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Target Asking Its Vendors To Change Their Pricing Strategies

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Walmart Target is forcing its vendors to make a change — offer better pricing!

Target sent a letter to its “most important vendor partners” indicating that to compete with other retail giants, like Walmart and Amazon, they needed to change their pricing strategy.

They are also

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Meet One Of The Best Wheelchair Racers In America

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So inspiring!

Despite not having ANY core muscles and very little use of his triceps, quadriplegic wheelchair racer Scott Stokes has become the best American competitor in his division.

He wrestled, played football, and baseball throughout his childhood and dreamed of making into the pro's until a terrible fall left him with no use of his legs 13 years ago.

His dreams of professional baseball or football may have been crushed in the fall, but his passion for athletics led him to discover a new sport.

Wheelchair racing is unimaginably tough and Scott almost quit after the first time he pushed his wheels for a full mile, but he stuck with it and at 33-years-old, has become one of the best.

Check out the video above for a glimpse of Scott's incredible journey to overcome a disability and rise to the cream of the crop in his sport!

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George Lucas' Daughter Becomes Jedi Master Pro Cage Fighter!

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Amanda Lucas

George Lucas may have dreamed up Jedi and Sith warriors battling each other with a combination of lightsabers and mixed martial arts, but his daughter is actually doing it!

Well, okay, there's no lightsabers. Ha!

Amanda Lucas, a.k.a. "The Powerhouse", is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a professional cage fighter!

It wasn't any Jedi mind tricks that influenced her to take up professional fighting either, but rather a desire to lose weight and stay fit, explaining:

”I used to hate violence, even boxing, I couldn't watch any of it for a minute. I thought it was horrible. The only thing I liked to do was dance, but Jason was a big Ultimate Fighting Challenge fan and he took me to a fight and I realized martial arts was a good way to lose weight. The more I trained the more weight I lost. I stuck at it and realized if I focused I could turn pro. The thing is I'm not a violent person at all."

She must take after her dad, who she says can't stand to watch her fight, continuing:

"Dad has been very supportive, but he's not been to see me fight as yet. I think he would be okay watching me wrestle and grapple but he might start to freak out if I got punched in the head."

In his defense, what dad WOULDN'T?

The 30-year-old lives in San Francisco and is about to enter her third fight with a 1-1 record. We'd like to warn her competitor not to make a bad Star Wars joke unless she's prepared to deal with the consequences, as Amanda shared:

"I might get the odd competitor make a Star Wars comment but I'l channel it into some aggression and hopefully use it against them."

Since you're not around to kick our butt for saying this, we'll just say it. Good luck and may the Force be with you! LOL!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Groupon Is Growing Faster Than Google Did

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Groupon is growing and growing fast!

In fact, its first-quarter revenue was up by 1,475% from last year to $645 million.

This marks a faster growth than other giants like Google, eBay and Amazon experienced.

Just to compare, Google’s revenue rose "only" 352% in its second year while eBay and Amazon’s rose a bit over 700%. That’s almost twice the growth for Groupon!

A rep for Wedbush’s "Second Internet" research unit, reveals:

"Groupon and the rest of the industry have grown so rapidly because, for the first time in history, merchants can leverage the Internet in scale. The deal commerce space is going to be massive."

But all isn’t too rosy for Groupon, as they reported in their S-1 filing last week a $450 million loss.

So although they are doing well, other competitors like LivingSocial, which is backed by Amazon and Facebook still pose a threat.

Are U a Groupon user?

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Nicole Scherzinger And Fiddy Are Coming To Idol!

Nice! This song really grew on us!

Nicole Scherzinger is scheduled to join 50 Cent on stage to perform the track Right There during next week's result show of American Idol on Thursday night!


We wonder if this will be the last time she'll be able to perform on this show, as she'll be hosting its competitor, The X Factor, come fall!

Best of luck, guys! You're going to kill it!

[Images via WENN.]

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