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Max Irons Vs. Robert Pattinson: Max Is HONORED To Be Compared!

max irons robert pattinson comparison honored twilight host movies films flicks

Who wouldn't be??

Okay, okay, maybe some wouldn't — especially those who can't handle the love pouring out of the Twilight movies — but hey, Robert Pattinson is actually a pretty great actor! Seriously, just keep an eye out for some amazing things now that the franchise is done!

Max Irons can see that, and he can totally see the similarities between his new Stephanie Meyer flick, The Host, and Twilight. He can also see why people would compare him (as a lead love interest) with RPatz! And guess what??

He's HONORED! Here's what he said:

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The Host's Max Irons And Jake Abel HATE Twilight Comparisons!

max irons jake abel the host twilight comparisons

While The Host and Twilight are both science fiction love stories based on books written by Stephenie Meyer, the new franchise's hunky stars, Max Irons and Jake Abel, insist the similarities stop there!

Jake explained:

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Rihanna Hailed As The New Princess Diana! Watch Out, Kate Middleton!!

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rihanna princess diana sunday times

And the rest of the lot, merely peasants??

London's publication of The Sunday Times has crowned Rihanna to be the next Princess Diana by comparison.

Feminist writer Camille Paglia declares:

"Diana and Rihanna began as sensitive, wounded, but appealingly bubbly and good-natured provincial girls who slowly discovered their own photogenic virtuosity and began to conceptualise themselves as living sculpture for the lens. Both developed a false intimacy with photographers and the public and began to cannibalise themselves in their futile search for security in love. Diana, rebuffed, eventually accepted her exile."

And here's where Chris Brown gets into the mix (we knew you were waiting for it). Camille continues:

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Forget Finnchel! Darren Criss Compares Klaine To Ross And Rachel On Friends!

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klaine perfect 2 by laly096 d4hpset

Be still our heart, Klaine fans!

We're sure we weren't the ONLY Gleeks absolutely THRILLED to see our heart's truest desire, Darren Criss, reuniting with Chris Colfer for some hot-and-heavy-backseat-and-hotel-room-hook-ups during last night's SEXtravaganza on Glee, despite the latter's frustrating insistence that it was merely "bros helping bros!"

Thankfully, it's not just Ryan Murphy who's teasing more to come for our favorite yet-currently-ESTRANGED McKinley High couple!

Darren HIMSELF recently revealed that despite Kurt's romantic dabbling with Oliver Kieran-Jones, he thinks that Blaine is ultimately the Rachel to his Ross!

YES! He's speaking in Friends analogies, folks!

When asked about the possible reconciliation, Darren revealed:

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Chris Brown Compares Himself To Jesus After Fighting With Frank Ocean… Yeah, THAT Jesus!

chris brown compares himself jesus christ instagram painting frank ocean

Let's see, one of them died on the cross for the sins of humanity… and the other one beat RiRi bloody on Grammy night!

Hmmm…. We aren't sure we're buying what Breezy is selling!

After fighting with Frank Ocean last night and fleeing the scene before the cops arrived, Chris Brown still doesn't understand why he's under so much scrutiny!

The Don't Judge Me singer feels sooooo persecuted, in fact, that he can't help but paint images of Jesus Christ on the cross to share with his followers on Instagram!

The kicker was his caption, it read:

"Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!"

Whoa!! We knew Chris thought highly of himself, but he literally just drew a comparison between his "plight" and that of history's most celebrated martyr.

Who does Rihanna play? The notorious prostitute/disciple Mary Magdalene?

Where will the madness end!?

Ch-ch-check out his full painting (below)!!

[Image via WENN & Instagram.]

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One Direction And … The Beatles?! Separated At Birth!

Beatles One Direction Boy Band Tokyo Japan Comparison

Top: One Direction arriving in Tokyo, Japan, today for two performances
Bottom: The Beatles arriving in Tokyo, Japan, in 1966 for five concerts

[Image via WENN.]

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Adele Reacts To Well Deserved Oscar Nomination! Quote Of The Day!


- Adele, on her Academy Award nomination for Skyfall, via Twitter

[Images via WENN.]

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