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U.S. Birth Rate Continues To Decline

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birth rate decrease

According to new data from the Pew Research Center, the U.S. birth rate has continued to decline last year following a year of record high births in 2007.

The amount of babies being born has decreased by over 300,000 last year compared to the amount born in '07.

Experts are linking the downturn to the poor economy, which makes sense because, well, kids are expensive!

Not surprisingly,

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Drunk Driving Incidents Down 30%

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Drunk Driving down

Yay!!! The roads are 30% safer to drive on!

Drunk driving incidents have decreased by that percentage in the last five years, while incidents in 2010 were at the LOWEST in nearly two decades!

That statistic is pretty reassuring, as long as people were telling the truth. The results are from a 2010 national telephone survey of 210,000 adults. Respondents were kept anonymous, but who likes to admit they got drunk and drove?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also

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The Playboy Club's Ratings Continue To Drop!

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Yeah. We give it another week - maybe two, if its lucky!

The Playboy Club is certainly looking as though it's going to be the first casualty of the television season, as the show earned a mere 1.3/3 average rating last night, which puts it down 19% after only one week!


Brandi Glanville is probably having one hell of a laugh this morning!

P.S. What do U think is next? We say Charlie's Angels!

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Lung Cancer Rates Decline In U.S. Men And Women

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Lung cancer down

CDC’s latest journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report has found that lung cancer rates are declining in both men and women.


According to the report released last Friday, new cases of lung malignancies fell by 2.2% per year on average for women between 2006 and 2008.

New cases in men fell by an average of 1.4% per year between 1999 and 2006 but that accelerated to a drop of nearly 3% per year by 2006-2008.

Awesome news!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Thomas R. Freiden believes further investment in anti-tobacco efforts will continue this trend, saying:

“Although lung cancer among men and women has decreased over the past few years, too many people continue to get sick and die from lung cancers, most of which are caused by smoking. The more we invest in proven tobacco control efforts, the fewer people will die from lung cancer.”

We're so on board with that. Do your lungs and life a favor by quitting tobacco today!

[Image via WENN.]

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Daily Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Help Women Age Better

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glass of wine

A new study on alcohol consumption and aging suggest a new mantra: A glass of wine a day keeps dementia away!

After analyzing nearly 14,000 responses to the Nurses’ Health Study — one of the largest ongoing women’s health studies in the U.S. — Harvard researchers found 58-year-old women who drink 1 alcoholic beverage a day had a 20% better chance of “successful aging” compared to those who didn't.

"Successful aging” was defined as making it to the age of 70 with good cognitive function, no major chronic diseases, no physical limitations and good overall mental health.

Lead study author Dr. Qi Sun and researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, said:

“If you just focus on one aspect of health, that’s very misleading. What we are looking at is very comprehensive. For women who have one drink per day — equivalent to one can of beer, one shot of liquor or one glass of wine — that is associated with an increased chance of achieving successful aging, which means multiple aspects of health.”

Researchers found that the results were even more positive when women spread the amount of alcohol ingested throughout the week (one glass a day for 5 days), so don't use this as an excuse for binge drinking yourself silly, ladies!

[Image via WENN.]

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Martha Stewart's Second Quarter Numbers Are Not Promising

Martha Quarter Loss


Martha Stewart's firm — which represents a wide range of products like magazines and house hold items — has reported another loss this quarter. And it isn't looking good:

The lifestyle company's operating loss widened to $2.5 million from $803,000 in the year-earlier period, while overall revenue declined to $54.9 million from $55.3 million. The stock sank 4.3 percent, or 18 cents, to $4.04 on the news.

People say that it's almost like the company is floating by without any kind of strategy at all, and we can definitely see that. We can't remember the last time we even saw a commercial for one of her products, let alone a major partnership campaign with a big retailer or anything — so we hope the new one with Macy's starting in September will help!

Most shockingly is that we heard that Martha was turning 70 next week, though!

Still lookin' good for that age!

[Image via WENN.]

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Mila Has To Turn Down Marine Corps Ball!

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Aww! This would have been so nice if it had worked out!

Although Mila Kunis apparently had accepted Sgt. Scott Moore's invitation to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball, this morning on Access Hollywood, we were disappointed to discover that she has now had to decline, due to her commitment to filming two films in November!

Check out the news report (above)!

Granted, she originally had accepted the invitation without even having seen his request, so we can understand why she'd realize later on that it might be difficult to do - but we just hope this poor guy isn't too disappointed!

Here's hoping she can find a way to make it work - but if not, at least she's agreed to meet with him when he's back in the states!

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