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This Guy Asks 200 Women If They Would Have Sex With Him! The Amount Of Them Who Said Yes…Well, Actually It Won’t Surprise You At All!

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guy ask 200 women sex turn down

This dude got turned down for…what?! Did he really just ask that?

In a "social experiment," one man asked 200 ladies if they wanted to have sex, and the results are shockingly exactly what you might think they would be.

199 nos. Only 1 yes. Well, one hooker also said yes, but then she said no after he tried to shortchange her. So yeah, 199 nos.

Is anyone surprised? This is one of the social experiments that went exactly as we'd hoped.

Ch-ch-check out him getting rejected over and over and over again…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Scary Creeper Cat

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What a creeper!

That is one scary cat.

We wonder what he's planning to do to that person behind the camera…

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Alex Prettyface Rocks His Abs

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Alex Pettyfer Flashes Abs


Alex Pettyfer might be kind of a creeper (right Dianna?) but we can't help but get a little weak from the sight of those abs!

Not to mention those boxer-briefs!

Apparently he was on the set for Magic Mike, a stripper movie co-starring Channing Tatum — who we'd also like to see in a pose like this.


[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Man Charged With Stalking Serena Williams

Man Charged With Stalking Serena Williams

It’s OK to watch Serena Williams play tennis, but other than that… step away!

Police have arrested a man, 40-year-old Patenema Ouedraogo, in Florida for stalking Serena after he tried to break into her gated subdivision.

This wasn’t William’s first encounter with Patenema. When she made an appearance on the Home Shopping Network he pretended to be her assistant, giving him access to her dressing room, etc. She had him escorted out.


[Image via PNP/ WENN.com.]

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Christopher Walken Look-A-Like Stalking College Kids!

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Christopher Stalkin'


This is possibly the most uncanny resemblence we've ever seen! Did X-Men's Mystique steal Christopher Walken's identity and decide to stalk college students?! LOLz!

Police have released a warning to students of Rider University in New Jersey to be on the look out for 68-year-old Christopher Walken Tony A. Kadyhrob who was arrested for trying to abduct a 19-year-old from the university campus.


The man was released on bail and banned from the campus, but spotted lingering around just days later! (Did you just get the shivers too?)

A police spokesperson said:

”Kadyhrob was accused of accosting and attempting to lure a young student into his car on March 28. He was seen near the campus again this weekend. He does look like Christopher Walken with a mustache. He was banned from campus. He was hand-delivered a letter to ban him.”

Did he promise the students candy or a role in his next film?

What is even WEIRDER is that this guy is the same age as his famous actor counterpart!

Yikes! Did we just accidentally discover Christopher Walken's long lost twin seperated at birth?

Too bad he's a stalker!!!

What do U think? Is this Christopher Walken's doppelganger?

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WTF Are You Doing In There, Creeper?


This photo (above) was allegedly taken in a photobooth at the IAC company - which owns websites including CollegeHumor, Vimeo, and Match.com - and, as you can probably see, John Mayer is there, and in the most sexually uncomfortable way possible.

Anyone who can give us an explanation for this would be very much appreciated.


P.S. nice 'stache, bb.

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Creeper Writes Deplorable Things On Jade Goody Tribute Site!

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man arrested after he posted sick comments on jade goody tribute site among others

Just for shits and giggles! You know how fun it can be to make light of the DEAD!

A man in Manchester finds himself behind bars today after he was arrested for basically being an internet "troll." He's been charged with "leaving obscene messages " on tribute sites to deceased people, including Jade Goody!

The creep, Colm Coss, admitted to police that he found "amusement" from finding websites dedicated to tragedies and watching the "reactions" of people has he posted disgusting and sick comments. However, he was only finally caught by the authorities, after he sent out pictures to his neighbors, labeling himself an internet "troll."

Ugh! It makes it so much worse that he is boasting about it!

Sources say that Colm showed "no emotion" during his hearing and admitted to all his hideous crimes. He's out on bail now and show be back in court for his next hearing by the end of the month.

[Image via WENN.]

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