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Ian Somerhalder & Garrett Hedlund BOTH Out Of The Running For Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

all the 50 shades guys doodle


This news hurts worse than a night in the red room of pain!!!

A new report says BOTH Ian Somerhalder and Garrett Hedlund are out of the running to play Christian Grey in next summer's sure to be hit flick Fifty Shades of Grey!

We really thought Ian had a shot at this role and Garrett would have been oh so naughty playing Mister Christian!

But we hear Garrett actually REJECTED the role because

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Josh Hutcherson Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Is "Inspiring," Just Like The Rest Of Us!

katniss peeta kiss

Peeta may love Katniss, but it's nothing compared to Josh Hutcherson's talent boner respect for Jennifer Lawrence as an actor.

At Comic-Con to promote Catching Fire, Josh could not stop gushing about his arrow-notching co-star who he thinks is a notch above the rest.

Find out what he said …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Shailene Woodley Talks About The Spectacular Now, Divergent, and R2D2 On The Daily Show!

Shailene Woodley was spectacular last night on The Daily Show talking about The Spectacular Now!

Interviewed by the properly HIGHlarious John Oliver, Shailene talked about how tough "coming of age" can be for some teens. She explained

"I went to a public American High School, and I think it could've been awful if I didn't have my choir buddies."

Aw, everyone needs to gleek out a little bit! And geek out too!

When asked which Star Wars character gave her the creepiest hug at Comic-Con, Shailene admitted to actually being a huge fan of the franchise:

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Once Upon a Time, Ginnifer Goodwin And Josh Dallas Arrived At The Vancouver Airport

ginnifer goodwin 101320pcn joshuaginni01

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas returned to Storybrooke Vancouver after promoting Once Upon a Time at Comic-Con — promotion that included Ginnifer and the gang giving us an EXCLUSIVE red-carpet interview about season three!!!

Gin and Josh may live a fairytale existence on the show, but in real life, even Snow White and Prince Charming have to carry their own luggage!

Maybe next time take a note from Jessica Chastain and travel light?

Or just don’t give the dwarves the WHOLE day off!!! LOLz!!!

Ch-ch-check out more photos of the fantasy couple (below)!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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josh dallas & ginnifer goodwin ginnifer goodwin & josh dallasginnifer goodwinginnifer goodwin ginnifer goodwin

EXCLUSIVE! Walking Dead Stars Shine At Comic-Con! Get EXCLUSIVE Season Four Deets HERE!

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We feel like a flesh-eating biter, because our appetite is insatiable!!!

We're hungry for the new season of The Walking Dead and, when we caught up several series cast members at Comic-Con, they were gracious enough to dish out some delicious deets!

Ch-ch-check out our EXCLUSIVE red carpet interviews with David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, and Chad L. Coleman (above)!

Oooh!!! Looks like we're in for another feast of gore and dark dramz!!!

We cannot wait!

The Walking Dead's fourth season premieres Sunday, October 13.

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EXCLUSIVE! Who Do The Stars Of Game Of Thrones And True Blood Geek Out Over At Comic-Con? Watch HERE!

We know now that apparently Jennifer Lawrence can't hide her inner fangirl for the amazing Jeff Bridges!

But who did the rest of the celebs at Comic-Con go all geek for?

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to find out who the stars of Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, and more freak out over!

The answers may surprise you!

P.S. We love Jon Snow!

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Jennifer Morrison Addresses LGBT Support After Once Upon A Time Comic-Con Announcement!

jennifer morrison facebook statement once upon a time lgbt comic con swanqueen shippers

This got uglier than anyone expected!

At Comic-Con, the geniuses behind Once Upon a Time promised to feature a gay character on either OUaT or the Wonderland spin-off in the upcoming future!

They also debunked one very popular rumor: Emma Swan and the Evil Queen are not becoming lovers any time soon!

While the LGBT community is mostly thrilled by the inclusion of non-traditional romances into such a wonderful and well-received network TV show, a very vocal minority of Swan/Queen shippers are PISSED OFF!

The hot topic was the subject of many Comic-Con conversations and one in particular spun out of control when fans apparently took things way out of context — and even accused Jennifer Morrison of not supporting the LGBT community!?

Say whattt??

That's what it seems to be kiddos, as a deeply hurt J.Mo took Facebook to make her case and said:

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