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Mindy McCready Claimed She Was Visited By Dead Boyfriend’s Ghost

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mindy mccready dead boyfriend ghost

The more we hear about the days before Mindy McCready’s suicide, the clearer it becomes that she was struggling to deal with unimaginable pain.

It seems that Mindy was doing all she could to hold onto the spirit of her boyfriend who had recently committed suicide, David Wilson.

In fact, she claimed to her friend, Danno Hanks, that his ghost had come to visit her.

She revealed:

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Mindy McCready Revealed Tragic Thoughts In Phone Call Days Before Death

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mindy mccready suicide phone call

Mindy McCready’s suicide shocked many, but as details spill out about those days before she took her life, her pain and suffering are becoming more and more obvious.

Mindy had been reaching out to her friend and private investigator Danno Hanks over those last few days, and it started to become clear that she was in a very dark place after losing her boyfriend, David Wilson.

A phone call between Mindy and Danno has been released and reveals how she was struggling to come to terms with her loss.

Mindy even admitted she saw no reason to keep living as she told Danno:

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Mindy McCready’s Suicide: Did Losing Her Children Days Before Lead To Death?

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mindy mccready lost children before suicide

Many are still trying to understand what might have been going on in Mindy McCready’s mind that would lead her to killing herself when she had her children to live for.

The mother of two took her life this weekend, and while it is believed the loss of her boyfriend played a role in her decision, it looks like something else might have played a much larger role.

Days before she ended up taking her own life, she received court documents proposing her two sons go and live with her estranged mother as she was struggling to provide a proper home and care for them.

However, this might have been the final straw for Mindy as she sent a telling email to her friend and private investigator Danno Hanks that read:

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Mindy McCready 'Acted Upbeat' & Approved A Suicide Prevention Music Video Days Before Her Own Death

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mindy mccready upbeat day before suicide(1)

Wow… this is absolutely heartbreaking.

While we previously heard that late country star Mindy McCready had been in despair after her boyfriend committed suicide last month, it sounds like things seemed to be looking up just a few days before her own death.

A friend of Mindy’s, Danno Hanks, recently stepped forward about a music video that Mindy wanted completed, as a tribute to her late boyfriend and as somewhat of a PSA for suicide prevention.

Mindy had recorded the song, I’ll See You Yesterday, with her producer boyfriend, David Wilson, just last year.

Danno revealed:

“About six months ago she started talking to me about this song she wanted to do. She fell in love with it, and she wanted to make that the title song on her album.”

However, after David took his own life, Mindy seemed even more in a rush to get the music video out, having Danno use some photos he had taken and some of her own with her late boyfriend.

At the end of the video, Mindy wanted a link to suicideispreventable.org to be included, to encourage those contemplating suicide to seek help.

Danno continued:

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Mindy McCready Hinted At Suicide Plans To Investigator Through New Musical Project

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mindy mccready music video call for help

Unfortunately, sometimes the clues aren’t noticed soon enough.

And with Mindy McCready’s suicide, private investigator Danno Hanks is speaking about a musical project she was working on and how it all might have been a sign of her sad and tragic plan.

Danno has worked with Mindy since she appeared on Celebrity Rehab, and most recently, was asked to help with a video of a cover song she was working on.

Mindy was creating a video for the song I'll See You Yesterday, written by a fan, Courtney Dashe, and produced by David Wilson. As Danno worked with her on it, he thought it was about getting past her fiancé’s recent passing, but he couldn’t have been more wrong as he revealed:

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