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Jillian Michaels Hints Her Biggest Loser Scandal Was Just A Way To Bring Back Ruben Studdard!

jillian michaels ruben studdard biggest loser scandal

Jillian Michaels does NOT like to be messed with, or thrown under the bus! We mean, nobody does — but she's not gonna just sit on the beach and take it!

It all started when producers accused Jillian of

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Simon Cowell Reveals X Factor Voting Snafu! Find Out Why Contestants Sing Again Tonight HERE!

tumblr m6mb34japk1ranhnao1 400

Whoever's responsible is in troubbbble!

X Factor's resident bad ass Simon Cowell announced early this morning that all acts competing on the reality show will have to sing for America again TONIGHT!

The cause of this epic f*ck up was due to a graphics error where the wrong voting numbers showed up on screen—causing an influx of incorrect tally marks!

Simon took to Twitter to reveal the episode re-do early this morning, following fans expressing concern that the numbers were indeed incorrect:

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The 2013 Miss World Title Goes To…

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miss world megan young 2013 bali

Miss Philippines!!!

Megan Young, who is U.S. born and only 23 years old, managed to kick the ass of 126 other contestants on the Indonesian island of Bali — and then she immediately promised to be the 'best Miss World ever.'

Can she live up to that promise?? Who knows!

What we do know is that Miss France, Marine Lorphelin, came in

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DWTS' Elizabeth Berkley & Corbin Bleu Criticized For Being Trained Dancers??

elizabeth berkley corbin bleu dwts trained dancer scandal

People are pretty excited about the upcoming season 17 cast of Dancing With The Stars… most of the cast, that is!

While we are excited for ALL of it, some people are pret-ty pissed off that a few of the contestants this season are already TRAINED DANCERS. What, are they trying to fix the outcome??

Nah, we don't see them as ringers… but a whole lot of other people do! We're talking about Elizabeth Berkley and Corbin Bleu, who have extensive dance training AND Broadway experience!

Here's what one veteran stage producer had to say:

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Dancing With The Stars 2013: Find Out Which 8 Celebs Have The Advantage This Season With These Gifs!

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dancing with the stars mashup snooki amber

This season is going to be a tough one to call!!!

The cast of the 17th season of Dancing With The Stars was announced this morning and everyone from The Jersey Shore to Lima, OH is up on their feet, ready to cheer on their favorite celeb!

Now, you might think it's too early to crown a winner, but of this crop of 12 celebs are a few standout performers — and some dark horses that could stride to victory!

Wondering who has the prowess and pounce to glide onto the ballroom floor with ease to snatch the mirror ball trophy! Well, check out the 8 celebs to keep an eye on this season …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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The Biggest Loser Hires Un-Certified Trainer, Everyone Skeptical!

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biggest loser ryan applegate certification trainer

Sandy Krum has been on the show since 2007, but has NOT been asked back for Season 15 of The Biggest Loser! In his place will be a newbie — who is so new that he is NOT officially certified as a trainer in California!

This worries everyone, and for good reason!

The Biggest Loser is not a show about

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American Idol Cast-Offs Claim Racial Discrimination In MEGA Lawsuit; Each Demands $25 Mil!

american idol still fox

As if the game show wasn't in enough hot water with abysmal ratings and high turnover!!

Ten former American Idol contestants from several different seasons just filed a lawsuit against the show — each claims they were unjustly booted because they are black and now they're looking for a huge payday!!!

Lawyers for the failed contestants claim the show misconstrued them all to be "violent criminals, liars and sexual deviants" when none of them were even convicted of those charges!

The plaintiffs accuse producers of concocting various "cruel and inhumane" plans which include digging up their arrest records and humiliating them on national TV just to boost the show's ratings, which is why they each seek millions of dollars in damages!!!

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