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ATTN: KarJenners — Take A Look At These Celeb Examples Of Cultural Appropriation In Fashion & Style!

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In the span of less than a week, both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were accused of stealing their new clothing lines from independent black fashion designers.

And less than a week later, Kim Kardashian West shows up practically in blackface to sell makeup?? Not a good look, y'all!

In fact we'd say this comes dangerously close to a pattern!

This wouldn't be the first time the KarJenners were accused of cultural appropriation. And sadly, they're not alone…

CLICK HERE to view "Cultural Appropriation In Fashion & Style: Celebrity Examples"

CLICK HERE to view "Cultural Appropriation In Fashion & Style: Celebrity Examples"

CLICK HERE to view "Cultural Appropriation In Fashion & Style: Celebrity Examples"

CLICK HERE to view "Cultural Appropriation In Fashion & Style: Celebrity Examples"

CLICK HERE to view "Cultural Appropriation In Fashion & Style: Celebrity Examples"

[Image via Twitter.]

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How Not To Be Offensive On Cinco De Mayo

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How not to be culturally appropriate on Cinco de Mayo.

Well, it's Cinco de Mayo and a lot of tequila will be guzzled down today, but unfortunately there will also be some cultural appropriation.

But guess what? If you're not a total asshole who doesn't give a shit, you can avoid insulting an entire culture.

We're here to help!

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Katy Perry Is Going To Face More Backlash With This Pre-Met Gala Outfit!

Katy Perry is ready for the Met Gala!

This may not help with all the backlash she's receiving lately…

Katy Perry kind of paid homage to a previous Met Gala theme on Sunday night for Anna Wintour's pre party!

Reposting the pic from her stylist Jamie Mizrahi, the 32-year-old captioned the Instagram snap:

"Never forget where you came from! Last year was @prada at The Met… wait and see who it will be tomorrow… #themet2017 @voguemagazine "

Following the criticism she was hit with after comparing her darker hair to Barack Obama as president, the Bon Appétit songstress rocked a cheongsam-inspired Prada outfit just because.

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Guess she really wanted to save her avant-garde goods for Monday night??

Still, we have a feeling Katy will be getting slammed for the cultural appropriation regardless!

What do U think about her two-piece?

[Image via Instagram.]

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Alexander McQueen Is Being Slammed For Cultural Appropriation Because Of THIS Jacket!

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People are furious over Alexander McQueen's "ceremonial jacket" that was featured on the designer's Instagram page on Thursday.

Since the posting, commenters have flooded social media with cultural appropriation accusations, arguing that the company was imitating a ceremonial gown worn by the Habesha community from Eritrea and northern Ethiopia.

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Here's the original post:

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How To Not Be Offensive At Coachella!

How not to be offensive at <a href=

It's really not difficult at all to not be offensive at Coachella.

It's a no-brainer. And yet some celebs and regular people still struggle with it.

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Fear not, however, because we have created a guide for you that breaks down exactly what not to do during the music festival if you don't want to be offensive.

1. Don't Wear A Headdress

Headdresses are sacred to many Native Americans. They are not an accessory to wear to a music festival but rather an honor bestowed upon a high-ranking tribal member. They must also be earned by the wearer. Do not do like Alessandra Ambrosio (above), Khloé Kardashian, or Jessica Simpson and wear one just because you think it looks cool.

It may indeed look "cool," but it's not a fashion accessory, and treating it as such cheapens the true meaning and significance of a headdress.

2. Don't Wear A Bindi

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Victoria’s Secret Accused Of Cultural Appropriation AGAIN Following ‘Racist’ Fashion Show

Get the deets on VS' latest controversy!

It's not the first time Victoria's Secret has come under fire after one of their fashion shows.

You may or may not remember, but back in 2012, Karlie Kloss was sent down the runway in Native American-inspired lingerie and a headdress. The brand received a lot of backlash, eventually apologized, and cut the outfit from the CBS program when it aired.

Victoria's Secret also faced controversy after debuting their "Go East" collection modeled by Candice Swanepoel, which they eventually removed from their site.

Photos: All The Looks From The VSFS!

This year though, VS is feeling the heat for their traditional Chinese-inspired and Mexican-inspired ensems.

In a since-deleted post published on Cosmo's site, one writer accused the label of sending models like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Hill (above) in "racist lingerie" and cultural appropriation.

Some Twitter users have echoed the sentiments, writing:

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Khloé Kardashian Flaunts Friend's Offensive Halloween Costume… Ugh…

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Khloé, did you really learn nothing from pulling a similar stunt two years ago?!

On Sunday night, Khloé Kardashian attended a big Halloween blowout with a bunch of friends, but one pal's outfit was far from appropriate.

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For the festivities, one of KoKo's buddies pulled a massive no-no and dressed as a Middle Eastern man, wearing a traditional keffiyeh, or head scarf.

Unfortunately, the reality star didn't see anything wrong with this controversial choice, because she posted this shoutout (above) to her foolish friend on Snapchat.


We would have thought the blonde would be more sensitive to that kind of thing, especially since she came under fire for posing with Scott Disick — who was in the EXACT SAME COSTUME — back in 2014.

But the Snap shoutout wasn't the only appearance the upsetting pal made on the 32-year-old's social media.

She also shared a pic on Twitter with the man in the offensive outfit alongside herself, beau Tristan Thompson, and other friends.

Check it out (below):

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