fact that it gives us more excuses to watch Oprah! Ha!

The only thing is,

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Nigella Lawson on Oprah??Nigella Lawson on Oprah??Nigella Lawson on Oprah??Nigella Lawson on Oprah??Nigella Lawson on Oprah??

Demi Lovato Reveals How She Would "Smuggle" Cocaine On Planes To Feed Her Drug Addiction!

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tumblr m0qmd6p7hj1qd2k1no1 500

We knew she was overwhelmingly consumed with her horrible addictions

But had no idea Demi Lovato's trouble with illegal drugs and alcohol ran so deep!

In a new candid interview, the 21-year-old singer is speaking out about her past substance abuse issues, confessing she used to manipulate people (including a sober companion) to believe every front and lie she threw at them. She shared:

“I’m very, very good at manipulating people and that was something that I did in my disease, I would manipulate everyone around me. There were times I would just continue to lie, so that everything looked OK on the outside."

And then Demi-corn dropped a maJOR coke bomb!

The former Disney starlet was so buried in her drug habits, she couldn't go an hour without doing cocaine!

Demz revealed how she would sneak it on airplanes and hide her issue by waiting until everyone fell asleep

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Demi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi Lovato

Kirstie Alley Admits She Was “F*cked Up” On Drugs - Until Scientology Saved Her!

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kirstie alley cocaine twitter doodle better

ZOMG! This is one crazy cocaine confession!

Usually a Hollywood star is introduced to the wacky dust AFTER they’ve become famous. But in the case of Kirstie Alley, she was snorting that way long before she ever made it in the biz!

The 62-year-old actress admitted to Howard Stern this week that her out of control coke habit formed while she was still living in Kansas and working as an interior designer! Soon after Kirstie had divorced her first husband, she decided to rebound with a boy named blow. And it was love at first sniff!

Alley explained:

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Nigella Lawson's Most Shocking Courtroom Moments!

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nigella lawson shocking moments

Nigella Lawson has had a crazy year — from finalizing her divorce, to taking the stand in the past few weeks during a court case to reveal her past drug use.

We've learned a LOT about her, for better or for worse! We've been pretty shocked by both the allegations of addiction and what she's admitted to, so here are a few of her most shocking moments to us!

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Nigella Lawson Takes The Stand, Says She Only Did Blow Exactly 7 Times

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nigella cocaine stand trial 7 times

Nigella Lawson must be keeping a cocaine journal, because she got SUPER specific about the number of times she's faceboarded down Mt. Blow — and that number is, according to her, SEVEN.

She also claims that one of those times was because of 'intimate terrorism' by her ex-husband Charles Saatchi.

Nigella took the stand during a court case surrounding two employees allegedly using her husband's company credit card like a personal piggy bank, because they said she allowed them to

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Nigella Lawson's Lawyer DENIES Coke/Weed Allegations! Calls The Claims "Totally Scurrilous"

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nigella lawson drug allegations scurrilous

TV chef Nigella Lawson and her team are OF COURSE denying that she's been doing coke and smoking marijuana cigarettes every day for the past decade

As you may have heard, two of her Italian kitchen confidants have been accused using her ex-husband's business credit card like a personal piggy bank, which she turned a blind eye to if they didn't mention her drug use.

One of the lawyers in the case against the two sisters (Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo) wants you to know that it's super untrue, though, and she's so certain that the allegations are false that instead of just saying they're "harmfully untrue," she says they're

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Nigella Lawson Loved Drugs So Much She Took Them Every Day For A Decade

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nigella lawson drug use decade

Court is one of those things that tries its hardest to reveal alllllll of your dark and dirty secrets!

For Nigella Lawson — food writer and recipe maker — that's exactly the case. Oh, and it's working.

A court has just heard that her cocaine use was habitual, and she used her ex-husband Charles Saatchi’s money to pay off

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