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Britney Spears' Conservatorship Will Keep Her Dad In Charge During Her Vegas Stint!

britney spears conservatorship to remain in tact during vegas residency

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

And apparently, that includes Britney Spears' conservatorship!

The Work Bitch singer's dad Jamie Spears has been legally in control of her assets for the past few years, and her upcoming stint in Sin City isn't going to change that!

In fact, a source close to the situation says if her conservatorship comes to and end, it can also mean the end of her time in Vegas:

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Amanda Bynes May Be In Psychiatric Hospital For The Rest Of The Year!

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amanda bynes long stay psychiatric hospital

We're so glad Amanda Bynes is getting the help she needs. And it sounds like it couldn't have come soon enough!

Amanda was recently moved to UCLA's psychiatric unit, where doctors are doing everything they can to regulate her schizophrenia symptoms.

But it isn't easy. An inside source says Amanda has a long way yet to go. The source says:

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Britney Spears Is Frugal With Her Money! Only Spent $7 Of Her $14 Million Last Year!

britney spears frugal

Britney Spears raked in over $14 million last year — but just how much of that did she end up spending??

$6.8 million! That is, according to new legal documents outlining her expenses.

While we know that’s almost half of her earnings, it actually looks like this pop princess is careful with her money!

Ch-ch-check out a breakdown her expenditures…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Amanda Bynes' Condition Lands Her In Her Parents Care! Temporary Conservatorship Granted!

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amanda bynes with parents rick and lynn(1)

She may not think so, but it might actually be a good day to be Amanda Bynes. She's finally going to get the help she so desperately needs

As we reported earlier today, after reviewing the matter at hand, a judge granted doctors an emergency conservatorship which extends the psychiatric hold for another 30 days, as she has been deemed "gravely disabled". Now, the judge overseeing Amanda's parents plea for a conservatorship has just granted their request.

It's fairly clear that the decision was made to grant the temporary conservatorship after doctors at the psychiatric hospital got a 1-month extension on her psych hold, which kept Amanda from appearing in court today to defend herself. Still, her lawyers were present, and pleaded despearted in opposition of the conservatorship, believing it's not necessary.

But in the end, her parents came out victorious, with the temporary conservatorship lasting

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Amanda Bynes 'Gravely Disabled!' Doctors Granted EMERGENCY Conservatorship!

amanda bynes psychiatric evaluation extended for 30 days

As scary as this may seem now, we truly feel it's for Amanda Bynes' best interests in the long-run.

We've just learned that a judge actually traveled TO the hospital Friday after doctors explained that she was too unwell to make the trek to the courthouse herself — escorts or not!

After reviewing the matter at hand, the judge granted doctors an emergency conservatorship which extends the psychiatric hold for another 30 days. Based on the law books, the judge must have found Miz Bynes "gravely disabled" from a mental disorder to rule such permission.

While Amanda was supposed to attend a hearing today concerning her parents' request for a conservatorship, that opportunity was obviously (and forcibly) missed. Rick and Lynn will continue to pursue their case, however, as it will stay in effect until September 30.

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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Amanda Bynes' Mother Wants Closed Courtroom For Conservatorship Hearing

amanda bynes with parents rick and lynn

Mama Bear's gotta protect her baby!!

Lynn Bynes has requested a closed courtroom for her conservatorship hearing Friday, where sensitive medical information concerning Amanda Bynes has the potential to be discussed in full disclosure.

It's clear that something serious is going on with MandaPanda, as a judge ordered her 5150 hold to continue.

And a source confirms:

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Amanda Bynes Is Homeless, Paranoid & Spending Millions?! Her Parents Apparently Think So!

amanda bynes paranoia homeless money spent parents worried

It just gets worse and worse, but we sure hope Amanda Bynes' parents can turn this around.

We know her parents recently lost their plea for temporary conservatorship because the judge apparently wants more info, but from what we hear about the case something has got to change.

While they will be fighting for long-term conservatorship on August 9th, her parents have already laid out a pretty convincing case in our opinion and will likely be able to provide even more info to boost their cause.

You know it's been rumored Amanda might be showing

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