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Doctors Still Prescribe Powerful Codeine For Kids Despite Known Dangers

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codeine for kids

Nobody brings their child to an emergency room unless something serious has possibly happened, but parents may be unaware of another danger lurking at the hospitals themselves!

Up to 870,000 prescriptions of codeine are given to children in emergency rooms each year, and yet many seem to be OK with this despite the drug's powerful effects it can have on children.

Plus that's the same stuff that goes into purple drank (this specific type was just pulled from shelves), a favorite way to get sideways among rappers.

In fact, in 1997, the American Academy of Pediatrics published public guidelines that warned against using it on children, and yet it is still prescribed regularly.

The trickiest part of prescribing this drug to children is the

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Why Cigarettes Kill

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We're SHOCKED anyone needs to be reminded of these facts, but a FitPerez reader named Billy isn't convinced smoking cigarettes can lead to an early death. To get some answers, he wrote smoking counselor Craig Nabat, asking:

Mr. Nabat,

Convince me that if I dont quit smoking Im going to die - I just don't think I am!

According to Craig:

Hi Billy,

I can’t promise smoking will kill you. Smoking only kills approximately 50% of those who smoke for long durations of time. The United States average is about 443,000 deaths per year. Cigarette smoking causes 1 out of every 5 deaths in America per year related to smoking. Now just imagine how many smokers are living and struggling from a tobacco related illness which can linger on for many years. In reality, this is just a slow death. Believe me most smokers never envisioned getting sick from smoking prior to it happening to them. It is not worth the risk.

Every pack of cigarette has a Surgeon General’s Warning on them: Smoking causes Lung Cancer, heart disease, Emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy. This warning is on every pack of cigarettes, because it is a scientifically proven fact. This product can indiscriminately kill its users.

My advice to you is view your life in 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year increments. Think if you continue smoking what will your life be like. Will it cause you premature aging and diminish your overall energy to accomplish life goals? Smoking slows you down physically and also does by the actual act of doing it, there is no denying that. Smoking makes your life harder than it needs to be.

For smokers under 35 years of age, the fear of premature dying isn’t usually enough to keep them off smoking, unless they have witnessed a loved one dying from smoking. Try to think more about your life goals and how smoking will hinder you from obtaining them.

For more tips to quit smoking, feel free to tweet Craig questions @freedomlaser or write to tips@fitperez.com!

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