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Wonderfullness: Hot Dudes With Kittens

Filed under: Cuteness!Awwwww

Thank you God Funny or Die!

HAWT MEN and CUTE KITTENS - these are a few of our favorite things… Sigh.

This video features some smoke'n fellas (including True Blood star, Sam Trammell) cuddling, dancing, nuzzling, and holding some precious baby kittens!

Must. Watch. Again.

After watching this you're gonna be trying to figure out how to make a video your computer wallpaper.

FYI: You can't. We suggest buying a second computer.

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CUTENESS: Kitten Plays The Invisible Harp

Filed under: Cuteness!Cat


So young and so gifted…

We assume that everyone is giving there computers a standing ovation right now. Cause we assume teddy readers have class!!

This is one multi-talented kitten. Not only is she a invisible instrument prodigy, she also is also EFFING ADORABLE!

Somebody give her a scholarship to Cat Juilliard stat!

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Talk To Dolphins With New Technology

Filed under: Science!DolphinsCrazzzzy

dolphin talk


A diver carrying a computer that tries to recognise dolphin sounds and generate responses in real time will soon attempt to communicate with wild dolphins off the coast of Florida.

If the bid is successful, it will be a big step towards two-way communication between humans and dolphins.

Since the 1960s, captive dolphins have been communicating via pictures and sounds. In the 1990s, researchers in Hawaii, found that bottlenose dolphins can keep track of over 100 different words. They can also respond appropriately to commands in which the same words appear in a different order, understanding the difference between "bring the surfboard to the man" and "bring the man to the surfboard", for example.

Artificial intelligence researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, are working a project named Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry (CHAT). They want to work with dolphins to "co-create" a language that uses features of sounds that wild dolphins communicate with naturally.

If this works we're betting fish will be a hot topic.

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Play With Kittens Through Your Computer!

Filed under: Cat


And yes, we are talking about real kittens!!

A software company has created a technology that allows users to control a robotic arm over the internet.

Until they have paying customers, this company, Apriori is putting their technology to good use!!

The Idaho Humane Society and the Oregon Humane Society have created play rooms for kittens equipped with the robotic arm with toys attached.

People can go to the website of the shelters, download a plug in and wait to move the robotic arm through their computer in hopes of attracting the attention of the kittens!!

Aww this is so cute!

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Bees Vs. Computers

Filed under: Amazing

bees are smart

Bees, even with brains that are about as small as a seed of grass are incredibly smart!

It turns out that these tiny brains have beaten computers.

Bees can solve complex mathematical problems that computers have been working on for days.

These insects learn to fly the shortest route between flowers that are randomly placed, and they do it without a mapquest.

Computers solve the problem by comparing the length of all possible routes and choosing the one that is shortest, but bees do this in that teeny tiny brain of theirs. WOW!

Since they have to use a lot of energy flying around all day, it only makes sense that they have to find the shortest route!

Who would have thought the bee would beat the computer?!

[Image via AP Images.]

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