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Deadliest Catch Trio May Return To The Series

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deadliest catch captains may return after settling discovery lawsuit

Although it's been announced that Capts. Sig Hansen, along with Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand will not be appearing on the seventh season of Deadliest Catch, but it's not a done deal.

The Hillstrand quit amidst a $3 million lawsuit filed by Discovery for allegedly not completing work on a planned spinoff special.

But since the death of Phil Harris, the show may not survive any more drastic casting changes - and the network knows it! It's rumored that the two sides are discussing a settlement so the trio can return to the show.

And they better hurry! The boats are scheduled to leave for Dutch Harbor, Alaska, by October 15th to take advantage of king crab season in the Bering Sea.

Only time will tell.

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Deadliest Catch Stars Quit!

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deadliestcatch1e.jpg deadliestcatch2e.jpg

You know there's something wrong when THREE people quit on you at once!

Captains Jonathan & Andy Hillstrand, and Captain Sig Hansen have left Deadliest Catch.

The Hillstrands were sued by Discovery for $3 million earlier this month due to their alleged lack of participation in a planned spin-off special for Deadliest Catch, called Hillstranded.

Captain Hansen quit as a show of solidarity for his fellow captains. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I want people to know the captains stand together, and me and my brothers support them 100 percent."

Here is a statement from the Hillstrands and Hansen regarding their departure:

"We have been through a lot over the past year and unfortunately given the current situation with Discovery we are unable to continue participating in 'Deadliest Catch. It has been a fantastic ride, and we wish the best to all of the amazing and supportive 'Catch' fans we have met over the years."

Here's what the Hillstrands' lawyer, Jeff Cohen, had to say about the Captains' exit:

"We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the captains. I think MaryAnne from Minnesota put it best when she wrote to us: 'The show was meant to shed light on a profession these men so valiantly and tirelessly do season after season, not bankrupt them and take away their livelihood.'"

Not the smartest move, Discovery! Do U think MTV would file a lawsuit against the cast of Jersey Shore? Would CBS go head-to-head with the Big Bang stars?

Not smart AT all!

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Deadliest Catch Stars Sued By The Network

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Has Jon Gosselin taught you all nothing! You never mess with the network when you are a one-trick pony reality star! They OWN you!!!

The Discovery Network is going after Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand, stars of The Deadliest Catch, for $3 million in damages after the pair up and decided not to live up to their contracts.

According to the lawsuit, the network was in the middle of producing a one-time special called Hillstranded when the men abruptly pulled out of the project. Seems that the footage was already shot and edited, but now required the much needed commentary from Andy and Jon to tie the whole special together. When the Discovery people reached out to them to set up a time and place for their interviews, all they received in response was an email from their lawyer letting the producers know that they shouldn't bother trying to contact them.

The suits at Discovery say that the men are in breach of their contract and have cost the network significant ratings and substantial losses. Now, they are fighting back!

And, as we all well know from the last time, the Discovery network tends to win these types of things!

[Image via WENN.]

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Deadliest Catch Crushes The Hills Finale In The Ratings

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Tuesday night viewers were tuning in to the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch rather than watching the highly anticipated Hills series finale.

Deadliest Catch drew in a record 8.55 million viewers, shattering its all-time record of 7.9 million, while The Hills drew in a mere - by comparison - 3.0 million viewers.

It seems people were over the latest dramz going down on The Hills and more interested in Captain Phil Harris' final episode.

What were U watching?

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Even Bigger! Deadliest Catch Gets HUGE Ratings

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It's a show about risking your life…to go fishing.

Who is watching this??? (We're looking at you, Alaska!)

The Discovery Channel should be pleased to hear that Tuesday's Deadliest Catch brought in 5.3 million viewers. That's a series high for the show and the largest adults 18-49 audience for a series in the network's history.

So what did they catch that 5 million of you tuned in to watch? Unless it was a mermaid, we don't see what the effing big deal is!


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Morbid Deadliest Catch Episode Pulls In Huge Ratings.

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Although this is a little more morbid than we prefer, it apparently was a huge ratings draw.

Tuesday night's episode of Deadliest Catch, which featured the late Capt. Phil Harris suffering a serious stroke and then being hospitalized (above), had an audience of about 5.4 million people, with 17% more viewers than ever before.

What do U think?? Did U tune in just to see the emergency??

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Deadliest Catch Star Wants Answers About His Father's Disappearance

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Deadliest Catch star Jake Anderson has been have a difficult time since the mysterious disappearance of his father Keith, who has been missing for two months.

"I just want to know what happened to my dad," said Jake. "I want to bring my father home. He wouldn't give up on us, and I'm not going to give up on him. I just don't know what to do. We need help, and I hope that someone out there will help give us some sort of closure."

Keith is a 63-year-old retired high school counselor from Anacortes, Washington and supposedly, he had an addiction to Oxycontin.

"He came to my house that morning, and we had our regular cup of coffee together," said Keith's son, Chris. "Afterward, he ran some errands for his family and moved a washer and dryer for one of his daughters. He then went to meet an acquaintance."

The acquaintance was providing him with the drugs. Keith's family claims that he had been in constant pain and suffering from serious bouts of depression.

"He was originally prescribed it for a rotator cuff surgery; then, about six months later, he broke four ribs and it was prescribed again," continued Chris. "In my personal opinion, they [doctors] give it out too easy. He had been fighting to get off the drug, but it was difficult with the pain he was experiencing, coupled with the pressures he was under."

It is possible that he was under immense pressure as the one-year anniversary of his daughter's death was approaching. Keith's daughter, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, died unexpectedly at 37-years-old from complications of pneumonia. She had also suffered most of her life with rheumatoid arthritis.

"He always felt that my sister's disease was his fault," Jake divulged. "He always took care of her, and he never liked to see kids hurt. He would rather be the one hurting."

On January 6th, Keith never returned home.

"Normally, he would go out and get the pills and be back about three or four hours later, but, that day, he never came back," said Chris. "One of his acquaintances later said he last saw him in Sultan, which is about 120 miles from where he lives, and that was the last time anyone claims to have seen him."

Everyone became concerned because after 43 years of marriage, he had never spent a night away from his wife. His cell phone was found in a puddle of mud near the house.

On January 13th, around 200 people gathered for a candlelight vigil in honor of Keith. Posters have been put up and there has been no activity on any of his bank or credit card accounts.

His truck was found a week later abandoned on the side of a remote logging road northwest of Darrington. The truck was locked and the keys were inside. And what is even more odd was that the truck was was high-centered, meaning it was stuck between two logs.

"Someone had tried to get it out," said Chris. "You can see where it dug in. There was a rut on each side of the road."

"The keys that were left in the truck had blood on them, but the detectives won't give us any more information about them," Jake said.

Poor guy!

"My relationship with my dad has always been good," he continued. "He is the one who taught me how to work hard and earn everything. He has always taken good care of my mom and all the kids. He was a real family man. I miss him and want to know what happened."

Our thoughts are with the family.

[Image via Discovery.]

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