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Two Lucky Breaks For Lindsay!

Filed under: Lindsay LohanLegal Matters


Wow! Everything's coming up Lohan!

At least it has the potential to!

Lindsay Lohan has just gotten two potentially very lucky breaks in regards to her latest court drama regarding the stolen necklace, which could mean that she may not even have to serve jail time at all!

According to the El Lay County Probation Department as well as the El Lay County Sheriff's Department - which is responsible for the jail where she would serve her sentence - inmates with non-violent, misdemeanor offenses are routinely allowed to serve their time at home with an electronic monitoring device.

In other news, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, whom the formerly hard-pAArtying actress claimed had it out for her, will no longer be handling her case, and it is now been turned over to the Los Angeles City Attorney.

But there's a catch!

A source in the office explains:

"Our office was notified this morning that the Lohan theft case is being turned over to us. The case will be handled by the City Attorney assigned to the Airport Courthouse. It's a very big file, and the City Attorney will need time to read it over. The City Attorney could object to that [serving time at home]. When Paris Hilton was released from Lywnood to serve the remainder of her sentence at home, our office objected to that, and Paris was placed back in jail. It's way to early to determine what our position will be on the issue. Lindsay is a repeat offender, period. Our office will be in communication with Lindsay's attorney to discuss the case, and what their position on the matter is."

Uh-oh! Sounds as though they're going to be just as tolerant as DA Meyers was about Lindsay's nonsense!

Stay on your best behavior, gurl!

If you keep your nose out of trouble and play your cards right, we have a feeling that this whole mess may be behind you sooner rather than later!

[Image via WENN.]

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What Kind Of Plea Deal Has Judge Schwartz Offered LiLo?

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Seriously, we don't know what is keeping her from taking this deal. She's really playing with fire here!

When Lindsay Lohan arrived for her grand theft hearing last week, Judge Keith Schwartz offered her one last, at-that-time-unknown plea bargain, of which she can either accept or deny, in which case would mean she's heading to trial.

The details of that specific bargain were then unknown, but sources have come forward to reveal what kind of consequences she'd be facing if she takes it, and frankly, we think she'd be crazy not to!

An insider explains:

"Lindsay should take the plea deal, period. That deal would include the least amount of jail time possible in the case. Judge Schwartz has told Lindsay that he would sentence her to 60-90 days, if she accepted a plea deal, which she would serve in county jail. If Lindsay does gamble, and go to trial, and the jury finds her guilty, there is a chance she wouldn't go to state prison. The DA would assess the evidence and the witness testimony, if the jury does find her guilty. State prison is absolutely NOT a foregone conclusion. Danette Meyers could ask Judge Sautner to place her on felony probation, instead of jail. It’s still very early in the case, the prelim hasn't taken place yet, but state prison isn't an automatic if Lindsay is convicted. There is jail time ahead for Lindsay though, there is no mistake about that. If she doesn’t accept the plea deal and insists on going to trial she will serve some time for parole violation, regardless of whether she is ultimately found guilty of the theft charges or not.”

As we've already reported, Lindsay must notify Judge Schwartz by March 23rd if she plans to take the deal, in which case, she'll be expected to appear in front of him on March 25th.

If she turns it down, she will appear in front of Judge Sautner for her preliminary hearing on April 21st.

Make the right choice, gurl! Luck can only save you so many times!

What do U think LiLo should do?

[Image via WENN.]

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Proof That LiLo Was Drinking During Probation!!!

Filed under: Lindsay LohanLegal MattersBusted!


Things are about to get REAL for Lindsay Lohan.

LOLhan is in the middle of her probation violation hearing this morning and the prosecutor is out for BLOOD!

In an effort to get Lindsay's ass in jail, prosecutor Danette Meyers told the judge that she has prepared witnesses to testify under oath that they saw Lindsay drinking after the MTV Movie Awards, the night her SCRAM bracelet showed a positive reading for alcohol!

Oh shiz! Not good! Not good for Lindsay at all, especially considering that the judge was already skeptical of LiLo's claim that the SCRAM bracelet went off WITHOUT having consumed alcohol.

And it gets WORSE!

Judge Marsha Revel had decreed that in the event that Lindsay was caught drinking, she would only be guilty of violating a bail restriction, not her probation. But the prosecutor isn't having that and is asking the judge to reconsider, arguing that under the terms of Lindsay's probation, she was required to obey all rules and regulations of the court, and no drinking was one of the rules.

In other words, it's like a bitch slap to the judge's face if she was drinking. The judge hadn't thought about it that way.

If Judge Revel reverses her decision and Lindsay is found guilty of drinking with her SCRAM bracelet, then it is off to prison for Little Miss Lohan, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and she would go TODAY!

The suspense is riveting!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Lindsay's Alcohol Ed Program Must Appear Before The Judge!

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What's going on?

Lindsay Lohan's alcohol education program (Right On Program) has been served a subpoena to appear in court before Judge Marsha Revel after they wouldn't answer deputy district attorney Danette Meyers' questions.

An insider reveals:

"The program director cited privacy laws and wouldn't tell the District Attorney anything, which is very unusual because this has never happened before with any other defendant. These are court appointed programs and the prosecutor frequently calls to ask questions — and those questions are always answered.

"In a different program last year, Lindsay had frequent attendance issues. At the beginning of the year, when she switched to Right On, she had no attendance problems at all. That doesn't necessarily mean that anything is amiss, but when the D.A. was shut down on the telephone by the program director, she decided to have them served with subpoenas so they will be required to testify under oath."

Hmmm…sounds suspicious to us!

What do U think?

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Judge Calls Emergency Meeting To Discuss LiLo's SCRAM Alert!!!

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Uh-oh! This doesn't look good!

Who guessed 3 weeks??? Anyone???

Sources are confirming that the judge overseeing Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case has insisted on a meeting this afternoon with Lindsay's attorney and the city prosecutor. The topic of discussion: why LiLo's SCRAM bracelet when off on Sunday evening while Lindsanity was pAArtyin' partying after the MTV Movie Awards.

The judge isn't wasting any time either! Shawn Chapman Holley, who represents LiLo and Danette Meyers, the prosecutor, need to be at the Beverly Hills Court House at 3 pm TODAY!

That's like an hour! You better have a good defense, Lindsay!

Funny. We can hear the sound of squealing tires and angry drivers…oh, that's the paparazzi BOOKING IT down to the court house!

God speed!

This may be an ugly turning point for Lindsay Lohan!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Prosecutor Speaks: LiLo "Thumbing Her Nose" At Courts!!!

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Lindsay Lohan may want to take her time getting back to the states, now that it's for certain she's being thrown in jail!

Might has well enjoy her freedom while she still has it!

Someone who can't wait to see LiLo return to US soil is the case's prosecutor. Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is pretty damn pleased at how things went down today in LiLo's hearing. Since she didn't show up, Lindsay got slammed with a bent warrant, a $100,000 bail and a list of probation restrictions that will make stock in Jack Daniels plummet.

And that is all fine by Meyers!

Following the hearing, the DA defended the judge's verdict regarding Lindsay's punishment for not showing up today, saying:

“Judge Revel went above and beyond to tell her to appear today. Miss Lohan should have been at the airport with her passport. She knew she had to be here and she wasn’t…It appears she is thumbing her nose at the court…Judge Revel clearly had the authority and was reasonable in issuing random drug testing, wearing the SCRAM bracelet, no alcohol consumption and the $100,000 bail was not excessive given the circumstances. If this was anybody else, celebrity or not, this is what would have happened to them.”

Agreed! All hail Judge Revel!

Who else can't wait to see LiLo accessorize her SCRAM bracelet?!?!

[Image via WENN.]

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