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Whitney ­Houston Got Sensual With Michael Jackson's Monkey Bubbles???

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Whitney ­Houston Got Sensual With Michael Jackson's Monkey, Bubbles

Poor Bubbles!!

In a documentary bout Michael Jackson that's set to premiere UK on October 24, documentarian David Gest remembers a the night Michael's famous monkey ­Bubbles took things to the next level with Whitney Houston.

He says:

“Whitney was having dinner with Michael at his Neverland home when she accidentally dropped her knife under the table. While Michael was retrieving it for her, Whitney felt her toes being sucked. She moaned, ‘Michael, is that you? Don’t stop. That’s so sensual’. Yet Michael’s head popped up and her toes were still being sucked. It turned out it was Bubbles.”


If there was ever a prefect example of why not to do drugs it's this girl!

[Image via WENN / Channel 4.]

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Whitney Houston Extending Stay In Rehab

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So sad. This must be such an unbelievable struggle for her.

The National Enquirer is reporting that time in rehab just hasn't been enough for Whitney Houston, and the iconic singer is expected to extend her stay another four weeks so she truly overcome her addictions.

Meanwhile, her teen daughter, Bobbi Kristina,

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Bobby Brown Denies Daughter's Drug Use!

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We seriously hope that he's right!

Although The National Enquirer reported recently that Bobbi Kristina Brown is not only doing cocaine, but her mother Whitney Houston is enabling the habit, father Bobby Brown has come forward to assert that these allegations are false!

He says:

"I don't know anything about that…I don't know anything. My daughter doesn't do that."

Not very convincing, if you ask us!

Such a shame. Maybe it's time you DO go and find something out about it!

Your child may seriously need your help!



[Image via WENN.]

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Does Whitney Houston Enable Daughter Bobbi Kristina's Cocaine Use?!

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The National Enquirer reported last week that Bobbi Kristina Brown has been caught doing cocaine, and although she's since publicly denied any drug use, the tabloid has revealed now that not only is this false, but that her mother, Whitney Houston, ENABLES her drug use!

According to sources, Whitney not only gives her daughter $1,000 a week in cash, which she uses to buy drugs and alcohol, but that the singer has also been known to buy BEER for her and her teenaged friends!

The insider also goes on to claim that the 18-year-old has slept with over 30 men.

Hmmmm. We're not sure we're buying it all!

Real or made up - or a little bit of both???


[Image via WENN.]

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Oh, The Irony! Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan ADVICE!

Yeah. This actually happened.

Check out this audio clip of Charlie Sheen giving Lindsay Lohan ADVICE via The Dan Patrick Show regarding the actress' latest legal troubles (above)!

All we have to say is that he actually thinks that the bull shiz he spewed out doesn't apply just as much to him as it does to her, then he's crazier than we thought he was.



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Bobbi Kristina Did NOT Need An Intervention!


Phew! We're glad to hear that she's okay!

We reported earlier that The National Enquirer was alleging that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were so concerned about daughter Bobbi Kristina's alleged hard-pAAArtying behavior that they had staged her an intervention, but according to Brown's rep, it's bull shiz!

He explains:

"There is no truth to the reports about Bobby and Whitney staging an intervention with their daughter."

Well, that is certainly good news!

Let's just hope that she's keeping herself out of trouble and continues to do so!

That family has been through enough!


[Image via WENN.]

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We Hope This Isn't True! Bobby And Whitney Allegedly Stage Intervention For Bobbi Kristina!

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Oh no. We really hope this isn't true.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's 17-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has begun pAAArtying so hard that her parents - who have publicly struggled with serious addiction problems themselves - have attempted to stage an intervention, as a way to prevent her from making the same mistakes that they did!

A source reveals:

“Whitney and Bobby sat Bobbi Kristina down and read her the riot act. They brought in counselors and they’re trying to drum into her that because of their problems, she’s genetically predisposed to alcoholism and drug addiction. They’ll do anything to spare Bobbi Kristina from the substance abuse hell they’ve both experienced. Whitney and Bobby are torn because they don’t want to alienate their daughter and overact, but they realize she’s at risk for serious addiction problems, just like them. They’re dealing with these issues as a family, and they’re praying it’s not too late to get Bobbi Kristina back on track.”

So sad. This poor family has certainly been through enough, and we sincerely hope that if this is true, then they can get Bobbi Kristina back on track and hopefully work together to maintain a happy, healthy, and clean-living home for one another.

Hang in there, guys! We're thinking of you.

[Image via WENN.]

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