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Heidi Montag's Mom Is Working As A Maid

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darlene egelhoff working as a maid

Ugh. And where is her daughter to help?!

After her restaurant shut down after 21 years, Heidi Montag's mom, Darlene Egelhoff is now employed as a maid in Crested Butte, Colorado.

And she even gets recognized!

"That's very humbling for me and I very much appreciate that experience because I don’t ever want to get full of myself and think I’m too good to do anything," said Darlene.

Heidi will probably have to find out about this through the press considering she has not spoken to her mother in nine months.

Wonder if she'll reach out or if Spencer will have something to say about it?!


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Guess The Celebrity!

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This one might be tough, because presently, there's not too much left of this celeb's original face to reference back to these adorable childhood photos, but see if you can guess who this cutie pie grew up to be.

CLICK HERE to find out!
CLICK HERE to find out!
CLICK HERE to find out!

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Heidi Montag's Mother Launches A Blog!


Oh, shiz! Do we have a Michael Lohan 2.0 on our hands?

We're surprised ourselves to say no!

Heidi Montag's mother, Darlene Egelhoff, launched a self-help blog earlier in the month called Metamorphosis of a Mother, chronicling her life as a parent and her relationship with her children.

We immediately assumed this was just another way to ca$h in on their famewhoring daughter, but Egelhoff rarely even brings her up, and instead writes - quite personally, at times - about her insecurities and regrets as a parent!

In one entry, however, she mentions The Real Heidi Doll - and that infamous clip on The Hills where she learns of her daughter's plastic surgery - and it says:

Heidi hasn’t spoken to me in six months most likely because in her mind I betrayed and hurt her and likely because she’s assuming the worst of me. I handled her situation poorly and regretfully. God knows my motives were from the heart and out of desperation to save her from what I felt was a destructive, dangerous path being influenced by people who were profiting and benefitting from her. I have no way of contacting her. And yes, admittedly I do hope she reads this and knows how deeply and achingly I love and miss her & she’ll call me. Knowing in my heart I said what I thought might have the best chance of getting through to her, to MAKE her know that her precious, authentic self was the most beautiful of all God’s creations, doesn’t help my endless, sleepless nights or my ruminating thoughts of how I should have done things differently. I hurt as much as is humanly possible daily. I share this not only because it’s the elephant in the room but also because it is a deep part of my daily struggle and it would be remiss not to mention it at least here. I wish you could know her the way we know her… that’s a love letter for another time (:

Who knew that someone who created HER could be so poignant?

We're impressed, bb!

And we can only imagine how hard it's been to see this happen to your child!

Keep writing! We imagine a lot of other parents can relate to your struggles as a mother - just not the ones regarding Frankentittays!

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Heidi's Mom Is "Mourning" The Loss Of Her Child

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Heidi Montag's mother, Darlene Egelhoff, is facing the repercussions of having her child go bat shiz crazy!

While filming for an upcoming episode of The Hills, Darlene tells her daughter Holly how difficult it has been to cope.

She says:

“I haven’t slept in months. I had to go get a prescription for sleeping pills just to be able to go to sleep at night to the point that I didn’t even know how I would even make it another day. I’ve been mourning the loss of a child and, yeah, it hurts. It hurts more than I thought it could hurt.”


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Montag Fallout! Heidi's Dad Speaks

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Bill Montag, Heidi Montag’s father, is as baffled as the rest of us over what happened yesterday with Heidi and her mom Darlene and is giving his two cents on the whole nonsense.

Bill admits to speaking with Darlene right before she left to come to Cali. She told him that she was visiting to "to do some filming for [The Hills]" and "to find out exactly what was happening with our daughter."

As we all know from yesterday, what she found was the shell of her daughter, filled with even more extreme stupidity and naivety than before!

In regard to Heidi and Spencer calling the cops on Darlene when she showed up to the house, Bill says:

"Why would they call the police on Heidi’s mom, she is not a threat, it makes absolutely no sense, they need to show more respect. My daughter used to phone me several times a week but we have not spoken since my birthday…Heidi is my baby and I love her but I don’t understand what is happening right now. It is not normal behavior."

It sure isn't! We're just as taken aback by these shenanigans of Heidi's.

We just hope that some of these words are sinking in for Heidi. Her parents love her and want what is best for her. Being shacked up in a hole with Spencer is not that!

Let them help you, bb! They might be the only ones who will!

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