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Chicago Sued By Coach

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Coach Inc. is suing the city of Chicago over counterfeit items being sold in a city-controlled street market.

Really? The WHOLE city!?

The lawsuit claims that Coach investigators discovered several booths at the New Maxwell Street Market selling fake goods last summer.

Since the original complaint the city went after the vendors, but Coach pressed on and sent the city a cease and desist letter in December that asked Chicago to stop further sales. The Illinois city never responded and Coach still found vendors selling fakes.

The company lists over 100 anonymous parties in the suit as co-defendants and is seeking $2 million for each mark infringed, legal fees and other unspecified damages.


Sounds a bit extreme, but a lawsuit like this is fairly common.

[Image via AP Images.]

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California Customs Seize $18 Million In Fake Sunglasses


New York isn't the only state with counterfeit fashion.

Over on the left coast, customs seized fake Versace, Louis Vuitton and Coach sunglasses from both the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Thursday.

The 156,900 are said to be valued over $18.6 million.

Wonder if these will be sent to Haiti along with all the other douchey counterfeits???

[Image courtesy of Press-Telegram.]

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Haiti Gets The US' Confiscated Conterfeits


On Monday, Brooklyn's DA announced that the United States will donate over 125,000 tons of confiscated knockoffs to Haiti rather than destroying them.

The amount of goods comes to a whoppin' $10 million worth of designer fakes including Ralph Lauren, Diesel and Ed Hardy.

But there's a catch. Any logos or brand identifiers will be removed from the clothes before being shipped to the earthquake ravaged country.

Sounds like a lot of work to us, especially when they have to scrape off all that douchiness from Ed Hardy's shiz.

[Image via AP Images.]

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NYC's Counterfeit Sellers Forced To Pay Up!


New York City is fighting back against the counterfeit good sellers in the city's infamous Canal Street area of Chinatown.

After shutting down some 32 stores in 2008 from a raid that seized over $1 million in counterfeit goods, mayor Michael Bloomberg is allowing the shops to reopen so long as they pay $800,000 to the city.

The 6 figure payment deal comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by the New York State Supreme Court against the estate of Vincent Terranova, who owns the properties. The estate agreed to the $800,000 and so long as the shop owners pay it, they can reopen for "legitimate" business.

Bloomberg said in a statement:

"Property owners should know that they are responsible for what goes on in their buildings and that the hosting of illegal activity like counterfeiting is a losing proposition. Counterfeiting deprives legitimate businesses of their customers and employees of their paychecks."

It's a start, but we have a feeling tourists will still be able to snatch those Kade Spate and Cucci bags. They'll just have to look harder!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Burberry Sues TJMaxx Over Counterfeits


No department or retail store is safe!

First KMart was sued by Coach, now Burberry is out to get TJMaxx.

The British label is suing The TJX Cos, which owns both TJMaxx and Marshalls, for selling large quantities of counterfeits and other products that violate copyright infringement.

In their claim filed with the US District Court in Manhattan, the plaid company says over the last four years their reps have found items like counterfeit polo shirts with hangtags at Marshalls. To be fair Burberry gave them a chance to remove the items, only for the retailer to turn around and continue to sell infringing pieces like jackets, luggage and scarves.

Burberry adds:

"TJX has continued to import, distribute, supply, promote and/or sell large quantities of counterfeit goods bearing one or more of the Burberry marks in conscious disregard of Burberry’s intellectual property rights and the counterfeit nature of the products in an effort to target their customer base and profit at Burberry’s expense."

From the lawsuit The Burb is seeking an injunction, destruction of unauthorized goods, a court order forcing TJX to run corrective ads, legal fees and unspecified damages.

Jeez. Anything else you'd like to add???

[Image via AP Images.]

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