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Paris Jackson Fleeing Michael Jackson Craziness To Live With Birth Mom?!

paris jackson mother debbie rowe moving in

Paris Jackson has been spending an awful lot of time with her birth mother Debbie Rowe lately.

She even missed grandma Katherine Jackson's birthday to spend time on Debbie's ranch!

But is Paris planning on moving in with Mom? According to a source close to the fam, it's the crazy life of being "Michael Jackson's daughter" that Paris is trying to get away from!

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Paris Jackson Spent The Day With Mama Debbie Rowe On Grandma Jackson's Birthday!!!


Paris Jackson had a helluva day on her grandmother Katherine Jackson's birthday.

Unfortunately it wasn't with her grandma!

Paris instead chose to spend the day with her birth mommy Debbie Rowe where the two shopped around for a possible pony before heading out to grab some sushi!

At the raw fish restaurant, Paris was spotted looking very comfortable with her mommy as she played with the lady's hair!

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Paris Jackson & Mama Share FIRST Kodak Moment!


Look how HAPPY she is!

And so would we if we were taking our first picture with our birth mother!

Paris Jackson was spotted with her mother Debbie Rowe at Ahi Sushi as they celebrated Paris' birthday a little while back, and the two shared a magical moment together captured on film!

Looks like Paris made the right decision in choosing to connect with her mom despite the drama surrounding it.

This girl has been a rock, and we think she's heading for great things.

Maybe her bro-bro will see this and see what he's missing. Still, it is his choice, whatever he decides.

Looking forward to more fabulous pictures like this though!

[Image via Debbie Rowe.]

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Paris Jackson Secretly Spending Time With Birth Mother?!

paris jackson secretly spending time with birth mother 1

Debbie Rowe, the woman who gave birth to two of Michael Jackson's children, may have signed away her parenting rights 12 years ago, but she's not done being a mom.

According to multiple sources, Paris Jackson has been spending a lot of time with her birth mother.

In fact, Paris turned 15 on Wednesday, and decided to celebrate her birthday with Debbie. One source says:

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Is Michael Jackson’s Former Dermatologist Prince Jackson’s Father?

This is inneresting!!

Michael Jackson's former dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein is playing with the idea that he's Prince Jackson's daddy, and from the looks of the photos (above), we wouldn't be surprised if he is the father!!!

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Courts Award TJ Jackson Temporary Custody Over Paris, Prince, And Blanket!

TJ Jackson Wins Guardianship Katherine Jackson Out Paris Prince Blanket

Cus-to-dy, easy as 1-2-3!

Tito and TJ Jackson might have a hit remake on their hands, LOLz!!

TJ went to court on Wednesday asking the judge for temporary guardianship over the kids Michael Jackson left behind.

MJ's nephew would not be denied!

Katherine Jackson was previously responsible for Prince, Paris, and Blanket's but her recent trip to Arizona — she's rumored to be returning Wednesday — calls her parenting skills into question.

It's still unclear why she left town under supposed doctor's orders without telling any of MJ's kids, but TJ told the courts he knew something was amiss the last time they spoke.

He said:

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Katherine Jackson Vs. Debbie Rowe


Wow. This is one of those situations where pretty much everybody involved kind of sucks.

Debbie Rowe is seeking $200,000 in attorney’s fees to be paid by Michael Jackson’s estate for the child custody case that occurred after his death.

Admittedly, Katherine Jackson has made disgusting amounts of money off of Michael’s death, so she really COULD pay this amount, but we’re just sickened by both parties involved.

Here’s what Katherine’s attorney, Diane Goodman, stated about the case in court documents:

"…petitioner (Katherine Jackson), contends that the amount of fees requested by Debbie Rowe is not reasonable. Wherefore, Petitioner requests that the petition for Approval for Attorney's Fees be denied if determined by the court to be unreasonable. Other relief be granted that the court deems just and proper."

Going up against Goodman will be Rowe’s attorney, Eric George, who represented Oksana Grigorieva during the beginning stages of her custody battle with MELtdown.

The hearing between these two wonderful individuals is scheduled for September 8.


[Image via WENN.]

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