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Fire Ants Swarm Makes Waterproof Raft

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Totally impressive or totally creepy?

When a city floods, humans stack sandbags and raise levees. When a fire ant colony floods, the ants link up to form a literal life raft.

According to new research,

"They'll gather up all the eggs in the colony and will make their way up through the underground network of tunnels, and when the flood waters rise above the ground, they'll link up together in these massive rafts."

In less than two minutes the ants can link "hands" to form a floating structure that kept all the insects safe.

You would think the ant on the bottom would be SOL but even the ants down below survive, thanks to tiny hairs on the ants' bodies that trap a thin layer of air.

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Hen Helps Rabbit Raise Her Offspring

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Awww! What an amazing story!

At an Australian wildlife park, a chicken and a rabbit are co-parenting a colony of newborn rabbits!

Park staff have never seen anything like it, but suspect since the chicken, Silky, has never hatched an egg herself, her maternal instincts are kicking in.

The mother rabbit seems to appreciate the helping hen and stops by to feed her offspring once a day.

Check out the news story (above) for all the adorable details!

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Subterranean Super Highway

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Holy cow!

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this!

Researchers decided to conduct a study on the giant anthills that litter the African plains. In order to do so, cement must be poured into the colonies, allowing it to dry. Once the cement is hardened, the colony can be dug up from the ground

After pouring more than 10 tons of cement into the anthill, the researchers were amazed at what they found.

The ant colony stretched more than 26 feet below the ground and took up 530 square feet!

We would hate to step on that anthill!!!

The unbelievable aspect of it all is the design. It's as if an architect had sat down and designed everything! It's built to maximize airflow and efficiency. Wow!

The animal kingdom continues to amaze us!

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She Doesn't Look Wasted To Us!

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In fact, she looks fabulous!

Check out this video of Kelly Osbourne leaving Colony in Hollywood last weekend looking happy and healthy!

Work it, girlfriend!

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Still Together!

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Good for them! Nice to see someone from the The Hills in a relationship that has yet to result in a sex tape scandal. (yet!)

Lauren Conrad was spotted with her BF Kyle Howard at Colony in Hollywood the other night.

The pair certainly make a cute couple, but what's not so cute are the extensions coming out of Lauren's head!

Yikes! You've got the money, girl! Go get that weave tended to!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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