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Making Sure Your Loose Pooch Comes Back Home With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Filed under: PetsDogTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

Dogs LUV to explore and run and play…but sometimes, your pooch can get loose!

Luckily, Dr. Patrick has a few crucial tips on to get your dog back into your arms without too much worrying.

Collars and microchips are well-known ways to ensure your doggie's safe return, but how do you maximize their benefits?

Check out the video (above) to see how to keep track of your pet, no matter where he or she goes!

Have any pet questions? Email us at tips@perezhilton.com. OR tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE or check him out on Facebook!

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World's Most Expensive Dog Collar

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Feast your eyes on the Amour Amour dog collar!

It's the world's most expensive dog collar and it can be yours for three easy payments of one million dollars!

That's right, the collar retails for $3.2 MILLION!

The collar, by I Love Dog Diamonds, is a 52-carat diamond jeweled masterpiece featuring three tiers of diamonds in a chandelier design.

There are 1,600 diamonds on the collar!!!

That is ridiculous.

Pretty. But also pretty ridiculous. LOLz!

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Cesar Millan's Six Tips For Mastering The Dog Walk

Filed under: Cesar MillanTrainingDogTips


Cesar Millan firmly believes that the walk is the time when you cement yourself as pack leader or let your dog walk all over you.

When he walks his dog pack, he'll sometimes walk ten at a time, occasionally even off leash!

So if U want to be as talented a dog walker as Cesar, then check these tips!

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Chopard Designs A Custom Collar For Uggie

Filed under: AwardzCharityCuteness!Dog


Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of Chopard designed two custom collars for Uggie.

The first he wore at The Weinstein Company's pre-Oscar party, the second he wore at the actual Academy Awards.

Being a huge dog lover herself, with seven dogs of her own, Scheufele said:

"I was completely charmed by Uggie’s role in The Artist. Knowing that Uggie is a rescue dog, it inspired me to create a unique piece to benefit an important cause."

Uggie's collar, the bow tie he wore to Oscars that was hand made from 18kt yellow gold and satin, will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to The Amanda Foundation.

The Amanda Foundation is a non-profit who rescues dogs and cats from shelters and places them in loving homes.

Such a gorgeous collar being auctioned off for such a good cause.

Everything Uggie touches turns to gold! Even his collar!


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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Talks Doggie Red Carpet Fashion!

As we're in the midst of Award season, it's not only the celebs who are looking forward to getting sharply and beautifully dressed - but their pets, too!

Luckily, Dr. Patrick Mahaney has some pretty helpful suggestions on how to give your pooch an extra bit of class and glamor with some pet-friendly and very fashionable accessories!

Ch-ch-check he and Cardiff out (above) rocking some recycled/upcycled leather collars, with a bow tie front, from Papaya Pascal - which also donates 10% of the proceeds to spaying and neutering animals!


We ADORE fashion that also helps out such a necessary, wonderful cause!


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Q&A: Overly Friendly Dog

Filed under: Q&ADogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Many of us have dogs who are absolute sweethearts and all they wanna do is meet new people and new dogs.

But a dog who won't stop pulling on the leash can become a bit of a nuisance.

So TeddyHilton.com reader, Lauren, wrote in:

Hi Perez!

My dog has been through professional obedience training, but he still goes absolutely bonkers whenever we see another dog on our walks. He just wants to run over and play with them and be their best friend forever. He pulls and whines and groans like mad. It's the one thing we don't seem to have any control over. We've tried a regular collar, an Easy Walk harness, and a choke chain collar but none have any effect on him whatsoever–he still pulls and pulls, sometimes to the point where he's choking himself and only his back legs are touching the ground.

How can we get him to relax around dogs? We'd love to have him greet the new doggies we see, but usually their owners assume our dog is aggressive and don't want to meet. :-/


Dr. Patrick Mahaney responded:

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your behavior and training related question. Your situation is common to many dog owners and requires consistent effort on your behalf to remedy.

As you have a relationship with your trainer, I suggest you seek advice from him/her, but I'll do my best to help from my perspective.

Dogs respond best to positive training, so make sure you don't scream at or scold him for exhibiting interest in other dogs. Carry an attention-getting squeaky toy, food treat, or other favorite canine-captiativing item to redirect his attention from the dogs acting as the source of distraction.

Once you have his attention, put him into a sit/stay and keep him there long enough for the excitement to pass. Either directly offer the reward to him or gently toss it away a short distance to promote retrieval. Once he retrieves, have him return to you for further direction (either having him drop the toy or offering another food treat).

Good luck. Keep it positive and consistent!


Have any pet questions? Tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook!

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PETA Message About Dog Choke Collars

Filed under: PETADog

Using a choke collar on your dog is not only cruel, but also very dangerous.

They can cause nerve damage, spine damage and tracheal damage leading to breathing problems.

Check out the above video to learn about an alternative to dog chokers.

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