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Lou Reed’s Manager Arrested For Aggravated Harassment

Lou Reed’s Manager Arrested For Aggravated Harassment

Lou Reed’s manager Tom Sarig was arrested on Sunday for aggravated harassment after he threatened to kill consultant Adrian Smith in a dispute over money.

Smith told police Sarig threatened to kill him after he tried to get $11,500 he said was owed to him.

Sarig has no prior criminal history, so we have no idea why he would do something this stupid!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com.]

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Chris Brown Responds To Ricky Romance Death Threat Video

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Are we missing something here? This is supposed to be funny, right?

Check out the video (above) to see Chris Brown's video response to Raz B's brother's Death Threat video.

Maybe it's just us, but wouldn't the smart move be to NOT antagonize somebody who sends you a death threat video???

Just sayin'!

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Chris Brown Gets A Death Threat From Raz B's Bro

Whoa! Such violence. So not necessary.

On Wednesday, Chris Brown got into an EXPLOSIVE fight with B2K singer Raz B that took a very violent turn.

The pair were exchanging rather scathing and awful remarks to one another when Raz B took things a bit too far and made comments about Chris' attack on Rihanna. That set Chris off into a terrible rant against Raz, with several racial and gay slurs directed at him.

And then this video (above) happened. Raz's brother, Ricky Romance, was so enraged by the feud that he posted this message to Chris, in which he says, "If I see you in L.A. my dude, I'm gonna put my mother fu**ing pistol in your mouth."

Having read what Chris wrote, including a message to Ricky promising to be in El Lay "real soon," we can't say that either one of their behaviors is that admirable. It takes a big man to stand up for his brother, but not when he threatens such violence. It also takes a big man to defend himself after proving he can change, but what Chris wrote on his Twitter makes us second guess his progress.

Oh, we should mention that Raz B's rep released a statement this morning in response to the video, saying:

"Raz B wanted to make sure everyone knows that what his brother says does not represent him. Those are just a brother's tendencies to protect his brother coming out. Raz B has already spoken to his brother and told him to chill out."

Hopefully, he will take that advice. Truly, there is no need to threaten such violence. It's never the way to handle things.

But perhaps now Chris knows the kind of anger that can be inflicted on others just with hateful words. That's a pretty important lesson to learn.

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Exclusive! Skating With The Stars Judge Laurie Ann Gibson Receives Death Threats On Set!


This is just awful! SO Scary!

PerezHilton.com has exclusively learned that Skating With The Stars judge Laurie Ann Gibson has been receiving death threats through ABC on the set of the reality competition, due to her friendship with Johnny Weir!

An anonymous caller reportedly warned her not to touch the figure skater or she would be hurt!

As a result, additional security has been brought in, and Laurie plans to keep two armed undercover officers with her at all times

Good! We sincerely hope that this is just some crazy person, but we're glad that precautions are being taken!

Keep your head up, bb.

[Image via WENN.]

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Chezza Vs. Louis! It's On!


After her divorce earlier in the year, her bout with malaria, and most recently, death threats from disgruntled X Factor fans who were furious with her decision to eliminate contestant Gamu Nhengu, we think it's safe to say that Cheryl Tweedy is having herself a serious rough patch!

And it doesn't seem to lightening up anytime soon!

Sources close to the reality competition claim that everyone on set has had enough of the pop star's attitude, most notable fellow judge Louis Walsh, who lost his cool with her on Saturday's show and said:

"I have an opinion. It’s not all about you, Cheryl!"

He was quoted saying afterward:

"Oh she always gets the attention, she’s the nation’s sweetheart. I’m fed up listening to her! It’s not her show. I don’t care! I’m not here to keep her happy."

Apparently, Louis had been feeling this way for quite some time, and it's finally gotten too much.

An insider explains:

"He’s been bubbling with rage. He thinks Simon Cowell unfairly helps her out – to the extent of picking the songs for her contestants to sing. What really gets Louis’s goat is that she does this poor-little-me act but inside there’s a heart of stone."


We hope this doesn't become Dannii vs. Sharon 2.0!

Talk this one out!

What do U think?? Is Louis making a stink over nothing or is Chezza acting like a diva??

[Images via WENN.]

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Ali Lohan Gets Her ID Hacked. Yikes!

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lindsays sister ali lohan gets id hacked

Words like "terrifying" come to mind. Poor Ali Lohan!

US State Dept Clerk Brooke Reyna is being indicted for using her government position to gain personal information on 100+ celebs and their families, including Lindsay Lohan's sister, Ali.

According to Dina Lohan, her daughter Ali was recently mailed a death threat.

Could there be a connection here?

Hopefully not, but it's certainly a lot of disturbing stuff for Ali to have to deal with all at once.

Here's what Ali's mother, Dina, had to say about the situation:

"It's horrible. I'm petrified. I'm glad the FBI is on it."

We're sorry you have to go through this, Lohans! We're thinking you've got enough drama going on already.

[Image via WENN.]

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Cheryl Gets Death Threats For Axing X Factor Contestant

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cheryl cole getting death threats for axing x factor contestant gamu nhengu

Since she kicked off contestant Gamu Nhengu on the X Factor, Cheryl Tweedy has been receiving death threats.

"Every1 has a bullet for you," said one threat, who said the singer made the "the biggest mistake of her life."

So creepy!

The hate mail continued:

"I've never felt like dis over xfactor until u told gambu (sic) she is not going to the live show. Dat cheryl was da biggest mistake of your life. U want to act innocent on tv like you don't know wat ur doing. But we all know how racist you are.

Wat u have now done is f*** up every white girls lives who's silly mothers dat named der child cheryl. Cuz I'm just going to f***** bang drop dem and dey won't even know why.

You are a hater. You can't sing 2 save your life. So to make urself happy you want to get rid off all the good singers you know will make you look s***. Nobody wants to buy ur album."

Scotland Yard and X Factor bosses were investigating the message yesterday, until another threat appeared on Facebook.

A page titled, cheryl cole to die a painful death for being a T**t and blasted into space, had 39 members. The description was "ppl who want to kill cheryl cole for being a great big t*** and making painful music that ppl want to shoot themselves to."

No matter what kinda shiz she's getting for this, we agree with Cheryl's decision. Gamu wasn't as special as the other girls, even though Katie is SO annoying!

Do U think Gamu should have gotten the boot?!

[Image via WENN.]

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