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Adoption Agency Gives Unique Breed Names To Mutts, Adoption Rate Skyrockets!

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A Costa Rican adoption agency came up with a seriously creative way of getting more shelter dogs adopted.

The problem is, many people see mutts as inferior to pure breeds.

The truth is, mutts are much heartier, with much lower incidences of genetic disease and lower rates of hip dysplasia!

So the adoption agency Territorio de Zaguates started giving unique breed names to their mutts!

Who wouldn't want to adopt an Alaskan collie fluffyterrier?! LOLz!

What's amazing is that just by giving the dogs super unique breed names, adoption rates climbed to over 1400%!!

That's incrediballs!!

Check out the video (above) to see some of these unique mutts!

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Costa Rica Officially Forbids Hunting As A Recreational Activity!

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This is great news!

It's been a couple months, but Costa Rica finally got their Wildlife Conservation law, which bans hunting as a sport!!!

The deal received a stamp of approval on Monday after getting a unanimous vote. Now, anyone who tries to circumvent the act or tries to snatch up wild animals to keep as pets will be fined $3K and/or

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Costa Rican Tour Guide Teases A Crocodile With A Tasty Snack

Unfortunately, that tasty snack could have been HIM!

A tour guide in Costa Rica wanted to play chicken with a HUGE crocodile.

While he thinks this is all fun and games, the croc is hungry! And after the tour guide slips in the knee high mud, the croc almost got a bigger lunch than expected.

Check out the video (above) to see this risky tour guide and croc!

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Cat Makes A Surprise Appearance During College Lecture

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueSilly!PetsCuteness!CatCrazzzzy

A cat decides to pop in as a guest lecturer during a class at a Costa Rican university.


Some may say that this was an accident…or may say this is the most badass entrance EVA!!!

You decide!

Side note: If cats were running through the ceilings of your school, wouldn't that be AMAZEBALLS?!?!?!?!

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A New Crab Species Discovered In Costa Rica

Filed under: Sea CreaturesDiscovery

Johngarthia Cocoensis


A new species of large land crab was discovered on Cocos Island in Costa Rica Monday.

University researchers from Costa Rica and the United States discovered the new species, named Johngarthia Cocoensis, on the Pacific Ocean island.

The distinguishing characteristic of J. Coco is its large size–a male can measure 15.7 inches with their front legs extended (females measure smaller). Sound delicious interesting!

Perhaps they took so long to be discovered because the crabs live in holes dug into the soil and eat primarily grasses and seeds. Either that or they have the power of invisibility.

The crab discovery comes right after the discovery of seven new mouse species in the Philippines.

Yo animals — where have you been hiding???

Photo: panzerwelten

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Sloth Sanctuary In Costa Rica Protects Over 100 Injured Sloths!

Filed under: TV NewsEndangeredWildlife

Aviaros del Caribe sanctuary in Costa Rica is the only sloth orphanage in the world that protects baby sloths after their mothers die due to increased roads and power lines invading their habitat.

The creatures have very few natural predators and are only usually vulnerable when they descend their treetop homes once a week to pop a squat on the ground to exercise their bowels.

Unfortunately, they are being run over by invading traffic on the roads crossing through their jungle habitat!

The orphanage, run by legendary sloth whisperer Judy Arroyo, is home to over 100 rescued treehuggers!

Check out the video of all these cute, sluggish sloths as they lounge in luxury at the refuge!

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Man's Best Friend!

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Well, this man's best friend!

Check out this report from Costa Rica about a man and his 20 year long friendship with Pocho, the crocodile! (above)

Crayzay! Look how they are swimming together!!!

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