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Conan O'Brien Makes The Press Squirm At The White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013! Watch Here!


Let's just say it's a GOOD thing that he was seated next to the President! After that monologue, we don't think he was welcome anywhere else!

Conan O'Brien was on hand at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner to take on Hollywood, Washington and beyond!

And whom, might you ask, is feeling the sting of Conan's wrath HARD this morning?!

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White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013: Watch President Obama's Opening Remarks HERE!

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Barack Obama SLAYED at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night!

From the President's jab at CNN to comparing the GOP's love/hate relationship with sequester to a Taylor Swift album, he entertained a room full of celebs, reporters and big wigs in the media with some amazing jokes made at the expense of our government, including himself!

Like, who didn't LOVE that Photoshop with laser kittens and bald eagles?! Ha!

In case you missed it, ch-ch-check out the video (above) to enjoy all of Obama's incredible jokes…which included some of our favorites:

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Russell Brand Blasts Tom Cruise For Failing To Recruit Him Into Scientology!

This is an unusual complaint!

Russell Brand tossed his Rock of Ages co-star under the tour bus yesterday for excluding him from a "cult!"

The brilliant British comedian sat down with Conan O'Brien and explained his beef with master thespian and famed Scientologist Tom Cruise — Russ swears he was eager to join the religion, Tom just wouldn't bite!!!

Ch-ch-check out the Conan vid of Russell's HIGHlarious skewering for yourself (above)!

Ha! Once Russell and Katy Perry's love shack finally sells, we totes think he, Tom, and Xenu should share a WeHo apt!!

What a glorious sitcom that would make, LOLz!!

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Charlie Sheen Tanked His Way Onto The WB Lot To Visit Conan?!

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Oh, Charlie — you always did know how to make an entrance!

The Anger Management star stopped by the set of Conan yesterday and it's a small miracle security even let him through the gates!!

Two years ago, after Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men, show runner/mortal enemy Chuck Lorre had the wild & crazy warlock BANNED from setting foot on the Warner Bros' lot!

Last night's HIGHlarious interview with Conan O'Brien was actually the actor's first time back!

Ch-ch-check out Charlie's triumphant return (above)!!

Tanks! Blondes! Nervous, sweaty laughter!

It's good to have a little tiger blood back in our lives!!

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RHOA Get OWNED By Triumph The Insult Comic Dog! See The Disses Fly HERE!

the real housewives of atlanta triumph the insult dog

Who in the world can throw insults better than the Real Housewives of Atlanta?!

Uh, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, that’s who!!

Conan O’Brien’s favorite pooch brought it big time when he went head-to-head with the catfighting divas of Atlanta.

He put “close your legs to married men” to shame with the zingers he flung at the ladiez!

Triumph hit them so hard with his disses we think he should probably just join the cast!

We’d point out which parts to pay extra close attention to, but they’re all HIGHlarious.

Okay, maybe we’re extra partial to his crazy funny NeNe Leakes smack down he slings at the Housewives.

Ch-ch-check it out …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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David Letterman Doesn't Believe Jay Leno's REALLY Retiring

david letterman jay leno retirement

Sounds like someone is still just a bit bitter.

David Letterman lost out to Jay Leno for the hosting spot on Tonight Show way back when and it appears he doesn't have very much faith his retiring competitor is ACTUALLY retiring for good!

In his Wednesday night monologue on The Late Show, David wished Jay "congratulations" on his retirement and a "job well done"…kind of.

The veteran late night host said:

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Conan O'Brien Taylor Swift-ed A Random Easter Wedding In The Deep South!


He better not try that stunt with the Kennedys, LOLz! We all know what wrath Swifty faced!!!

While he didn't exactly "crash" it, Conan O'Brien did attend a wedding in Atlanta on the day before Easter without ever having met the bride, the groom, or anyone else involved!!

It's cool though, because he was totes invited! A bridesmaid tweeted Coco with all the deets once she learned he was staying at the Four Seasons where the reception was held!

The ginger-haired funnyman never formally RSVPed, but he surprised everyone and randomly popped in anyway! And he had a hankering for whiskey!

Wes Hoffman, the groom, described the encounter

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