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Real World Star Puck Rainey Cuffed And Slammed With Domestic Violence Charges AGAIN!

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puck rainey domestic violence arrest

Apparently Real old habits never die!

Real World's hot tempered alum David "Puck" Rainey was arrested on July 13 in El Lay on charges of domestic violence yet again.

The reality star was cuffed for allegedly beating his lady friend and ON TOP OF IT, he tried to stop her from reporting the brutal incident.

Yep. Puck reportedly tried to snatch the phone from the unidentified woman when she attempted to call the po-po for some back up.

He's currently behind bars because of lady dramz for the third time since 2011 with bail set at $50,000.

At this point, we suggest he just avoid any and ALL contact with women because clearly he just can't keep his fists to himself!

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Real World Star Does Slammer-Time For Stalking The F**k Puck Out Of A Girl!

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So this is what happens when people stop being polite and start getting REAL!?

David "Puck" Rainey, one of reality TV's first villains, is behind bars after stalking a girl in February.

The 44-year-old Real World: San Francisco star and snot rocket thrower pled no contest to the charge so the courts sentenced him to serve two years in Wasco State Prison!!

On an MTV show it might be cool to not give a f**k, Puck — but it won't do you any favors in the real real world!

What the heck were you thinking?!

[Image via MTV.]

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Real World Star Puck Arrested AGAIN!

Real World Puck arrested again

David "Puck" Rainey wasn't just trouble on The Real World, he's constantly getting in trouble in the real non-televised world too!

The reality star, who became famous for flicking boogers at castmates during his time on the MTV show, has been sitting in jail for an entire month!

He was arrested on

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Puck from Real World Sentenced To Daddy Classes After Domestic Violence Incident

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Puck from <em>Real World</em> Sentenced To Daddy Classes After Domestic Violence Incident

Messed up!

We're not saying he's is a bad father — but the judge who sentenced him parenting classes after his recent domestic violence arrest kind of is.

A couple months ago David Rainey, aka Puck from the Real World, was a arrested on suspicion of felony corporal injury on a spouse and child endangerment and contributing to delinquency of minor.

We're not sure what exactly went down, so your guess is a good as ours.

What we do know: yesterday his charges for child endangerment and corporal injury on a spouse were dropped after Puck pled "no contest" to domestic battery and contributing to delinquency of a minor.

The judge sentenced Puck to 4 years probation, in addition to a 52-week domestic violence counseling program and 52 parenting classes.

We always knew Puck was a peanut butter stealing trouble maker, but this is too far!

Anyone guilty of domestic battery should spend time behind bars!

[Image via WENN.]

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Real World's Puck Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Sad! Some people just never learn.

Real World's most volatile bad boy ‘Puck' David Rainey has been arrested and charged in a domestic violence case. Puck was taken into custody last week by the LAPD and booked on suspicion of felony corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.

Cohabitant? That has to mean a new girlfriend, right? They couldn't mean his son, who Puck's already sufficiently traumatized for life when he got behind the wheel of their car drunk and flipped it into a San Diego creek with the 8-year-old boy trapped in the backseat. They would specify if he had hurt a minor, right?

Ugh! This guy really has some serious issues, issues we don't think he has ever really dealt with or ben punished for. Hopefully, this latest violent act didn't leave anyone too badly hurt!

[Image via WENN.]

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Puck Took Shots In The Car In Front Of His Kid Before The Accident!!

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We guess some people never learn.

Former Real Worlder David "Puck" Rainey was in a horrific car accident last week with his 8-year-old son Bogart, whom he now credits for saving his life!

Puck claims:

“I drank two shots of Jack Daniels in the car, but I also ate a sandwich. I was doing about 40 when a deer jumped out in front of me. My seat belt broke, and I was being flung around in the car. I ended up trapped, upside down, in water. I didn’t know it then, but I had a broken neck. I’d also broken my clavicle, my sternum and both feet. I broke my neck in three places, and if I try to move, I could be paralyzed for life. The only reason I am alive is that my son saved me.”

Doing shots in the car in front of your 8 year old?? Seriously??

We're sorry to see him with such serious injuries, but his major EFF up could have killed his kid!!

Authorities have arrested the former reality douche and he is expected to face DUI and child endangerment charges upon his recovery.

Good! He clearly needs serious help!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Puck Was Driving Drunk At The Time Of His Accident!!

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Even though former Real World star David "Puck" Rainey claimed his car accident was due to a deer crossing the road, police are now saying it was because Puck was driving under the influence!!!!

With his 8-year-old son in the car with him!!!!

As soon as Puck is released from the hospital, the CHP will slap cuffs on the dumbass and throw him in jail for DUI, driving without a license and child endangerment (his son suffered numerous internal injuries!).

Looks like Puck's still just as much of a shiteous dude as he was on The Real World!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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