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Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Sheree Whitfield Owes The Big Peach Big Time!


Oh snap!!!

While NeNe Leakes is raking in the money on her TWO hit shows, it looks like her former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Sheree Whitfield, is drowning in debt!

According to legal documents, Sheree owes the state of Georgia $41,752.83 for unpaid taxes in 2009 and 2010!!!

To make matters worse, the ex-housewife was recently ordered by a judge to hand over $119,000 to old divorce lawyers after she failed to pay them!

Are Sheree and Lindsay Lohan sharing the same accountant?! LOLz.

Too bad she's not friends with Charlie Sheen!

[Image via Broke GIFs.]

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Lindsay Lohan Owes $40,000 To Ex Assistant! So Much Debt!

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lindsay lohan debt former assistant orange hair

Dayum gurl!

That's A LOT o' debt!!!

With an alleged $300,000 in unpaid legal fees, all that tax mess, and now this — we don't know how Linds will ever get out of it!

That's gonna be a lot of paid dates with princes! LOL!

For realz… according to a new report, gurlfriend owes her former assistant a lotta cash, as the source says:

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Kate Beckinsale Chased Down By California For Practically Nonexistent Tax Bill

Kate Beckinsale Unpaid Taxes

The tax man is coming for any money he can get!

Kate Beckinsale is the State of California’s latest target in their attempt to scrounge up some ca$h to pay off the state's debt (at least that's what we're assuming)!

Better watch out, girl has some moves!

The actress is wanted facing a tax lien for not paying $1,052 in taxes from January 1, 2012 to March 21, 2012.

We’re sure she has a spare diamond she can hand over to straighten things out!

Seriously, if Lindsay Lohan can make progress, anyone can.

Kate’s rep has denied she owes any back taxes as they believe this is simply a mistake.

Either way, we’re pretty sure the lovely lady can afford her bill just fine.

It’s not like she’s facing a Pamela Anderson situation!

But a little advice to others: pay up before you buy a new Bentley!

[Image via WENN.]

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Whitney Houston WAS Murdered, Says Top P.I. Contacting The FBI!!

whitney houston murder evidence fbi

But unfortunately, drugs are the still the center of this tragedy.

According to private investigator Paul Huebl, there is a PILE of evidence that places blame on two unnamed men who he believes murdered Whitney Houston on the day of her death.

With drug informants, a detailed look at the coroner's report, and surveillance footage on his side, Huebl says:

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Lindsay Lohan Wants Help… She Just Can't Afford It!

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lindsay lohan cleavage gif

Aww.. well this just sucks!

We've been pleading and pleading for Lindsay Lohan to get some therapy amidst her many woes, but according to sources… she just can't afford it!

Her debt is so high, Charlie Sheen's $100K gift wasn't even enough!

According to one LiLo insider:

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Lindsay Lohan Offered Stripper Job In Exchange For Locker Bill Payoff?!

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Holy shiz! What a perfect solution to chip away at Mz. Lindsay Lohan's ever-growing debt!

It seems poor Lilo's finances are SO out of control that girl now owes $16,000 for a storage locker, and if she does not pay up SOON, Lindz' secret drug stash precious items could go to the highest bidder!

BUT, the answer to all of Lindsay's money problems could lie in a recent job offer from Scores strip club, as the famed NYC institution has offered to pay Lindsay's locker debt in full AND will cough up cash for the Liz & Dick star's Beverly Hills mansion…

IF she

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Lindsay Lohan Owes EVEN MORE Money!! Storage Locker Seized!!


Oh Linds, when will you learn??

Just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean everything comes for free!!!

It has been discovered that Lindsay Lohan is in even more debt than the $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes, but this time she owes it to a storage locker.

The convict Liz and Dick leading lady reportedly owes $16,000 to the storage company that has a unit containing Linds' designer clothing, sentimental family heirlooms, and a secret stash of cocaine other prized possessions.

The company has labeled the unit “deliquent” and won’t let LiLo

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