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The New Iron Man 3 Poster Is Getting Tony Stark All Wet!!

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Boners abound — of both the normal (Robert Downey Jr. is hottttt) AND nerd (that suit looks badass!) variety!


Check out this AMAZEBALLS look at a new poster for Iron Man 3, with a scuffed up, battle-worn, has-seen-better-days Tony Stark!

And what is that in the background?? Is that a small army of Iron Men Iron Mans Iron Man suits flying off to battle and engage in some kick-assery??

We think so!

It's being reported that Tony might have several other suits he can control with his main suit, so we hope that's the case here… instead of someone having stolen all the other armor to fight against him!

Either way we can't wait to find out for suresies! Ha!

[Image via Marvel.]

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Snooki In Tears Over Jersey Shore Hurricane Damage

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Awww! It breaks our hearts to see our little Snooki cry!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the pint-sized Jersey Shore star getting her first firsthand look at the devastation that Hurricane Sandy wrought on her beloved home.

To find out what you can do to help, watch the Restore The Shore special airing on MTV tonight, Thursday November 15th.

The star-studded fundraiser event will feature One Direction, Alicia Keys,Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Pink, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ludacris, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and many, many more!

The storm is gone, but there is still so much to be done! If you haven't donated to the Red Cross, please give what you can!

And to you Snooki, we say — JERSEY STRONG!

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Soccer Players Still Suffer Brain Changes Regardless Of Concussions

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A small study found that soccer players on average have changes to the white matter of their brain.

Changes to the white matter are bad because they're the nerves that connect different regions of the brain and affect cognition.

They believe the brain trauma is from

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Kate Hudson's Second Pregnancy Damaged Her Looks!

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Kate Hudson Second Pregnancy Damage

Kate Hudson is a proud mom of two and loves both her children equally. But she didn't love her pregnancies the same!

The Something Borrowed actress says her most recent pregnancy was far more damaging to her body!

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Michelle William And Jason Segel's New Brooklyn Love Nest DEVASTATED By Hurricane Sandy!


Oh NO!

And after they had just gotten settled!

We reported only a few weeks ago that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel finally took a huge step in their relationship by moving into a loft apartment in Red Hook, Brooklyn, renovated from a 19th century coffee warehouse with a view of the Manhattan skyline!

Sadly, however, their new home was no exception to the devastating wrath of Hurricane Sandy, as the building is located right on the waterfront, and the couple - along with Michelle's daughter Matilda - were forced to evacuate as the surrounding area was completely flooded in the storm…which has resulted in long-lasting damage!

Reports reveal that their apartment is situated above a Fairway supermarket, which was not only destroyed by the flood waters, but with the lack of power, left its food products rotting, as you can see (above)!

As Tony Karon wrote for Time Magazine:

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Donnie Wahlberg & Celebs Tweet Hurricane Sandy Destruction

Hurricane Sandy doesn’t care if you are a celeb or not — you better move out of her way!

The massive superstorm has been wreaking havoc on the east coast, causing major flooding in NYC and areas nearby.

While some Big Apple-based stars took to Twitter to document the damage, New Kids On The Block bandmate, Donnie Wahlberg, whipped out his phone to shoot some footage!

Check out the vid (above) that Donnie uploaded, of him walking through nearly a foot of water in his flooded apartment!

Wow… we cannot even believe the destruction Sandy has sadly already caused.

Donnie tweeted:

"Don't worry about me. Material things are meaningless. Check in with those you know in the storm! Stay safe!!"

We completely agree, Donnie!

Check out what other celebs had to share about Sandy… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Eric Dane And Rebecca Gayheart Are Taking Billy Corgan To Court!

Eric Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, are furious with their El Lay neighbor Billy Corgan because one of the Smashing Pumpkins' trees smashed right through their roof.


The incident in question happened last fall and thankfully, no one was hurt. However, the lawsuit charges that the rock star essentially put their entire family in jeopardy by failing to remove eucalyptus trees on his property that were a known risk.

Corgan, on the other hand, has called the accusations

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Eric Dane discovers fallen tree on his houseEric Dane discovers fallen tree on his houseEric Dane discovers fallen tree on his houseEric Dane discovers fallen tree on his houseEric Dane discovers fallen tree on his house