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Justin Bieber Calls Out Fan For Racism Despite Fan's Non-Racist Comment About His Bad Behavior!

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justin bieber underage drinking club


Justin Bieber is apparently still a boy growing up, and it seems he needs to learn a thing or two about racism.

Bieberoni made an awfully big judgement on Instagram after a fan posted a comment about him heading down a bad road. And that judgement was that the fan was racist!

The Biebs posted this comment on Instagram, along with the commenter's screen name, which will surely result in more than a few messages from Beliebers:

justin bieber calls fan racist comment

And he then responded with his own reaction:

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Lorde Says She's Hugely Sex-Positive, But Doesn't Need To Dance In Her Undies To Make A Point!

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Is this Lorde's way of backtracking what she's said before??

Granted she's never said anything about not being a sexually positive person, but her comments about other popstars have made us think differently!

Like when the New Zealand singer said she didn't like the message behind Selena Gomez's hit Come & Get It.

The Team singer cleared the air on her sexual views, she said:

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Justin Bieber Is DONE With Music?!? Says He's Retiring After His Newest Album Is Released!! Watch What He Said HERE!!!

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Justin Bieber is retiring?!?!

Sit down, Beliebers, because we don't know if you can handle this news!

Justin Bieber told the world in an interview this morning that he is retiring from music after his upcoming album Journals is released. Which means if this statement is to be believed, then this will be his last album!


We have to say, we certainly believe this could definitely be true since, ya know, it came from the Biebs' own mouth AND it was caught on camera!!! Then again, it ain't over until it's over, ya know? And besides, we feel like The Biebs has thought about this once before… and here we are.

But we invite YOU to be the judge!

Ch-ch-check out his admission in the clip…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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George Clooney Sends Sandra Bullock A Bottle Of Tequila For Every Drunk Call She Makes To Him?!

george sandra

Okay, so it's not brand new information that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will never happen (tear!), they keep telling us over and over again!

We get it you two!

So, why is The Heat star continuously calling her buddy every night at 3 a.m., while being inebriated?

LOLz! Okay, obviously that was a joke from the prankster, Georgie.

The Gravity star responded to Sandra's comment at the 2013 Britannia Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night by saying:

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George Clooney Says Famous People Shouldn't Be On Twitter And He Uses Ashton Kutcher As Proof! Burn!

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george clooney hates twitter ashton kutcher comment stupidity

George Clooney can't believe the things that come out of some people's mouths! Or more accurately, out of their phones!

The Monuments Men star thinks that if you're famous, Twitter is nothing but a 140-character wrecking ball you're swinging around your career. He says:

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ABC Head Honchos Apologize For Jimmy Kimmel's Children Sketch Featuring Crack Against China!

This didn't seem like a good joke to make at the time, and we called it!

Higher ups at ABC have issued a formal apology after Jimmy Kimmel aired a sketch on his show that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way!

The Jimmy Kimmel Live skit featured a ton of cute kids discussing how to end the government shutdown, which ironically was done or nearly done by the time this skit aired, except one kid got ahead of himself and suggested the US should kill all the people in China.

That comment rubbed a lot of people the wrong way!

Here was ABC's FULL apology:

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One Direction Fans Might Be Lashing Out At Perrie Edwards After Her Diss About Haters!

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perrie edwards hating on haters one direction fans

Uh oh, Perrie Edwards might've made a Little Mix-take!

Even though she's got Zayn Malik by her side, she has probably pissed off a whole lot of his One Direction fans with a comment about her haters.

While not ALL Directioners dislike the future Mrs. Malik, we're guessing there are a few out there who have flung out some slams against her most likely via Twitter.

And now she's hitting back, and she hit back HARD!

She revealed what she thinks about her haters:

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