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American Horror Story: Coven FINALLY Unveils It's New Supreme! Get The Wonderifically Witchy Deets On The Biggest Reveal Of The Season HERE!

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Surprise b*tch, Ryan Murphy FINALLY chose a Supreme!

Okay…before that happened, death, destruction and Stevie Nicks singing The Seven Wonders occurred—which was pretty kick ass!

Miss Robichaux's Academy was transformed into an epic testing ground for the four remaining witches—Misty (Lily Rabe), Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), Madison (Emma Roberts) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe).

So the games begun, and on a pretty level playing field!

But then, swamp goddess Misty couldn't bring herself back from hell, forcing the girls to move on to the next test—where the remaining three took a stab (literally) at a game of teleportation tag.

This test left Zoe accidentally empaled on a fence post, which we really couldn't feel that bad about considering Myrtle Snow warned her about acting like a child!

Since Zoe didn't technically die while performing one of the Seven Wonders, Cordelia ordered Queenie to bring the fallen witch back using her powers, to which she couldn't!

After demanding Madison prove herself in that same way, she revived a dead fly instead of her sister witch and vowed that she was the new Supreme!



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American Horror Story: Coven Will Be Getting A Visit From The Original White Witch, Stevie Nicks!


OMWG! (Oh my witchy goodness)

Fans of American Horror Story: Coven are totally freaking out right now!

After Misty Day hardcore fangirled over the original (and feroshh) white witch, Stevie Nicks—it looks like the Fleetwood Mac singer will be casting spells on the hit FX series, officially!

Ryan Murphy tweeted the exciting casting news today, revealing the iconic singer's appearance on the show:

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American Horror Story Renewed To Scare Us Silly For A 4th Season! Get The Spooktacular Deets HERE!


Guess this season's witches have officially put us under their spell…

Because American Horror Story was renewed for a 4th season today!

FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed the exciting news, giving an important nod to the show's creator and scare-master, Ryan Murphy:

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Hocus Pocus Witches React To American Horror Story: Coven Premiere In GIFs!

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hocus pocus 2

*WARNING: Spoilers for EPISODE 1 and NSFW content ahead*

Ryan Murphy is one twisted, sadistic man!

American Horror Story is BAAACK with a Coven of bad bitches witches ready to scare the bejeezus out of anyone that crosses them!

Last night's premiere was shocking, grotesque and utterly spellbinding!

But what did the original HWIC (Head Witches In Charge) from Hocus Pocus think of last night's bloody WTF feast for the eyes!?

The Sanderson sisters are here to break it down for you in these 15 GIFs!

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American Horror Story: Coven Scares A Record 5.5 Million Viewers In One Night!

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Looks like Ryan Murphy practiced some voodoo or telekinesis last night, because he got a record 5.5 million viewers to sit scream through the season premiere of American Horror Story: Coven!

We're already quasi-traumatized from all the gang banging, bus crashing, and witch burning, and naturally, we can't wait until next week's spellbinding episode!

Congrats Ryan! Keep scaring the good scare!

Speaking Incanting of which witch, there is no telling how terrifying the Halloween episode will be if that was just the season opener!

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American Horror Story Leaves Us Spellbindingly Curious After Releasing New Promo Full Of Semi-Spoilers!

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*Don't read/watch if you haven't seen the first show! LOLz!*

Get ready for some fierce b*tch craft, people!

American Horror Story: Coven premiered last night and it was effing CRAY!

Ryan Murphy totes outdid himself with bloody toruturous plot lines—and we're officially obsessed with the show as much as Fiona is with staying young and beautiful!

HELLO! She literally sucks the life out of people to maintain her supreme witch nastiness! Ha!

So much shiznit went down last night, we don't even know where to start!

The cliff notes version is basically as follows:

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American Horror Story B*tches Witches Reveal Season 3 Coven Secrets & On-Set Romance Deets!


The wait is totes over!

American Horror Story: Coven is ready to bewitch us with its black magic TONIGHT, and we can hardly contain ourselves!

The younger cast—including Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, and Gabourey Sidibe dished plenty of spellbinding deets at a screening in El Lay over the weekend!

Gabourey, best known for her work in the movie, Precious, revealed these witches are unlike anything we've ever seen:

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