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Did Beat-Her-Down Use Eyedrops To Look Like He Was Crying During Jackson Tribute????


We wouldn't put anything past this girlfriend-beater, so we're not surprised!

There's been a lot of mixed responses to Chris Brown's emotional Michael Jackson tribute, which he performed at the BET Awards Sunday night. Some were touched by the abusive tool's seemingly sincere waterworks, while others claimed that he cried crocodile tears.

We gave him the benefit of the doubt, and of course, now there are reports that once again suggest what a piece of shit this guy really is.

Sources backstage are reporting that right before Beat-Her-Down went on stage, his bodyguard gave him tear-inducing eye drops.

They claim:

"He rubbed it in and he started crying."

We really, truly hope this douche wouldn't be so shameless as to exploit someone's death to get back in a favorable light with his audience, but…well, we've all seen what he's capable of doing!


What do U think?? Did Chris Brown fake tears??

[Image via AP Images.]

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Boo-Hoo! Lily Allen Caught Sobbing On TV Because….

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Oh pu-leeease, Lily Allen, do you expect anyone to believe that you are that into sports?!

The 'singer' apparently flew into Hamburg to see the Fulham FC take on the Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Europa League Final, and as per usual, she must have gotten waaaaaasted during the match.

Check out these shots of her sobbing out all of the vodka she surely ingested after her team lost!

We bet the players couldn't concentrate with the RANK smell of booze and despair seeping off of her in the crowd!

Boo-hoo, Illy!

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Elizabitch 'Apologizes', Breaks Down In Tears

Well that didn't take long!

After causing quit a stir with her ignorant comments regarding Erin Andrews and her stalkers, Elizabitch Hasselbeck turned on the tears and used her kid as a sympathy ploy to publicly 'aplogize' to the ESPN sportscaster on The View this morning.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that cynical.

She does sound sincere!

Check out Hasselbeck's mea culpa (above).


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Tito Ortiz Speaks!

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Here come the crocodile tears!

After being arrested for domestic abuse charges against his girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, Tito Ortiz made this statement regarding the matter - claiming that he didn't touch her, and the police were contacted after he confronted her for using oxycontin! Jenna denies the claims.

Chip Matthews, Ortiz's lawyer, says:

"As Tito was leaving, unfortunately she contacted the police department through another individual. I want to be quite clear, Tito Ortiz never laid a hand on Jenna."

Ortiz continued:

"I mean, it just means the world to me that all my friends and all my family know that I thank them for their support. My parents have been through an addiction, and I see it in the mirror, and I'm not going to let my family go through that again."

Those are both pretty hefty allegations on either side! However, police CONFIRMED Jenna had visible injuries - and why on EARTH would she want to put the father of her children and herself through all of this if it weren't true?

Shady shady.

What do U think?? Is Tito or Jenna telling the truth??

[Image via WENN.]

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American Idol Cuts Off Glee's Ending On DVR!

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Ha! Such a testament to the times we live in!

Gleeks all over the country who rely on DVR to watch their beloved Glee lost their shiz last night when the possibly most hyped episode of the season, The Power Of Madonna, was cut short right before the show's climax because FOX's programming before it, American Idol, ran late and pushed the rest of the night back!

Twitter apparently exploded with furious messages, especially once everyone rushed to the show's official website and found the only clip from the night posted was the Sue Sylvester Vogue music video!

WTF? That's already been floating around for a week!

However, if you still haven't caught the episode's epic conclusion, you can watch it over at the fan site gleetastic.com!

We think this whole situation is definitely unfortunate - the closing performance was one of the best so far this season!

Definitely better than anything the lackluster final seven on American Idol could produce! Not to mention Crystal Bowersox's bullshiz crocodile tears rolling over into precious Glee time!

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