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Babies Being Banned From First Class Section During Flights!


Inneresting, and we imagine VERY controversial!

Malaysia Airlines has reportedly decided to ban infants from the first class section of its Boeing 747-400 jet, as well as the new A380 super-jumbo jet, after complaints from passengers who had trouble sleeping on flights due to the cries of children!

According to CEO and Managing Director Tengku Amil:

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Real World Headed To San Diego Despite Neighbor Complaints

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Real World is causing more drama!

The producers of the long-running MTV show plan on returning to San Diego to film their 26th season.

Unfortunately for them, neighbors in the La Jolla area, Bird Rock, are none too happy with the show invading their small quite neighborhood.

A local resident says, "This Real World seems like a lot of extra partying, a lot of glorifying substance abuse and partying and that's all going to be right here in this quiet neighborhood."

They've also complained that producers have not been responding to their concerns and they wants answers.

Finally, after several unanswered complaints, RW Productions, the company shooting the show, sent out a formal letter to the neighborhood that most of the filming will be done inside the house with minimal disruption to the neighborhood.

Um, do producers even remember what happened the last time they were in San Diego in 2003? There were several fights in and out of the house, two arrests, and even a sexual assault investigation took place

We don't blame the neighbors for being concerned! It's basically like having Jersey Shore moving in on your block!

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Guard Cut From Royal Wedding…Because Of Facebook

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guard cut from royal wedding due to facebook

Should have found another way to vent!

Scots guard Cameron Reilly will no longer be working the royal wedding after he complained about Kate Middleton on Facebook.

On his Fbook page, Reilly complained that during one of her visits to Prince William last month, Kate gave the guard "only a brief wave 'while she looked the opposite way.' " He also called her "stuck-up PinkyPoodle " and posed the question "am I not good enough for them!"

Here's what a Ministry of Defense spokesperson had to say about it:

“Respect for others is central to the Army’s Values and Standards and Equality and Diversity principles are reinforced throughout military training. We take any allegation of this nature extremely seriously and it will be investigated by his chain of command. In view of the nature of the allegation, it would not be appropriate for the individual to be on parade for the royal wedding.”

Hopefully Cameron learned his lesson. Can't just put anything on those Facebook pages! People are watching…

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Flavor Flav Doesn't Pay His Employees At Chicken Joint!

Flavor Flav's chicken

Rapper Flavor Flav, or perhaps better known as the man who kicked off a slew of trashy VH1 reality shows, is under investigation for not paying his employees at Flav's Fried Chicken in Iowa!

The investigation was sparked after four employees started squawking that their checks were bouncing.

Kelly Butler, a former employee who maintains she is still owed two paychecks, said:

“When we’re supposed to get paid, we don’t get paid. Paydays went from every Sunday, to every Tuesday and then Thursday. I was never paid on any of those days.”

Flav doesn't seem to concerned either, as he has simply said, "Mistakes happen."

Well, we hate to break it to you, but if they keep happening, your restaurant will happen to shut down.

The employees aren't the only people complaining. PETA wants Flav to bounce cruelty to animals too and go vegetarian!

The animal rights organization wrote a letter reading:

"Greetings from PETA! After reading about the debacle involving employees of your fried-chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa, whose paychecks bounced, we're writing to encourage you to bounce one more thing – cruelty – and make your restaurant vegetarian."

Ha! We're not sure how a chicken restaurant can go vegetarian, but we can't blame them for trying!

Do U think this is the end of Flavor Flav's chicken business or are these employees just a bunch of rotten eggs?

[Image via WENN.]

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Tylenol Recalled…Again!

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Tylenol 8 hour recall

Ugh! Tylenol really needs to get its act together!

Coming off of a massive recall just a few months ago, the over-the-counter pain reliever has been recalled again for complaints of a musty odor coming from the bottles.

The odor is thought to be caused by a chemical named 2,4,6-tribromoanisole, which is applied to wooden pallets that are used to transport and store packaging materials.


About 34,000 bottles of the 150 count Tylenol 8 Hour extended release caplets were recalled Tuesday.

Anyone who suspects they have an affected bottle should stop using the product immediately and contact McNeil Consumer Healthcare, either at www.tylenol.com or by calling 1-888-222-6036 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time) for instructions about receiving a refund or product coupon.

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Britney's Choreographer Talks New Music Video, Gets Defensive

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Yesterday, we saw a 30 second clip from Britney's Hold It Against Me music video (above) and we were left feeling somewhat skeptical about her dance abilities of late.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones to feel that way. In fact, Brit Brit's choreographer Brian Friedman took to Twitter to address fan complaints:

"Britney Fans… I DIDNT edit or direct the video so please do not place hostility at me if you aren't happy with what you have seen or see. Britney worked her ass off for this video and she and I hope that you all love it."

We certainly love the song, but as far as the music video is concerned….well, as we said before, we aren't going to judge until the whole thing is released.


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Bad Girls Club: New Spinoff Filming!!!

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And it sounds as though they're causing trouble already!

A new spin-off of the Oxygen favorite Bad Girls Club, titled Bad Girls Boot Camp, is currently filming in Kenner, Lousiana's upscale Chateau Estates, and the neighborhood is apparently so upset about the filming taking place that some residents are planning to speak out about it to city officials at a meeting tonight!

One of the issues being addressed is apparently the home's originally white columns, which have been painted purple for the duration of filming!

…that's it?!

Geesh! They must not have gotten that far into production then, because believe us, that is soon to become the LEAST of their concerns!

Those ladies need some time for their unfiltered CRAZY to come crashing out! LOLz!


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