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Heidi's Mother Says Enough Is Enough!

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It's such a shame that these two are unable to resolve their issues.

It's been over a year since Heidi Montag and her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, became estranged from each other, and despite the latter's many public pleas to reconcile, the reality star has held her ground and refused to communicate - apparently because she thinks that her family is using her for publicity!

However, Egelhoff seems to be losing her patience, because she's written a pretty scathing note to her child, which essentially says that enough is enough!

It reads:

"Heidi was so unbelievably cute and such an equal part of our family, all but the last year, that without her our history is incomplete. She is a part of our family whether she acts like it at this time or not. If you don't like it Heids, call me, lets work it out, otherwise too bad. I'm the mother; it’s time you showed a little respect. I have made mistakes but none that warrant completely shunning your entire family as a result. If you want to receive grace you must give grace."

It definitely sounds as though that there's a whole lot of issues that that have been building between these two for quite some time, and we sincerely hope that they can put down their weapons and just communicate with each other!

The holidays are a time for forgiveness and family! What's done is done, we hope they can start moving forward and let whatever issues they may have just stay in the past!


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Heidi's Mom Served Summons! Needs 100K!

heidis mom needs 100k to pay debt

Recently, Heidi's mom Darlene Egelhoff said on her blog that she was going to leave her daughter alone…but that may no longer be in the cards now.

According to her blog, Heidi's mom has been issued a summons because she owes $100,000 in unpaid bills for her restaurant, which recently went under.

Here's what she had to say about it in her blog:

“We are served papers by the county deputy sheriff, a very tall, overly happy gentleman, given his present task at hand. “That’s all I do anymore” he says “Serve papers, you’re not alone, it’s a sign of the times” he was trying to be nice and help us to feel comfortable."

“It is a notice of court summons to pay an excess of one hundred thousand dollars for a breech (sic) of contract from the restaurant we were evicted from and forced to close by the landlords themselves because we were delinquent with rent."

“We were forced to surrender eighty thousand dollars of equipment and fixtures to them already, of which the value far surpassed the debt."

“A new tenant is already in the space so they are not out any future earnings either, unless they have significantly reduced the rent for the new tenants. If that’s the case, that’s all the help we would have needed, and had been refused, to hang tough and ride out the economic storm as we were on a good upward trend and would liked to have stayed for twenty more years. Where’s Robin Hood when you need him?”

Guess we'll see if Heidi rises to the occasion to help her mom out, although we know Spencer Pratt will NOT want to get involved.

Do U think Heidi should pay off her mom's debt? Or do U think it's not her problem?

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Heidi Montag's Mom Says "So Long, Heidi"

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heidis mom says she wont try to reconnect with her daughter anymore

This is truly sad!

Heidi Montag's mother, Darlene Egelhoff, has been struggling in many ways, but now she's decided to put an end to one struggle - her efforts to reconnect with her daughter.

Here's a preview of an upcoming post on Darlene's blog, Metamorphosis of a Mother, in which she addresses her decision to leave Heidi alone from here on out:

Time To Move On

I had hoped sharing my honest feelings, stories and family pictures including Heidi on my blog would tug at her heart strings and create a desire within her to reconnect with her family. It was partially an outreach as a final appeal in a last, desperate resort. Based on an interview with Entertainment Tonight I now realize I was wrong and that she is assuming the worst of me and my motives. I will continue to share my feelings and perspective while chronicling Sky’s senior year in high school and off to college landing me in the Empty Nest. I’ll be sharing how I am transitioning, how our family dynamics are changing, creating a new identity for myself, and focusing on personal growth with the ultimate goal of drawing closer to my husband and God. I will no longer accept or respond to comments regarding Heidi for her sake and mine. I love all of my children unconditionally more today than yesterday and will love them more tomorrow than today. I appreciate the overwhelming, thoughtful, generous support so many of you have given to encourage me. I’m excited about this new chapter; it’s time for me to move on, to grow and purposefully live a life of peace and joy, join me! God Bless

We're sorry to hear this, but maybe it's for the best. Who knows? Maybe one of these days down the line Heidi will decide to reconnect with her family on her own accord.

Keep your chin up, Darlene! Focus your energy on Sky and the rest of your family, and stay positive, bb!

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Like Daughter, Like Mother! Heidi Montag's Mom Charges $5K Appearance Fee!

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Wow! Someone thinks very highly of themselves.

Perhaps a bit more than they really should!

Sources have learned that Heidi Montag's mother, Darlene Egelhoff, is trying to carve a nice little piece of the celebrity pie for herself by charging $5000 for speaking engagements!

Times have been tough for Darlene as she recently revealed that she had to close down her family's restaurant due to the economy and has been working as a maid to make ends meet. Still, her asking price seems rather steep, regardless of her financial trouble. When checking into the pricing with a booking agent, it was learned that similar celebs who charge the same fee include Omarosa, Jersey Shore's Angelina, The Salahis, and Kim Zolciak.

Wow! What a motley crew, huh?

Oh, and in case you were actually interested, Darlene's speaking engagements are based on her musings advice she dispenses on her blog, Metamorphosis of a Mother. From it's title, we assume you can derive what's her favorite topic of discussion on the site.

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More From Heidi's Montag's Broke Mom!

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Ugh. This is heartbreaking.

Heidi Montag's mom Darlene Egelhoff is giving the deets on her financial problems and the loss of her estranged daughter.

Here are some very depressing HIGHlights:

On the loss of her restaurant:
"We're a tourist town, so our business department was dependent on the economy. Business started declining. We tried to make the necessary adjustments, but we were just not quite in time. We were forced to close because of the economy."

On borrowing money from Heidi:
"The restaurant was struggling, and I was crying on the phone. I fought it for so long, but finally, I said, 'Tax guys are on the way. It's $8,000.' Heidi very generously wired me a check that day. That kept the restaurant afloat for at least six months. It was so generous and helpful."

On cleaning houses for a living:
"The work is sporadic and competitive. My work is not enough to pay the bills. We need other work immediately. [My son] Sky is eligible for free lunch at school and is proud to take advantage of it."

On Heidi:
"I have no regrets in life. I feel like God makes all things for good, and the most difficult situations we go through in life are opportunities. That's when we build character and strength – during difficult times."

[Her voice begins to crack] "I love Heidi more every day, even though I don't talk to her. I love her unconditionally. I have total confidence that we will have a loving, strong relationship again. I think it just takes time. Heidi and I were so close when she was growing up. I think at some point she needed to disconnect from me in order to discover herself."

So sad. At least she's probably getting some $$$$ for these interviews!

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