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Lance Armstrong's Oprah Interview Is Turned Into Radiohead's Creep!

What the feezy?!?

It's not enough that Lance Armstrong has been getting trashed for admitting that he doped his way to stardom… but has anyone ever thought about how he feels?!?

While the ex-biker divulges every last bit of his career to Oprah Winfrey, we have been steadily listening, but others like a user from Vimeo, Matthijs Vlot, gave us a different approach of what Lance really thinks of himself.

Which unfortunately, if you feel bad for the guy, then having him recite the words from Radiohead's Creep is pretty demoralizing, but if you find hilarity in pain… then this is one video you're definitely gonna love!!

Wanna see Armstrong singing Creep?!? Hit that play button (above)!

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Creeepy! New Red-Band Trailer Released For The Devil Inside!

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So yeah, this looks terrifying!

Check out the newly released red-band trailer for The Devil Inside (above), which focuses on a woman "searching for someone to help her understand what happened to her mother 20 years prior."

Obviously, she doesn't find out anything good.

What do U think? Will U be brave enough to watch this exorcism flick???

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Jim Carrey Does Karaoke…And He's Not Bad!

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Jim Carrey is sooo random! You never know when and where he'll show up!

He surprised a karaoke crowd in NYC over the weekend, getting up on stage at Arlene's Grocery where he performed not one, not two, but THREE songs for a bunch of rowdy fans.

Jim did a pretty awesome rendition of Radiohead's Creep - watch (above). We're impressed!!!

To check out Jim's other songs by Smashing Pumpkins and the Bee Gees, click after the jump!!

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Ew! Italian TV Host’s Tomb Ransacked! Coffin Stolen!


How disrespectful and creepy!

Police are looking for the body of a late beloved Italian TV host Mike Bongiorno after his coffin was reported missing.

Visitors alerted Italian authorities after they arrived at the cemetery to find his tomb broken into and his remains stolen. Police are still searching for the thief, but wouldn’t comment any further on their investigation.

Such a tasteless thing to do! And why the hell do it???

[Image via AP Images.]

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Snooki’s New Romance Hits A Rough Patch - Already!

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Perhaps. Or perhaps some Staten Island fame whore troll is stirring up trouble where there is none, just so someone from the press will talk to her.

We're going with the latter. (Though, we still don't trust this guy!)

By now, you Jersey Shore fans know all about Jeff Miranda, the newest guido to steal away into Snooki Snicker's panties heart. Well, former Jersey Shore cast mate Angelina Pivarnick has some interesting accusations to throw around concerning Snooki and her new beau.

First, Angelina says that recently the two had a "huge fight," which Jeff feels "terrible" about. Then Angelina claims that when Jeff first met the Jersey crew down in Miami, it was HER he was after, not Snooki. She tells sources:

“Jeff used to try and hook up with me all the time after we were done filming in Miami. He really wanted to be my boyfriend. He would come to clubs and follow us around wherever we went…He was always saying mean things about the cast…he said Snooki was gross. He called J-WOWW a man and Ronnie a short loser…He never told Snooki that he tried out for Jersey Shore and now she’s found out and she thinks he dated her for the fame.

Hold up! Back up! Did you say "tried out for the Jersey Shore?" As in, this gorilla auditioned to get on this show, but didn't make the cut so now he is putting his pickle near Snooki to get on T.V.?!


And what's more, dude isn't denying it! When sources reached out to Jeff to explain himself and Angelina's hating, he spewed out some garbage about being in lurve with Snooki and then said:

“It is true that four months ago I received an email asking me to send in an audition tape. And I did. I admit, I did try out for the show. "

Yeah, right. Like someone magically found you in the world and sent you a personal email for the show. Like you didn't answer one of those open casting calls on MTV's website and never hear back from them!!!

What a creep! Seriously, Snooks, you don't need this guy! You are the world's most beloved Jersey girl!

Hear us and hear us good bb: DUMP HIM!

[Image via WENN & Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Erin Andrews Stalker Has To Pay Back ESPN For His Crazy!

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Serves this crazy right!

After the very frightening incidents involving Erin Andrews being recorded and stalked by Michael David Barrett last summer, ESPN ended up with quite a few extra bills protecting the reporter with security and aiding the government's investigation - $327, 442.27 to be exact!

And they're not too happy about it!

ESPN is now insisting that Barrett, who just began serving his jail sentence, pay back every expense that the network incurred during the ordeal.

Have fun paying that one back, douchebag!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Conan Covers Creep!!

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We're glad he's switching up his routine with every show!

Check out Conan O'Brien's take on the usually very depressing Radiohead classic Creep during his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television comedy tour!

The cockney accent is HIGHlarious!

And he's actually not bad! Well, except for that RIDIC falsetto! But we think that's on purpose.


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