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Bryan Singer Filed A Motion To Dismiss Sex Abuse Case! You'll Never Believe What Else He Asked For!

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X-Men director Bryan Singer officially filed a motion to dismiss the sex abuse case against him on Thursday!

In his motion he claimed that there wasn't a legal basis for the lawsuit, and that it was improperly brought against him by a British actor who remains anonymous, and who is only identified as “John Doe 117.”

On top of that, he's seeking a $300,000 bond from the actor to cover Bryan's anticipated litigation costs, which, according to the motion, are most likely to be “exorbitant.”

With a hearing on the various motions made in this case being set for August 18, we'll see if the judge acquiesces to his and the other defendant' demands!

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The iPhone 6 May Cost More Than The iPhone 5S?! Is That Even Possible?!?

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The price of the new and upcoming iPhone 6 may be higher than the 5S, but getting to brag to all your friends about how AH-Mazing the phone is? Priceless.

According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, Apple may set the launch price of the iPhone 6 $100 more than the launch price of the 5S! We guess the Apple doesn't fall far from the money tree!

But don't worry! Before you weep, and try to console yourself by talking to Siri for hours on end, know this: things won't be that bad for us Apple lovers!

That's right, it looks like carriers

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Daughter's Brag On Facebook Costs Her Dad $80,000!! Find Out What Costly Thing She Wrote HERE!

daughter facebook post

Bragging has many pitfalls.

Especially when there's a confidentiality agreement that prohibits one from doing so!

Patrick Snay was the headmaster at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami for a number of years before his contract wasn't renewed there. He sued the school for age discrimination, and won a settlement of $80,000 in 2011. Part of the settlement terms, however, was that he had to sign a confidentially agreement.

So, when his daughter Dana Snay, who goes to Boston College, wrote

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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian's Bill Is Over A Mill For Their Beds In The Wests' Wing!

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kanye west kim kardashian

Instead of getting some ordinary king and queen sized beds, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have decided to live like a king and queen by spending over $1 million on their mattresses.

Kimye really believe in the importance of a good night's sleep, as the couple have purchased six beds from the same company that supplies the mattresses for London’s fancy Savoy Hotel!

Each bed costs over $190,000, and takes hundreds of hours to make using cashmere, Virgin lamb's wool, and… Mongolian horse hair.

EW! Guess watching The Godfather won't be the only time you'll experience waking up with a horse in your bed.

Only 60 of these beds were ever made to honor Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, and it seems like Kanye and Kim have the "gotta catch 'em all" philosophy!

All of the beds, headpieces, and canopies use gold silk, which add up to 1,600 miles of thread in total.

Hopefully, this means Kanye and Kim can get some good mileage in the bedroom with them and start working on a little brother or sister for baby North!

All in all, these beds alone would make anyone say, "yo home to Bel Air!"

[Image via WENN.]

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Beyonce's Murdered Animal Shoes Broken Down By Skin And Cost

beyonces shoes broken down by skin

We previously mentioned that Beyonce just teamed up with shoe customizer PMK to come up with the cruelest shoes imaginable.

The King Bey sneakers are made from exotic animal skins, including stingray, ostrich, calf hair, crocodile and anaconda!

When broken down, you can really see how needlessly cruel and expensive these shoes are.

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The Most Amazing iPhone Yet. Even MORE Features On The New 4S

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If we could make out with the new iPhone 4S, we totally would.

And honestly, with all the new updates on the phone, we wouldn't even be shocked if that was one of the new features.

Ready to scream and yell and then sell body parts to come up with $400 it will cost ya for the 64GB??

Yeah? Good, cuz we've got a 5 minute video to show you that will have all you Apple fans drooling.

Check it out above.

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Super Cheap Healthy Food

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Milk eggs mango

For anyone who has ever used the excuse that eating healthy is too expensive, here are 10 super cheap and super healthy foods that will fit into any budget !


The vitamins, minerals, and health-enhancing antioxidants like fiber, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids found in Kale help get rid of harmful compounds though to cause serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease. At 60 cents a cup, you can afford to be cautious!

Sweet Potatoes:

At 43 cents a serving and high concentration of beta carotene, sweet potatoes are an incredibly cheap beauty product! Beta carotene has not only shown to help every cell in the body stay healthy, but also neutralizes wrinkle and reduces skin damaged from the sun by helping to generate new skin cells. The potato is also packed with fiber and energizing B-vitamins.

Dried Cranberries:

Dried cranberries rank among the highest antioxidant contents of any fruit, which means they may help reduce cancer and heart disease risk, plus prevent urinary tract infections! All that for a couple quarters a cup? Eat them as a snack or mix them into salads or cereals for a healthier meal!

Low-Fat Milk:

One eight-ounce glass of milk, which costs about 25 cents, is chock-full of nine essential nutrients, many of which most of us fall short, including bone-building calcium, heart-healthy potassium, and vitamin D.

Pinto Beans:

Costing just 13 cents a cup, pinto beans are a great addition to any chili and boast the highest antioxidant count of all beans! They’re also loaded with protein, fiber, and B vitamins!


Eggs are only 70 calories and cost less than a gum ball! At about 20 cents each they're one of the healthiest bargains around. Not only are they loaded with protein and antioxidants, eggs are a top dietary source of a vitamin called choline, which has been shown to promote brain health.

Black Tea:

Black tea only costs a nickel a bag and is worth every penny. The cheap beverage contains protective compounds called flavanoids that neutralize health-damaging particles called free-radicals, which help the health of every cell in our bodies.


Simple rolled oats are packed with essential minerals like immune-boosting zinc, magnesium, and iron as well as those flavanoids we mentioned above. Oh yeah, and fiber…lots and lots of fiber.

Canned Salmon:

Canned salmon may not be as appealing as fresh salmon, but if provides all of those healthy benefits you may have seen us writing about before. A 4 oz. portion of salmon provides a day's worth of omega-3 fatty acids, plus your daily dose of Vitamin D.


Not only are mango's one of the tastiest, juiciest fruits around, but with one cup providing 80% of your vitamin C daily value, plus 25% of your vitamin A, 7% potassium and 3 grams of fiber, they're one of the healthiest! Plus you get all these benefits in one cup, which can cost as low as 50 cents.

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