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Miley Cyrus Sends A STRONG Message To Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Fans: Back The HELL Up!

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miley cyrus confronts swift gomez fans gif

Miley Cyrus ain't playin' around, y'all!

Don't send Liam Hemsworth's ladybird any death threats, because she will call you the f*ck out!!

You AND your IDOL!

After receiving some bizarre tweets, filled with wishes of her death, Miley took action to put an end to the hatorade-guzzling fans of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, tweeting:

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AWFUL! Jason Collins Receiving Death Threats, Parts Of Humanity Still Prove They're The Worst!

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jason collins gay nba death threats twitter sad announcements

We all knew there'd be backlash to Jason Collins coming out while he's still in the NBA, but we would hope that adult human beings who disagree with his sexuality would be adult human beings enough to not threaten to kill him over something that has ZERO EFFECT ON THEM. Or threaten to kill anyone at all for any reason, for that matter!

It's 2013, let's act like the rational and advanced society that we've become!

Here are a few things said on Twitter:

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Kate Gosselin Supporters Accuse 'Bullies' Of Drug Charges, Death Threats, And Libel!

kate gosselin supporters bullying site attacks

James McGibney has thrown down the gauntlet in his defense of Kate Gosselin.

The anti-bullying activist has begun publishing information attacks on those he considers to be Kate bullies, including a claim that one anti-Kate blogger was arrested on drug charges!

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One Direction Fans Send Death Threats To Liam Payne's Cute New Puppy!!

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Liam Payne

This is crazzzzy!!

Who the hell would threaten to kill a puppy?!

One Direction singer Liam Payne just got a cute new puppy named Loki!

He's sooooo adobrzz!

But we guess certain 1D fans were upset because

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Michael Vick Just Wants To Sign Your Book! Quit Threatening To Kill Him!

michael vick violence death threats book signing scary sad dogs fighting

If there's one thing we hate, it's when people want to use violence as a way to respond to violence. Or to bring justice to those who have been violent in the past.

While we don't necessarily agree that Michael Vick should EVER own a dog again (even though he does), we certainly don't agree with the people making so many death threats against him that he's had to cancel several book signing appearances!

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Harry Styles' One Night Stand Gets Pounded With Death Threats From Directioners!

shaniece nesbitt gets death threats harry styles fans

Looks like yet another girl has fallen victim to some vicious Directioners!

One Direction fans are, without a doubt, loyal and devoted to their boys… though, some of them take their love to the extreme and threaten ANY girl who even gets near the heartthrobs!

Most recently, Shaniece Nesbitt has been the prime target for the online threats, after she reportedly hooked up with Harry Styles after one of 1D’s shows!

Supposedly, Harry wanted to spend the night with her because he thought she looked like Megan Fox!!

Ever since their little escapade, Directioners have been going as far as to say they are going to KILL her, which recently drove her to delete her Facebook!

Oh no! Poor girl!!! Nobody deserves that!

While everyone can’t possibly be an object of Harry’s affection, the bullying just seems so unnecessary and out of control!!

[Images via Twitter & WENN.]

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One Direction Fans Hurl Death Threats At Zayn Malik's Alleged One Night Stand!

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Zayn Malik Cheats Waitress Perrie Edwards

Directioners have banded together in support of their man, One Direction’s Zayn Malik… except, not in a good way!

After word got out that an Australian waitress, Courtney Webb, had claimed she slept with Zayn just last week, the group’s fans became FURIOUS!

But here’s the thing — they aren’t mad at Zayn for allegedly cheating on his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, but more so that the girl came forward and could potentially break up the couple’s relationship!

Now, ever since Courtney’s confession, fans have been taking to Twitter to blast the girl, who claimed she didn’t even know Zayn had a girlfriend at the time!

They’re even sending DEATH threats!!

One fan wrote

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