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If You're Thinking Of Canceling Your Service To Join Comcast Watch This Video FIRST!

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customer service call comcast

If you're trying to tell Comcast that you're never, ever, ever getting back together, be prepared for a rather lengthy breakup session on the phone.

That is if you can EVEN get a chance to breakup with them.

Comcast customer Aaron Spain posted a video on YouTube of a call he made to the company trying to disconnect their services.

At the point where the video begins Aaron had already been on hold in excess of 3 hours.

Not very much of a provider, are we, Comcast?

Then, Aaron decided to use another phone to prove that he had been put on hold for so long, Comcast's customer service offices were actually closed for the day.

It would appear that Comcast employees care about you so much, they're willing to ignore you until they're off the clock! Wow, they're THAT committed.

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Dad & His Kids Get Kicked Off Of A Southwest Flight For Something He Tweeted! YOU Decide Who’s Really In The Wrong Here!

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southwest twitter doodleDuff Watson is what you would call a frequent flyer.

He’s in the sky so much that he’s earned the honor of becoming an 'A-List passenger’ whenever he flies with Southwest Airlines.

But this week, while flying home to Minneapolis with his two kids, Watson felt like a total Z-lister!

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Gordon Ramsay Slammed By Baking Company From Kitchen Nightmares!

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The world is on FIRE about what some are calling the best episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever (clip above!) — and the only episode where Gordon Ramsay refuses to help the owners, as they are too far gone.

And by too far gone, we mean too stubborn to listen to any kind of constructive criticism! Here's what this ep's owner said about inviting Ramsay back, perhaps to redeem her image:

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Maxim Editor's Tweets Cause Chipotle To Change Their Menu!

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Chipotle logo

People against pork have had a major victory thanks to Maxim senior editor Seth Porges.

It turns out Chipotle has been cooking "a small amount of bacon" with their pinto beans over the years. While they make note of the beans secret ingredient on their website, there is no indication of this on the burrito chains in-store menu.

Porges, who does not eat pork for "for religious and cultural reasons", recently made the shocking discovery and was appalled! So appalled he immediately took to Twitter, writing:

"After more than decade of ordering Chipotle pinto beans, I was told they have bacon. As non-pork eater, I feel ill."

"Was shocked to discover Chipotle puts bacon in their pinto beans. Why is it not posted on menu?"

Surprisingly, his message was heard loud and clear. After emailing the company to complain, CEO Steve Ells responded immediately and informed the Maxim editor Chipotle would change its menu to include a mention of the bacon in its pinto beans.

Following the quick exchange, Porges tweeted:

"Razor quick response from @chipotlemedia, whose exec called to discuss fixes to Pinto/Bacon issue. Will call back ASAP. Thanks guys!"

"Just spoke to head of Chipotle. Said I got them to change menus to say Pinto has bacon! Awesome & nimble response! Thanks"

We really respect Chipotle for responding so quickly and favorably to their customers needs! Bravo!

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