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Khloe Kardashian Is Reaching Out To Lamar Odom's Daughter After She Revealed That She's Cutting Herself!

khloe kardashian is reaching out to destiny odom after tweets surfaced that shes cutting herself

Aww man, this is SERIOUS.

Lamar Odom's daughter, Destiny recently tweeted that she was feeling emotionally distressed, which has unfortunately led to cutting.

But after Khloe Kardashian caught wind of Destiny's harmful acts, she's doing everything she can to help her stop hurting herself.

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Demi Lovato's INCREDIBLE Living Situation — A Sober House!!

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demi lovato x factor sober house gif

Everyone, stand up!

Stand the eff up and clap for Demi Lovato!

After enjoying some inpatient rehab to heal the wounds of addiction, disorders, and cutting… she decided moving into a sober house would be the best idea.

She never wanted to get off the path of bettering herself.

Unlike most celebrities, who fall back into the scene time and time again, Demi has truly pushed through her darkness and kept herself up for air.


With the fun fact now

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Paris Jackson Speaks Out On The #cut4bieber Craziness!!!

Miley Cyrus has proactively been taking a stand against the recent #cut4bieber posts, and since harming yourself because Justin Bieber decided to smoke pot is re-damn-diculous, Paris Jackson also has some words about this Bieber mess!!

On Monday, Michael Jackson's daughter took to her Twitter to write:

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Miley Cyrus Is Completely Outraged With The Bieber Cutting Hoopla!

Ever since Justin Bieber got caught blazing up a blunt, the Twittersphere has gone mad with #cut4bieber posts, and Miley Cyrus has not been cool with this crazy shiz.

Earlier, she retweeted an anti-cutting tweet, but now she's using her own voice to speak out!

She says:

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LeAnn Rimes Inks New 'Tattoo' For A Good Cause!

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Ok, so the butterfly symbol isn't a REAL tattoo, but it is a symbol of hope for so many who suffer torment at the hands of bullies, AND for those who use self-mutilation as a coping mechanism.

LeAnn Rimes, who is fresh out of a 30 day stint in rehab, drew the above 'tattoo' to show HER support for The Butterfly Project, a blog style, open forum that deals specifically with bullying, self-harm, and suicide.

The country crooner posted the above image via Twitter, along with the caption:

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Demi Lovato Explains Why She Used To Cut Herself

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Demi Self Magazine Cutting

While Demi Lovato has been pretty candid about her struggles with emotional and physical issues in the past, one thing she’s recently opened up about is her self-harming.

As you may remember, the young starlet checked into treatment in late 2010 and has since been using her star power as a platform to raise awareness on such issues.

In August’s issue of Self magazine, Demi talks about why she used to cut herself, explaining:

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Miley Cyrus Sports Unsettling Scratches On Her Wrists While Leaving Pilates

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Miley Cyrus unsettling wrist scars

Woah! We didn't notice THIS when we saw Miley Cyrus rushing out of a pilates class on Thursday!

Is it just us or do those scratches look like they could possibly be from cutting?

Don't scare us like this, gurl!

We've spotted a similar sighting before and Mileybird denied any problems with self-harm, but never gave an explanation as to how the mysterious marks appeared.

We sincerely hope there is a simple explanation for the scrapes and they are not self-inflicted wounds.

Maybe her dogs just got a little rowdy during play time…

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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