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Justin Bieber Causing A Revolt!

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It's like Les Miz - only with really rich people!

And they've had ENOUGH!!!!

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Selena Gomez Caught Complaining About Justin Bieber's Non-Stop Texts After The Grammys!

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She might’ve hit up the Justin Timberlake concert after the Grammys, but it sounds like Selena Gomez did some more post-ceremony partying on Sunday night!

Reportedly, Selenita was spotted at Warner Music Group’s after party Sunday night at a popular West Hollywood celeb hotspot!

And, while her Spring Breakers bestie Vanessa Hudgens recently claimed Selena's been doing “great” post split with Justin Bieber, she still can’t seem to stop talking about him!

At the party, Selena was supposedly overheard complaining that the Biebs is

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Tyra's Still Driving Her Neighbors Nuts With Construction

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Want to know how to piss off an entire apartment building in New York City? Just ask Tyra!

The supermodel started remodeling her four apartment penthouse last May and almost a year later it's still not finished!

Residents at the Riverhouse were originally told a majority of the construction would be completed by October, but now that it's dragged on for another 6 months they want to be compensated as much as $100,000 for the noisy inconvenience.

They were, of course, denied.

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It's Complicated Between Sofia Vergara & Katherine Heigl

sofia vergara vs katherine heigl

Come on, you two! Better change that attitude, or you might not be invited back for New Year's Eve 2: New Year's Day. Ha!

According to STAR, sources are saying that there's "so much tension between Sofia Vergara & Katherine Heigl, they've now resorted to ignoring each other on set."

Word on set is that Katherine complains about "having to stand outside in the cold for long periods of time" and Sofia is fed up with it.

Are you dressed weather-appropriately, Katherine? Maybe you need a warmer jacket and more comfortable shoes.

Who do U sympathize with? Katherine or Sofia?

[Images via WENN.]

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Paulina Talks About Being A Hasbeen


She sure is stuck on the past.

Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova, is taking to her column in the Huffington Post to complain about the troubles of being famous and how she can't get a job.

Paulina writes:

My career has an umbilical cord straight to my self-esteem. Too bad I have very little control over being desired or desirable. After I was the first to get kicked off Dancing with the Stars in 2007, and my book failed to sell all that much, and I couldn't get on The View no matter how much I begged, and I got fired from America's Next Top Model, I spent the rest of the year feeling a bit sorry for myself while knitting and shouting comments at morning TV shows.

To her credit Paulina says she isn't expecting any sympathy from her 7 readers, and she's definitely not getting any from us!

The now ex-ANTM judge goes on about slipping through the celebrity ranks, saying:

No one but aliens can stay on top forever. (I'm talking about you, Tom Cruise. And you, Madonna.) For the rest of the humans, the B-list is waiting! And that's the good news, because there is also a C-list and a D-list.

On the A-list you're a God and can do no wrong. Every observation you make is a treasure for posterity; every dandruff you flake is auctioned off on eBay. On the B-list your glow may have faded, but you're still invited to hot parties and designers still lend you their clothes. You still get interviewed on the red carpet and paparazzi are a pest. The C-list will get you into restaurants where a maître d' is roughly your age and hence remembers your moments of glory.

By the time you find yourself on the D-list, you've become invisible except when you really want to be, i.e. when you're stinking drunk and puking onto your shoes, or while beating up your spouse, or just scored some good sh*t to help you forget — from an undercover cop. The only place to go to now is a VH1 reality show, and if they won't have you, there is always Dr. Drew's rehab.

She does make some valid points.

So what does Paulina do now?

She ends her column with this little gem: "What are fallen celebrities to do if they're too vain to get fat and too paranoid to get strung out on drugs? Knit and yell at morning TV for starters. And blog for free."

At least she's honest!

[Image via WENN.]

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