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Men's Fitness Behind The Scenes Cover Shoot With Zumba Creator

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The current issue of Men's Fitness magazine has Beto Perez, creator of Zumba, on the cover.

He's the man who turned something ordinary, into the world's largest dance-fitness class EVER!

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Kelly Bensimon Is In Haiti Doing Wonderful Work!

Filed under: InspirationCharity

Awww! What a wonderful thing to do!

Kelly Bensimon went to Haiti with Generosity Water, an organization building clean water wells in developing countries. She even visited one of the wells that she raised money to fund — which is now providing clean water to over 500 people every day.

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Road Congestion Wastes 1.9 Billion Gallons Of Gas

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Roads Are Shizzy

That is such a sad number.

Seriously: according to a new study, road congestion wastes 1.9 billion gallons of gas.

To put that in perspective, we pay about $4 per gallon for gasoline in this country, and we're wasting 1.9 billion gallons of it annually in traffic jams.

So. Gross.

Not only that, but

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Bloomberg Charity Adds $220 Million To Anti-Smoking Effort!!

Filed under: HealthSmoking

Bloomberg Millions Anti Smoking


Michael Bloomberg's charitable foundation is committing $220 Million to the anti-smoking effort! That'll be a HUGE help!

What fab news!

This includes the funding of

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Tobacco Use Killed 6 Million In 2011

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Smoking Kills A Lot Of People

How does it feel, Tobacco Companies?

How does it feel to make something that kills people? How does it feel to make money off the loss of someone's life?

These numbers are SHOCKING

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Bill Gates Pledges $750 Million Into AIDs Fund!

Filed under: InspirationCharity

Bill Gates 750 Million AIDS

Now THAT'S philanthropy!

Bill Gates just pledged a further $750 million into the troubled global AIDS fund!

Even though that's basically pocket change for him, we're pretty staggered by his commitment to helping others:

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Abortion Is No Longer On The Decline, Unsafe Abortions On The Rise

Filed under: Health

Abortion Rates Stop

We're not here to talk about ethics, just numbers.

Abortion was on the decline for a while, but it looks like that number has stalled. Alarmingly, unsafe abortions are now on the rise — and putting women's lives at risk!

Between 1995 and 2003 there was a decline, which has since slowed to a halt, and it's coinciding with a slowdown in contraceptive uptake:

"This plateau coincides with a slowdown in contraceptive uptake. And without greater investment in quality family planning services, we can expect this trend to persist. We are also seeing a growing proportion of abortions occurring in developing countries where the procedure is often clandestine and unsafe. "

Here are the numbers:

Between 1995 and 2003, the abortion rate per 1,000 women of childbearing age (15 to 44 years) worldwide dropped from 35 to 29. This new study found that in 2008 the global abortion rate was 28 per 1,000, virtually unchanged from 2003's level.

As long as there isn't a rise in abortion, we feel like that's still a good thing. It might not be as good as a decline — even not morally speaking, it means that people are being more responsible and safer with their sexual activity!

We're totally alarmed by the unsafe abortions though, and we're not sure how to combat that.

[Image via AP Images.]

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