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Stephen Colbert Promises Jon Stewart Will Beat Eat O'Reilly During Debate

Stephen Colbert co-hosted Good Morning America on Tuesday, but made sure to promote his newest book, America Again: Re-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t, in the process.

He took a break from the anchor desk to sit down for an interview (above) with George Stephanopoulos and discussed a variety of issues like the upcoming presidential debate, New York's un-American soda ban, and fixing the economy.

Perhaps the most important topic was Jon Stewart's debate against Bill O'Reilly this Saturday.

It was a small portion of the HIGHlarious interview, but Colbert made it pretty clear who he favored when he said:

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Wins Best Variety Series! Again!

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emmys 2012 jon stewart daily show best variety


We love him cuz he's funny and hot!!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart wins yet another Emmy for Best Variety Series!

And Jon Stewart was a masterpiece of comedy on that stage as he accepted the award, acknowledging his fellow contestants with sexy grace and humility.

He's done this for FIFTEEN years! Can you believe it??

And we hope he does it for at least fifteen more. Because he's amazing!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jon Stewart Tells Robert Pattinson He's 'Better Off!' Watch Daily Show Interview HERE!


Despite unimaginable levels of impending awkwardness, Robert Pattinson respected his work commitments and went to his first interview post-Kristen Stewart-affair with head high and hair fabulous!

And Jon Stewart held NOTHING back!!

With some pints of Ben & Jerry's and some loving condolences, the Daily Show helped Robert come out of his shell a little.

Press that PLAY button to watch the full interview and to see how Robert reacts to KStew talk (above)! Jon gives him some lovely advice! U don't wanna miss it!!!

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Kristen Stewart Is Scared Sh*tless Of Jon Stewart!

Jon Stewart Kristen Stewart Daily Show

Robert Pattinson might be all shook up over his upcoming TV appearances next week, but it seems Kristen Stewart is even WORSE off!

While KStew is keeping the faith that R-Patz will stay true to his nice guy ways and not talk shiz about her, that doesn’t mean JStew Jon Stewart will hold back on The Daily Show!!

In regards to Monday’s interview, a source revealed:

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Robert Pattinson In Freak Out Mode! Next Week's Interviews Have Him Frazzled!

robert pattinson freaking out over good morning america daily show interviews

It's cool, Rob… just relaaaaxxxx.

With all the attention he's been getting thanks to his ex(?)gurlfriend's cheating, Robert Pattinson is totally freaking out about his interviews next week!

Scheduled to coincide with his Cosmopolis promotional tour, his Daily Show and Good Morning America interviews were originally planned to strictly talk bizness.

But now that everyone wants to know what he's gonna do about Kristen Stewart, well… anything goes!

One source says:

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Steve Carell Criticizes The Daily Show For Being Too 'Cruel'

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Steve Carell is giving Tom Hanks a run for his reputation as the nicest guy in Hollywood.

You might not know this, but the comedic actor got his start as a correspondent for The Daily Show, so we'd expect him to be nothing but grateful when asked about his experience there.

Turns out, he's not — or he at least has a hard time showing it.

In a recent interview, Carell complained about something that bothered him while working on Jon Stewart's satirical newscast. Although the ridiculous interviews with people of varying degrees of cray cray are the best part of the show, Carell says they could be "just cruel."

The Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World star explained:

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Terrorist Planned To Blow Up Pentagon With Remote-Controlled Airplanes

Rezwan Ferdaus Pentagon Remote-Controlled Plane Terrorist

This sounds like a HIGHlarious Daily Show parody but it's NOT a joke!

Rezwan Ferdaus attempted to wage jihad against the U.S. government with an air fleet of remote-controlled airplanes!

The 26 year-old physics graduate from Northeastern University planned to fill these model planes with C-4 and fly them into the Pentagon.

What the…?

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