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Gross! Jewelers Put Lindsay's Surveillance Footage On-line, Charge Users To Watch It!


This is actually so appalling that we can't even believe it's real.

The jewelry store involved in Lindsay Lohan's current court drama has already sold the surveillance footage to the press and attempted to get themselves a book and movie deal over the legal disaster, and now, they've created a website on which users can watch the video of the formerly hard-pAArtying actress allegedly stealing the $2500 necklace - but for a price, of course!

The website, necklacevideo.com, will reportedly post "new content every day" so they can ensure that viewers "come back tomorrow for more" - and have to pay the $2.99 log-in fee again!

According to a rep from Kamofie & Company:

“We will help you make-up your mind about what really happened. NecklaceVideo.com is disclosing everything. The entire video surveillance footage, the real nature of the necklace, the supposed dialogue between Lindsay and the salesgirl.”

Gross. Seriously, just gross.

Firstly, the website sounds like it should be the host to some bizarre eastern european fetish porn, not a surveillance video of Lindsay trying on jewelry for 42 minutes. Secondly, WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY THAT just to see, again, surveillance video of Lindsay trying on jewelry for 42 minutes? If they're going to trial because the footage doesn't prove anything, what makes it worth watching?

Lastly, this is yet another BIZARRE and exploitive move from this establishment, which once again reinforces for us that this whole court case is just a way for them to ca$h in on Lindsay's attention from the media and use her as a means to gain some notoriety for their business.

Ugh. This all just needs to be OVER.

What do U think? Did Lindsay do it?

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Lindsay Does NOT Want Recovery, Says Nancy Grace

nancy grace says lindsay doesnt want recovery

Why don't you tell Lindsay how you really feel, Nancy Grace?

When asked about Lindsay Lohan's current court case, Nancy had the following to say:

"Finally, we have a judge in a Lohan case that makes some sense."

"I think that if she plays the Hollywood game, she'll wait and not admit guilt because she can't say 'OK, I did it."

"She'll play the game, but this is not the kind of judge you want to play. He's not playing with her — if she tries to play this judge, it is going to backfire."

And here's the big bomb that she dropped on LiLo:

"She doesn't want recovery! She doesn't want that, just like Charlie Sheen… it may actually end up helping her because it may finally put her on the road to recovery."

"She has thrown so much away! You can't ever be on the Hollywood A-List [or] new 'It Girl' again — that's over! That horse is out of the barn."

Harsh words, but not completely unfounded. We're not sure if we'd go so far as to say that she DOESN'T want recovery, but it is troubling that she's had SO many opportunities, and she's blown it every time, one way or another.

Do U think that Lindsay doesn't want recovery?

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Faye Dunaway Suffers Gym Injuries

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This isn't Faye Dunaway's month!

The film legend suffered a broken wrist and head laceration after falling down and getting injured outside her gym earlier this month.

And now, she's been forced to postpone her court date with a former employee who's accusing her of refusing to pay him $5,780 for three weeks of work.

Luckily, the judge has agreed to postpone the December court date to January 28, which works out for Faye since she's reportedly "still trying to build her defense."

She wouldn't fake injuries to help her out in the court case, would she??

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Roman Polanski Rape Victim Speaks

It's actually fascinating to hear her take on everything.

Check out (above) these clips from Larry King Live of Samantha Geimer, who was raped by Roman Polanski when she was 13, discuss the horrific event and explain that she doesn't blame him as much as she does the media for the way they handled reporting on her and the court case!

We obviously still think that Polanski should be held accountable for his despicable crime, but we also understand that the victim herself has every right to feel however she wants about what she endured.

What do U think?? Do U agree with Geimer's perspective on Polanski??

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JetBlue Diva Took A Five Year Break From Being A Flight Attendant!


Looks like he had gotten sick of his job before the meltdown!

Our new hero, JetBlue Diva Steven Slater, was allegedly a flight attendant for TWA and then Delta from 1997-2002! According to his resume, he also worked as a Burberry Accessories Shop Manager at Bloomingdale's, and from what we can gather on his Myspace profile, he seems like a pretty normal, well-adjusted guy!

His profile reads:

"Well howdy friends and loved ones! Thanks for stopping by my little piece 'o the web! Chances are I am flying 35, 000 feet somewhere over the rainbow on my way to some semi-fabulous JetBlue Airways destination! Truly, some are better than others. But I am enjoying being back in the skies and seeing them all.

Back flying after five years off the job and having a ball. If I am on the ground, I am probably in my humble home in the 'burbs doing something domestic and trite like vacuuming. Or dining, as I just love to dine. Which leads to the gym, to offset the dining. Big fan of sand and sun, I am often found on the beach or in a park, anywhere I can catch some exercise and a few rays. My airline affiliation allows me amazing travel privileges, and I love to max it out with trips around the world, sometimes on a moment's notice! Let's go!”

He also posts pictures like the one above, which make him more and more obsessed!

This guy is HARDCORE! LOLs!

Slater is due in court September 7th - keep your head up, bb! There's a lot of people who have your back!

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Charlie Sheen Will NOT Miss Any Tapings Of Two And A Half Men Despite Potential Jail Sentence!


Ugh! We suppose justice can't be served all the time!

Charlie Sheen will finally be appearing in court in Colorodo today to cop a plea deal for his Christmas day assault on wife Brooke Mueller, and according to sources, if all goes as planned, the scumbag will NOT even miss one taping of his show, Two and a Half Men - even if he does get jail time!

How many hours is he going to serve behind bars?! Three?!


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George Clooney's Girlfriend Distraught Over Cocaine Scandal!

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Uh-oh! We feel like this is only the tip of the ice berg!

George Clooney's girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, has recently been linked to an Italian cocaine scandal, and is apparently distraught over the fact that she may have been secretly taped doing the drug as part of an extortion plan!

Italian socialite Francesca Biagini reveals:

"I have heard that Elisabetta is distraught but that George is standing by her. In Milan, everyone is talking about this. It's a huge scandal and we think more celebrities will be named. Elisabetta was a regular at Hollywood in Milan for several years. She's friends with a lot of the models who live in the city. I last saw her there at a birthday party last year for the captain of AC Milan. I never saw her doing cocaine, but she's always the life and soul of the party. She's a fun girl. A lot of girls would come out of bathroom stalls sniffing and they would check their noses in the mirror."

She's lucky that George hasn't bounced yet! He certainly has left over women for less!

But we'll wait and see if a video appears, and if so, how long he'll be sticking around after that!


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