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Robert Pattinson's Busy Unzippin' His Pants For Something.. Or Someone! See HERE!

robert pattinson pants unzipped fly down at timestalk times center

Rob! You dirty, dirty bird!!

But we LOVE IT!! We'd give anything to take a peek into that unzipped portal of sex!

As you can see (above and below), Robert Pattinson was caught with his fly down at the New York Times Talk presentation of Cosmopolis.

And while it's most likely due to some loose zippage, we'd like to imagine it's cuz our sparkle child got a lil' love before the main event. LOL!

Kristen Stewart, who?

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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Quote Of The Day


"I've never been interested in selling my personal life. You go on TV to promote movies. That's the only way to do it."

- Robert Pattinson, on keeping quiet about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, to Good Morning America

[Image via WENN.]

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Robert Pattinson's Being Run Ragged Around NYC!

Robert Pattinson sleepy

Someone give this guy a break!

The promotional tour for Cosmopolis just kicked off yesterday, but poor Robert Pattinson already looks completely worn out!!

We can't blame him. After all, the guy has been SUPER busy!

Yesterday he filmed an episode of The Daily Show and walked the red carpet at the flick's premiere. THEN, today the actor got up super early to ring the opening bell New York Stock Exchange and since then, has spent the rest of the day in a never-ending press junket! Not to mention all the emotional stress we're SURE he's still feeling!

Gah! We're tired just writing about it!

Obvi, the guy needs a looong nap. After spending time some much needed time away from the public during the Kristen Stewart dramaz, it must be tough going back to the sea of reporters and cameras!

It's okay, Rob! We don't mind if you take the rest of the day off — as long as you get up in time for your GMA interview tomorrow morning!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Robert Pattinson's Confession: Life Without Kristen Is "Weird"

How is Robert Pattinson, really?

We've heard reports of him crying, drinking and turning to his sexy celebrity pals for strength.

Is there any truth to these tales?? Well, now we know!

The actor answered that very question in an interview alongside his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg this morning during the film's press junket.

Press Plaaaay (above) to hear how R-Patz is holding up, from R-Patz himself!

He claims to be doing well, and we have to admit, the boy is look'n fine!

Want more proof?

Check out pics of Rob's smiling face as he rings the bell at the NYSE Opening on Wall Street this morning (below)!

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Robert Pattinson Rings Our Bell Robert Pattinson Rings Our Bell Robert Pattinson Rings Our Bell Robert Pattinson Rings Our Bell Robert Pattinson Rings Our Bell Robert Pattinson Rings Our Bell

Robert Pattinson Dances The Night Away Sans Kristen Stewart!

robert pattinson has a great time at cosmopolis after party without kristen stewart

Snaps for R-Patz!!

After a sh*tstorm of heartbreak and embarrassment, Robert Pattinson has cracked his shell!! The boy is living again!!

And he's got Cosmopolis to thank for it! The film came out just in time for Rob to let go of his past and usher in a new dawn of hotness, girls, and pAArties!!

With co-stars Stanley Tucci and Nick Jarecki by his side, Rob was livin' it up at the film's after-party, held at PH-D on El Lay's Dream Downtown rooftop.

And we doubt he missed Kristen Stewart too much with all the gurls hanging around him. One onlooker says:

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Robert Pattinson Calls Support From Fans 'Wonderful' In Time Of Heartache


Just because Robert Pattinson is giving all the sympathy gifts from fans to charity, doesn't mean he hates the gesture.

On the contrary! Last night — while walking the red carpet at the premiere of Cosmopolis — Rob told reporters just how much his fan's support has meant to him.

Presssss Plaaaay (above) to see R-Patz gush about the flick aaand U!

Srsly, he is the sweetiest-sweetheart we've ever seen!

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Robert Pattinson Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'Robert Pattinson Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'Robert Pattinson at Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'Robert Pattinson at Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'Robert Pattinson at Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'Robert Pattinson at Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'

Robert Pattinson Braves The Press Despite 'Fear' Of His First Appearance Without Kristen

Oh Robert Pattinson you are the classiest cat on the scene!

Kristen Stewart… who?!

Twi-hards, ’tis the week of Robbie rob's blazing return from post-scandal, heartbreak hibernation, and dude is acting un-phased and eager to promote David Cronenberg's newest visual conquest, Cosmopolis!

Watch R-Patz gush over this mind flucker of a film (above)!

Your career has barely begun, dear Robert, yet you are already a worldwide success AND you have truck-loads of talent to back it up! Sending so many indie-lovin' hearts your way…

And we can't wait to get our brainz sexily melted by your dapper self in Cosmopolis!

Check out MORE silvery-suit clad R-Patz pics from last night's NYC Cosmopolis premiere (below)!

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