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Amanda Bynes' Parents Have Filed For Conservatorship, Will Present Case During Friday's Court Hearing!

amanda bynes conservatorship parents

It's happening!

After months and months of failed interventions, Amanda Bynes' parents have FINALLY filed papers to be reviewed in court on Friday to be granted a conservatorship — meaning they will have legal authority over certain parts of their reportedly mentally ill daughter's life.

It is VERY rare for conservatorships to be imposed in California, but after the well-documented string of such bizarre episodes, the 5150 psychiatric hold, and mental health experts observing her "schizophrenic tendencies," Amanda's parents might just have enough ammunition to get it past a judge.

Between Sunday's most recent

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Amanda Bynes' Severe Mental Illness Includes 'Schizophrenic Tendencies'!!! Get The Sad Deets HERE!

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amanda bynes severe mental illness schizophrenic tendencies doctors observation restrained drug tests

Doctors are apparently already learning a lot during Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold, but sadly the news isn't all good!

The struggling starlet was under observation all day yesterday, and docs allegedly already determined that she's suffering from a SEVERE mental illness "with schizophrenic tendencies"!!!

Oh no!! Witnesses speculated about the degrading state of her mental health for months, but this is so sad!

Apparently Amanda was lucid for about 10 hours yesterday, during which she was calm and sweet, but after that her personality took a turn for the worse! According to reports, she got totes frustrated and even "shut down."

At one point, she allegedly was so out of control that she needed to be physically restrained!!!

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Amanda Bynes' Folks Fighting For Conservatorship THIS WEEK!

amanda bynes conservatorship

What's next for Amanda Bynes, you ask??!

If her parents have any say in the matter, it will be conservatorship!

While Amanda is reportedly showing signs of schizophrenia so serious it may lead to an extension on her 5150 psychiatric hold, Lynn Bynes and Rick Bynes will step before a judge on Friday morning to gain full temporary control over their trouble daughter's financial and personal affairs.

Seeing as the "frantic and discombobulated" star allegedly lit her own pants on fire after a stretch of bizarre episodes— including head shaving, bong throwing, makeshift gas bomb building, HIGHly unhealthy body image issues, and startling Twitter rants —we don't think this forced intervention could come soon enough!

While Sunday's reported drunken

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Amanda Bynes Reportedly Displaying Signs Of Schizophrenia; Officials To Seek 5150 Extension

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amanda bynes schizophrenia

This does not sound good.

While one source has revealed that Amanda Bynes has been “doing well” throughout her 5150 hold and “knows when to…act normal,” it seems that might not actually be the case.

Following the troubled actress’ run-in with the law — from bong-throwing to her latest fire-on-lawn incident — medical officials will reportedly seek a two week extension on her evaluation as Amanda is allegedly believed to be displaying symptoms of schizophrenia.

We only hope that Amanda gets the help she needs. What with this evaluation and her parents’ request for conservatorship, this might just be what she needs.

As long as all parties act in her best interest.

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes' Parents Seeking Conservatorship Following Psychiatric Hold

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amanda bynes parents want conservatorship

This is for the best.

Following the news of Amanda Bynes' hospitalization — a 5150 hold (involuntary psychiatric hold) — her parents are reportedly determined to obtain a conservatorship.

Amanda was sent to the hospital when law enforcement deemed it necessary following the Monday night incident where she lit a small fire in someone's Thousand Oaks driveway.

Sources close to the situation reveal:

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Britney Spears Tells Conservatorship Judge She'll Be In Vegas Later This Year!!

britney spears tells conservatorship judge shes headling vegas this year

If she swore under oath, than it must be true, right???

Britney Spears met with her conservatorship judge this past Monday to discuss her upcoming working schedule and it just so happens that she mentioned a certain residency at a certain hotel in a certain gambling city.

Do you get what we're saying here??

BritBrit TOTALLY talked about her upcoming residency at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas later this year!

She's been teasing it up, playing it coy and not giving out too many details, but during her 45-minute sesh with Judge Goetz, Britney apparently confirmed that she WILL INDEED be moving to Vegas and how "excited" she will be performing. In fact, an insider added:

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Amanda Bynes' Parents Using Her Twitter Feed As Evidence For Conservatorship?!

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amanda bynes twitter parents conservatorshipAmanda Bynes' Twitter feed has been getting a lot of attention lately, most of it not so good!

Gurl has called everyone from model Chrissy Teigen to singer Rihanna ugly, denied things she wrote, and picked more fights than we can count!

But someone she hasn't mentioned is paying attention too - her parents!

They reportedly already fear for Amanda's sanity, and according to a source, they're keeping a close eye on what she's tweeting to the world! The source says:

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