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Ben Affleck Is A Dance Mom!

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Over the weekend we spotted this actor/director doing what he loves most!

JUST KIDDING! Ben Affleck looks pretty much miserable as he takes his oldest child, Violet Affleck, to dance class in El Lay.

Maybe he's down because he has to spend an hour chatting with the Dance Moms, or perhaps Ben is upset he was photographed holding a "Hello Kitty" backpack… OR (most likely) he's just exhausted from all nighters with his newborn son.

Ben's wife, Jennifer Garner shot out a son, Samuel Affleck less about two weeks ago. We doubt the power couple have gotten much rest since.

[Image via Wenn.]

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People Love Them Some Dance Moms!

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People Love Them Some Dance Moms!

What is it about an out-of-touch tyrant vocally abusing a group of young girls?

It must be some'n, cause Ratings for Dance Moms are higher than ever!

This weeks episode of TLC's disturbing dance show was the #1 cable show in it's time slot. Since January, when Abby Lee Miller and all and all her glory came back for a second season, viewership has more than doubled.

When all the Dance Moms views from TV airing, on demand, and the internet, are added up - the total comes to 118 MILLION!!

These numbers are sure to add to Abby's astonishing ego and infuriate Katherine Heigl, who hates the show so much she's blogged about it!!

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Reality Star Of The Week!

From Dance Moms to Jesus Warriors to Honey Boo Boo Chiles to Prostitution Whores, we at PerezHilton.com believe that this category is LONG overdue!

And what better way to introduce the Reality Star of the Week than with THIS gem?!

Unless you're an insomniac, work third shift, or are Edward Cullen, and therefore, don't sleep, you may not have heard of the VH1 reality series Ton of Cash, which premiered in August of last year and aired on Thursday mornings at 2am EST because of low ratings!

But man, oh man, were you missing out, because one of the contestants on this diamond in the rough, which centered around a group of people trying to haul $1,000,000 from L.A. to Las Vegas, was Jonny Sarhanis, otherwise known as The Greek Mystique, an arm wrestler from Cape Cod!

According to his biography on the show's official website:

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Dance Moms Say Some Crazy Shiz On The View

The out-of-touch stars of TLC's Dance Moms brought all their crazy to the set of The View earlier this week!

Obvi, evil Dictator / child dance instructor Abby Lee and her mommy minions came on the show to explain why it's not a big deal that he tortures her students. Of course that didn't happen.

None of the guests made a valid point until Abby Lee casually mentioned she had been running the studio like this (tyrannically) since she opened the studio — at THE AGE OF 14!!

This revelation stunned The View's special guest co-host Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who gasped and said:

"There's a whole other level to you right now. I'm totally clicking into you. It all makes sense!!"

OMG! She's had this crazy personality since she was a child.

Nothing — not even seeing herself act nuts on TV — is ever gonna change her!

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Chelsea Handler Takes On Dance Moms

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In case you haven't seen Dance Moms yet, it's this ridiculous reality show on Lifetime, which follows an overbearing dance teacher who relishes in screaming at little girls and dishing out nasty comments to their mothers.

So, what does Chelsea Handler have to say about this guilty pleasure?

LOL, oh, um, A LOT! Watch her take on the reality show above!

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The Dance Moms Drama Gets Intense!!

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Oh goodness!!

Dance Moms, yet another case study on less than stellar mothers exploiting their daughters, is DRAMATIC!!

Seriously, this clip just proves it!! After dancer Peyton gets cocky and says she was the best dancer in the group in front of everyone, leader Abby Lee calls her out.

But don't call her out in front of mama bear!! Oh no!! Nothing's more fierce than an over-protective mother!!!

And then all the other mothers get involved… because THEIR daughters are fabulous too! And Peyton cries… and it's just a big hot mess!!

Watch it for URself!! And please, tell us UR thoughts!!

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Katherine Heigl Was 'Horrified' By Dance Moms

Katherine Heigl Was 'Horrified' By Dance Moms

Dance Moms IS sick!

The other night Katherine Heigl took a break from saving puppies, acting, and chasing her daughter around the house to do some channel surfing.

Heigl wanted to relax… but then she stumbled upon the TLC reality show Dance Moms. The actress TV critic was SO overwhelmed with disgust she had to blog about all her feelings!

Here's what she had to say:

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