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Alec Baldwin Will 'Never' Tweet Again & Would 'Love To' Quit Acting!

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alec baldwin wants quit acting

Following Alec Baldwin’s social media attack on Daily Mail reporter George Stark, the deactivation and reactivation of his profile, and his apology to the LGBT community, it’s safe to say it’s been a whirlwind few days for this 30 Rock star.

Yet, in a recent interview, Alec candidly revealed that, given the Twitter fiasco, he’s learned quite a few lessons.

When asked if he had plans to return to the tweeting-database, the actor said:

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Alec Baldwin Makes First And VERY Strange Public Appearance After Twitter Meltdown!

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alec baldwinalberto reyes wenn20481058

Alec Baldwin attended Rock Paper Photo in New York City last night, a collection he curated. It was his first time at a public event since last week's Twitter debacle.

And even though he has apologized to the LGBT community, deleted and reactivated his Twitter, and released a post-tweet statement about Daily Mail writer George Stark’s assertion that Alec’s wife Hilaria tweeted her way through James Gandolfini’s funeral, it would seem things STILL aren’t quite back to normal for the actor.

Said Rock Paper Photo guest, writer Tom Murro:

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Justin Bieber Defends Meeting Canada's Prime Minister In Overalls!


Justin Bieber wants everyone to STFU about his style, or lack thereof!

In case you were in a turkey coma or standing in ungodly long lines for those doorbuster deals on Friday, the pop phenom received the distinct honor of a Diamond Jubilee medal from Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper wearing overalls.

Yes, overalls.

Not surprisingly, the Beauty And A Beat singer was criticized

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Nicolas Cage Sues Burning Pants Off Of Daily Mail!!

Nicolas Cage Settles Lawsuit

Don't poke the tiger in Nicolas Cage!

The Ghost Rider star finally settled his lawsuit with the Daily Mail, and it seems he really hit them with his penance!

After the outlet accused the actor of being late on his taxes, Nic Peggy Sued for defamation.

The settlement apparently includes a retraction, an apology, AND an undisclosed sum for damages!

Nic's lawyer Paul Tweed issued a statement on behalf of his client. He said:

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Natalia Vodianova Defends "Better To Be Skinny" Comment

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Supermodel Natalia Vodianova is on the defensive after the media misconstrued her "it's better to be skinny than fat" comment she made last weekend.

As most celebrities tend to do, the Russian beauty posted an explanation on Facebook and she had A LOT to say.

Natalia writes:

I guess the reaction of the press is expected to be negative when I said it's better to be skinny then to be fat at the Vogue Festival this past weekend. However on the background of arriving from China where most people leave under the poverty line and have to share food and watch how much they eat to survive and on the background of how I grew up where sometimes I had to skip meals so there would be food for my little disabled sister and that feeling of missing bread so much some days because on some days we had no money to buy any (reason I had ulcers as little girl was constant irregular eating) could give an explanation why I felt moved to give another prospective on this issue.

But wait, there's more! Read Miz Vodianova's entire post…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Russell Brand Responds To U.K. Tabloid Criticism Over Paralympian Joke

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Russell Brand responds to paralympian criticism

Russell Brand is not happy that the tabloids are not happy with him.

During a recent stand up comedy gig in London he joked about the upcoming Summer Olympic games that the city is set to host, saying:

"I don't give a f–k about the Olympics. It's boring Blue Peter sport and a waste of taxpayers' money. At least the Paralympics have some kind of novelty value or something."

Obviously, nobody likes to be the brunt of a joke, so a few Paralympians spoke up.

The Daily Mail reported 21-year-old Natasha Baker called Brand's comments "patronizing and upsetting", while two-time gold medalist, David Weir, suggested, "Brand obviously hasn't met any Paralympians."

Russell, on the other hand, thinks the Daily Mail and U.K. tabloid The People took his comment way to seriously.

In response, he has posted a pic of himself and another Paralympian while holding the tabloids in question, tweeting:

"Congratulations Chris and Aussie WC rugby team. Daily Mail/People stop being silly."

The reality of the situation is that sometimes words hurt. Comedy walks a thin line between offensive and funny.

While we're sure Russell was only looking for a laugh, he shouldn't be surprised that people in the group he was poking fun of didn't think the joke was worth laughing at. He's not the first comedian to offend a particular group of people with insensitive material and he won't be the last.

Do U agree with Russell that the tabloids are making a big deal over nothing or was his insensitivity toward the disabled community worth writing about?

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Lily Allen Fires Attack Against Journalist!!

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Lily Allen has launched an attack against a journalist who claimed that the singer was planning a New Year's wedding to overcome the recent loss of her baby.

The article, which can be seen here, alleges that "[Lily and Sam Cooper] want to be together after what they’ve gone through and see becoming man and wife as the light at the end of the tunnel."

But Lily is firing back, calling bullshiz on the author.

The singer took to her Twitter with an angry rant, saying:

Katie Nicholl I THINK you're a cunt, leave me out of your shitty column, you know nothing about the intimate details of my life.

Theres a time and a place for your musings where I'm concerned, and it's not now.

According to Lily's Twitter, "Kati[e] Nichol[l] has been in touch and has threatened to consult her lawyer," which prompted the singer to "amend" her tweet.

Dayum, gurl!! Nobody will dare mess with you now!!

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