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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Cuts A HUGE Check After Missing Several Child Support Payments!

michael lohan has to cut a huge check for child support

Say what you will about Michael Lohan, but at least the man pays his child support bills! Sometimes it just takes him a little while!

Lindsay Lohan's dad was ordered by the court to pay $1,500 each month for each of his minor children, and considering only Cody is underage, he should have been able to keep up without too much trouble.

But unfortunately he missed a payment or two or ten! So when he was FINALLY ordered to cough up the dough, he had to cut a check for $30,422!

That's a lot of cheese!

So what kept Michael from paying over the years?

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Evander Holyfield STILL Hasn't Paid Child Support! Held In CONTEMPT Of The Court!

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evander holyfield held in contempt failure to pay child support

He STILL hasn't taken care of this mess?!

Back in June, we reported that Evander Holyfield was facing jail time over $300k in unpaid child support, after the Georgia Department of Human Services took him to court for not providing for his 18-year-old daughter, Emani Holyfield, since he was ordered to in April of 2010!

However, because the boxer has STILL yet to take steps to resolve the situation, the

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Usher Gets Held In Contempt In Court! Judge Sides With Ex-Wife Tameka!

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Usher Tameka Custody Court Contempt

Uh oh!

Sounds like the dramz in Usher’s life has been doing anything but diminishing…!

As we previously reported, Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond have been caught up in an ongoing custody battle over their kids Usher V and Naviyd, despite Kile's tragic death last month.

Now it’s sounding like Usher was called out in court for contempt, after he cancelled Tameka’s Saks Fifth Avenue credit card, which was in his name!

Although the account was closed last year, the court has now ordered Usher to open it back up again for Tameka to use for her job as a stylist!

The court also granted Tameka $1,300 for some past nanny fees, which Usher was supposedly meant to cover.

As for the actual custody and child support battle??

Guess that’ll take a bit more time, as the judge has yet to fully sort THAT mess out!

[Image via WENN.]

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Juror Tries To Facebook FRIEND The Defendant In Court Case!


Are you kidding? What would make ANYONE think this is remotely appropriate?

22-year-old pizza delivery man Jonathan Hudson was apparently serving jury duty in a car crash case in Texas, when he decided it would be a good idea to friend the DEFENDANT, Courtney Downing on FACEBOOK!

When she told her lawyer, Hudson was kicked off the jury and charged with contempt of court. He then pled guilty, and was sentenced to two days of community service.

Of course, this didn't stop the genius from once again messaging Downey over the social-networking site:

"I'm pretty upset over this…I guess you know what it feels like to be prosecuted too. Good luck with everything."

All right - WHAT?!

A) What would this guy have to gain from friending the person for whom he was serving JURY DUTY?! Is he stoopid?! You can't be friends when you're making a decision that will affect the court's ruling!

B) You contact her again? REALLY? As if she's at fault for his dumbass decision!

Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

You have no one to blame but yourself, buddy. Just be grateful the judge didn't come down any harder on you!

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It's War! Brooke Trying To Hold Charlie In Contempt For Violating Divorce Settlement!


Oh, shiz. He's in trouble now!

The ongoing feud between Charlie Sheen and everyone else ever Brooke Mueller just got a helluva lot nastier this afternoon, because his estranged wife is currently planning to go before a judge and ask him to hold the actor in contempt of court for speaking out about her alleged relapse last week!

Sources close to Brooke have revealed that Sheen has blatantly violated the couple's divorce settlement, which states that "Charlie agrees to not disclose to any media sources personal information relating to Brooke's alleged drug use."

As he signed the document in question, and yet still went ahead and spilled the information to pretty much every media outlet possible, he could face six months behind bars!

Wow. We cannot believe how nasty this whole trainwreck has gotten, and frankly, we have a feeling that this is only the tip of the ice berg for the amount of crazy that's going to erupt from him now that he's being challenged like this.

He's truly so unwell, we hope that someone or something can get through to him before something terrible happens.


[Image via WENN.]

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More Legal Woes For Mel! Oksana Files For Contempt!


Just another chapter in the legal disaster that is Mel Gibson's life!

Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyers have filed a contempt of court charge against the actor for an alleged breach in his court-ordered $20,000 a month child support payments!

A source explains:

“For three consecutive months, Mel has paid Oksana somewhere between $5000 and $10,000 each month, it varies, but either way, it is well short of what a judge instructed he must deliver the mother of his child."

Apparently, Mel is refusing to pay because he wants $6,000 of that child support taken away, in lieu of Oksana paying rent for the Sherman Oaks home in which she and baby Lucia reside!

We've had just about enough already of these two!

Just pay what you have to pay! Regardless of how he feels about Oksana, if he continues to act this way, he's messing with his CHILD's well-being!

So infuriating!

What do U think?? Team Mel or Team Oksana??

[Image via WENN.]

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Mel Gibson's Lawyers Seek Contempt Against Oksana


Things are getting more complicated in the case of Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva.

The dirty, rotten scoundrel has now filed legal papers in the former couple's custody battle, claiming that Oksana is responsible for leaking the secretly-recorded tapes that contained his hateful tirade.

Oksana was issued a restraining order last month by a judge, prohibiting her from leaking the tapes, however Mel's camp is saying she was the one who violated the order and released them herself for big bucks.

Mel's lawyers are asking the judge to issue an order allowing them to search through Oksana's computer and iPhone for emails and text messages that would prove that she released the tapes.

Oksana had previously denied that she was the one who leaked the recordings.

SO OUT OF CONTROL!! Doesn't Mel have the dignity to just stop and go away forever???

[Image via WENN.]

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