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Milk Consumption Dropping In The U.S.

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Milk is super delicious and super good for you!!

Unless you're lactose intolerant of course!

The milk industry is saying they're in a crisis! Milk consumption has dropped almost 30% since 1975.

With all different types of bottled waters and vitamin infused beverages, people are forgetting about good ol' moo juice. It's so healthy for you!

Do your part to help the farmers and have a big glass of chocolate milk today! Don't worry, we'll give you this one cheat beverage today. (Though we do recommend making it skim.)

Check out the video (above) to learn some of the reasons behind the decline.

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Subway Is Going Vegan!

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Subway is going to introduce three new vegan options for their health and cruelty conscious consumers.

They've been doing well with their veggie option but now they're going to go full blown vegan.

We bet there's a lot of happy people out there right now.

So now even vegetarians or just the heath conscious have even more, super healthy options!

Way to think healthy, Subway!

They've got the right idea.

So now it's not just basically fiber and green stuff… there's real protein in there too!

Skip the burgers! Go for healthy subs!

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Companies Selling Healthier Food Are Seeing Healthier Profits

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Healthier food healthy profits

A report from the Hudson Institute, a non-partisan policy research organization, shows that healthier food is resulting in healthier profits for the 15 largest food and beverage companies.

The institutes Obesity Solutions Initiative found companies with the most "better for you" products grew faster, had higher profits and superior shareholder returns over the last 5 years.

After analyzing companies

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Cancer Alert! Formaldehyde Added To List Of Carcinogens!

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Danger sign

The U.S. government is warning consumers against two ingredients found in several common household products that may cause cancer.

Scientists have officially added formaldehyde to the list of cancer causing carcinogens, while styrene, found in disposable foam plastic cups and plates, may also be linked to cancer, but the risks are much lower since it is found in such small levels.

The chemicals were added to the government’s official Report on Carcinogens after several years of being disputed by the chemical industry, but the studies suggest employees working in manufacturing plants that use formaldehyde in products are more at risk.

Studies of workers, like embalmers, exposed to high levels of formaldehyde have found increased incidences of myeloid leukemia and rare cancers of the nasal passages and upper mouth.

So scary!

Unfortunately, manufacturing employees aren't the only professionals at risk from the damaging effects of formaldehyde.

In April, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration warned hair-care product, Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution, contained unacceptable levels of the chemical. Salon workers coming in contact with it have reported headaches, nosebleeds, burning eyes, vomiting and asthma attacks after using the product and other hair-straighteners!

Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, called formaldehyde both worrisome and inescapable, explaining:

“It’s the smell in new houses, and it’s in cosmetics like nail polish. All a reasonable person can do is manage their exposure and decrease it to as little as possible. It’s everywhere.”

Yikes! This stuff is no joke so do yourself a favor and stay clear of it!

Here's a tip. Reduce exposure by avoiding pressed-wood products or buying those only labeled as U.L.E.F. (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde), N.A.F. (no added formaldehyde), or C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) Phase 1 or Phase 2 compliant.

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