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LiLo's Prosecutor Willing To Lessen Charge If Stolen Necklace Really Is Overpriced

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Operation "Keep LiLo Out Of The Clink" has reached phase three: Get felony charge reduced to misdemeanor.

Alright, so we assume most of you don't know how the legal system works, so let us give you a bit of lesson. Right now, Lindsay Lohan is poised to stand trial for a felony grand theft charge. The reason her charge is considered a "felony" is because the necklace she supposedly stole was valued at over $950. That's how the cookies crumble here in California. However, if the necklace in question was actually valued at a lesser price point, then Lindsay would be facing a misdemeanor charge, not a felony. Big difference!

We already know that LiLo's super lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has already gotten several prominent jewelers to admit that the bling's really only worth between $800-$1,000, but now it seems you're a mean one Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers is willing to hear evidence to that affect. She told sources:

"If Shawn (Lindsay's lawyer) presents me with credible evidence of value, we will take a look at it. But based upon what's in front of us — what the store owner and designer said — the necklace is worth $2,500."

Uh-huh. Well, we are in a bad economy and the price of gold has gone up, so maybe the designer opted to inflate their price a bit. One things for sure, this should be Shawn's top priority right now. A misdemeanor is decidedly less damaging to LiLo's future than being found guilty of a felony.

Then again, she's innocent, right? So this is all a moot point anyway? Right? RIGHT?

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Lindsay's Prosecutor REALLY Wants Her In Jail

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lindsays prosecutor wants her to go to jail no matter what

Yesterday, we learned that Lindsay Lohan desperately wants a plea deal that does NOT involve jail time. Apparently, she's even willing to plead guilty, as long as she doesn't get put in jail.

Unfortunately for Lindz, her prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is insisting on jail time no matter WHAT.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"Meyers is standing her ground and saying that any deal for Lindsay include jail time. This is a felony charge, and Lindsay has a criminal record. Meyers won't back down on this."

"Both sides are now at an impasse."

More from the source:

"Lindsay would be put on felony probation, and under those terms, Lindsay can be sentenced to up to one year in LA County Jail. With jail overcrowding, Lindsay would only serve 25% of the sentence."

And here's what another insider had to say:

"Lindsay will do anything to not go back to jail. She can't deal with jail again. If push comes to shove, Lindsay will go to trial on this case if a deal can't be reached."

Def sounds like she's gonna have to do some time…unless something SERIOUSLY miraculous happens.

Do U think jail time is inevitable for Lindsay?

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LiLo Wanted To Submit A Polygraph Test!

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Well, she's certainly committed to maintaining her innocence!

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly so intent on proving that she did not steal the $2,500 necklace for which she's currently being charged with felony grand theft, that she offered to submit a polygraph test!

The sticky fingered actress' lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, reportedly met with prosecutors Danette Meyers and John Lynch earlier in the week to offer the option, but they naturally refused due to the test not being scientifically sound, and the amount of evidence that points to LiLo's guilt!

Nice effort, bb, but we think you're just going to have to resign yourself to the fact that this is a SERIOUS crime, and the best bet you have is to just appear in court when you're supposed to, and be HONEST about what actually happened - whatever that may be!


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Lindsay Protests! Claims The D.A. Is "Out To Get" Her!

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Sorry, honey. You do the crime, you do the time. There's no blaming others for your own mistakes!

According to sources, Lindsay Lohan is whining distraught over the fact that Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers has it out for her - or so LiLo says. She's convinced that the prosecutor is "trying to use" LiLo to get herself elected into office and believes that her felony grand theft charges would have never been filed had she been up against anyone besides Miz Meyers.

Of course, Miz Meyers's people dispute Lindsay's allegation that the D.A.'s office is targeting her, saying:

"The D.A.'s Office has been fair and compassionate in prosecuting Ms. Lohan on her DUI."

Truth is kid, you're in a lot of trouble and there may be no saving you this time. You've just got to accept that you've screwed up and stop trying to weasel your way out of this by pointing fingers at other people.

It's time to grow up and face the consequences. Think you can handle that?

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Prosecutor In Lindsay Lohan Case Running For District Attorney

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Let's hope Lindsay will never have to come face-to-face with her again!

The prosecutor who fought to get Lindsay Lohan locked up is now running for L.A. County Deputy District Attorney.

Danette Meyers is a no-nonsense lawyer who's handled several murder cases and is widely respected by judges, prosecutors, and even defense laweyers.

She's also been named prosecutor of the year.

If elected, she will be the first woman and first African American elected in the position.

Very prestigious!

[Image via AP Images.]

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