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Whitney Houston Tribute: Random Girl Totally Kills I Will Always Love You!

Do you have five minutes?

Great, what you need to do is watch the video (above) and be COMPLETELY blown away by this young girl!

Not much is known here — apparently this is a random girl in a random grocery store that just happened to be demoing a product like most grocery stores do from time to time.

Except this time it was a karaoke machine, and one SERIOUS talent steps up to the mic to do a notoriously difficult song: Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You!!

Unbelievable! We have to watch it again!!

Who IS this girl??

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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Find Each Other's Tongues!


Um, distracted much, Kelso?!

How could anyone remember that they're even holding a phone at all when they've got Mila Kunis ready to tongue-punch their vocal chords??

That's exactly what we'd ask Ashton Kutcher, because even a powerfully beautiful star can't completely pull him away from checking Twitter!

Check out this candid pic of the new couple — lip-locked and enjoying the weather.

So… they, um… they… okay. We can't get past the phone thing.

Drop it, Ashton! That's lame!


P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

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[Image via Splash News.]

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TomKat Is History! Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Divorce Case CLOSED!

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Divorce Case Closed

Well Perezcious readers, TomKat is now just a thing of the past!

The marriage and divorce chapters of the book of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have officially been closed and completed!

Yesterday, a month-and-a-half since Katie filed for divorce, a judge closed the ex-couple’s divorce case for good!

The two had been married for five years and seemed to have sped right through their divorce and custody settlements!

Maybe Tom and Katie could give Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian some tips on how to move things along a bit faster?? Ha!

Oh Kimmy…if only things could be as easy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Octo-Mom's First Porn Shoot Is A Wrap!

octomom porn shoot wrap

Once upon a time (Thursday), in a far away place…. (The Valley, LOLz)

Octo-Mom shot her very first professional porn film!!

After Nadya Suleman realized she better come up with money ASAP, she finally agreed to strip down and make love to the camera. ….all for her kids, of course!!!

Though we hear she was super nervous when she arrived to the San Fernando mansion, producers popped in a few "educational" videos and before they knew it, Octo-Mom was a pro!

If you're wondering who the lucky man was, remember… she only agreed to a self-pleasure film!

And we hope she had a blast… because she goes back on set next week!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay's Latest Hit-And-Run Case Handed Over To The D.A.!

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She may have gotten the clear from the LAPD…but Lindsay Lohan is still not 100% scot-free in her latest hit-and-run case!

The actress had been investigated by the cops over claims from the manager of a Hollywood Hookah Lounge that she hit him with her car and then left without leaving any information back in March, and although authorities have completed the investigation and claim there is not enough evidence to prove an actual crime was committed, they now have to pass the file over the D.A. for review!

Well, given how shady the manager's account of that evening is, we doubt she'll be facing any real trouble, but hey!

You never really know what the truth is when it comes to LiLo, so who knows what could develop from here on out?

Here's hoping nothing, though!

She's SO close to getting her shiz back on track! At least professionally!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute To Lindsay Lohan's New Freedom!

It's the end of an era!


For the first time since lord knows when, Lindsay Lohan has been released from formal probation, which essentially makes her back on the loose to the world!

In honor of the pretty momentus occasion, Jimmy Kimmel Live compiled some pretty HIGHlarious segments to congratulate the former hard-pAArtying actress, including a look back at all of her court visits and a peek into the latest hearing!

Ch-ch-check them out (above) and…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Lindsay Lohan Is Crazy No More! She's Finished With Therapy!

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Lindsay Lohan has finally completed all of her court-ordered psychotherapy sessions!

Congrats, gurl!

As part of her sentence in the great jewelry heist of 2011, LiLo was ordered to complete 18 sessions of psychotherapy.


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