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Solange Knowles Flaunts Her Rockin' Bikini Bod

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Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles is currently on vacation in Croatia and she seems like she's loving every minute of it!!

We previously mentioned that she was exploring the country and hanging out with a cat.

While we're sure that was fun, sometimes it's just nice to lay around and do nothingggg.

She tweeted a pic (above) and wrote:

"I gotta say, today was a good day"

We can imagine!! Just look at that BOD!

She's in great shape, with gorgeous gams and a seksi everything else.

We feel like for Solange, every day should be a great day!

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[Image via Solange Knowles.]

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Solange Knowles Hangs Out With A Cat In Croatia

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Solange Knowles is having what we assume is the time of her life in Croatia.

Why the time of her life??

Because she's on vacation in a gorgeous foreign country while hanging out with a cute kitty cat!!

She Vined some of her good times in a vid (above) that she posted to twitter. She wrote:

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Game Of Thrones Season 3 Is Filming! We Have Sweet Set Pics To Prove It!

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Those dishonorable, throne-thieving Lannisters were spotted in Croatia today and we're sure Ned Stark was rolling over in his premature grave!

Oh, wait. We're confusing real life with HBO again, LOLz!!

Lena Headey only plays an incestuous power-hungry evil Queen Mum on Game of Thrones!! In real life we're sure the blonde bombshell is a treat!

She and Aiden Gillem, a.k.a. Lord Littlefinger, filmed scenes for

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Is Anderson Cooper Still Vacationing With His Cheating Boyfriend?!

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That would be a resounding YES!

We thought Anderson Cooper gave his cheating boyfriend the boot during their yacht trip in Croatia, but a video shot on Friday, August 17 shows otherwise!

A paparazzo filmed the Silver Fox hanging out aboard the boat (above) with married couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, along with Andy Cohen AND Ben Maisani.

News of Maisani's infidelity spread like wildfire on the 12th, just a day after the couple of three years flew to the European country together! Despite the scandal, last Friday's video clearly shows the cheater hanging with Anderson and his famous friends.

Guess it's not as awkward as we thought it would be. Or it is and Anderson is just ignoring the hell out of him, ha!

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Anderson Cooper Finding Comfort With Andy Cohen in Croatia?!

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Well, well, well…

Anderson Cooper was reportedly vacationing on a yacht in Croatia WITH his cheating boyfriend Ben Maisani when he learned of the infidelity, but now, he appears to be with someone else…at least according to Instagram!

And that person is none other than Bravo's very own Andy Cohen!

Check out the pair of matching sunsets the fellas separately posted within minutes of the other (above)!

Ha! You can TELL which one is Anderson's because of how much higher his shot is angled!

Guess is Silver Fox is doing what all the rest of us do when we're left broken-hearted!

Going to his gays!

Here's hoping Andy is being a good shoulder to cry on right now!

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Anderson Cooper Was WITH His Boyfriend When He Found Out About The Affair!


We think there's a lesson to be learned here!

If you're going to be photographed making out with someone who is NOT your perfect boyfriend, it's probably BEST if you DON'T take off on vacation with them the next day!

Unfortunately, that's something Ben Maisani learned the hard way!

That's right, only a day after the 39-year-old bar owner cheated on Anderson Cooper, the 360 host was devastated to learn the news…while the pair were vacationing together in Croatia!

According to a source, who also confirmed that they DO NOT have an open relationship:

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Listen To This: Such A Find!!!

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We discovered this gem on our trip to Europe!!!!!

Her name is Severina. She's Croatian. But this song is globally delicious!

It's called Italiana and it has elements of world music, folk, pop, gypsy, gay, dance and cheesy Euro pop!

In other words, it's brilliant! Ha

Check it out (above)!!!

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